[Top 3] Mobile Legends Best Dyrroth Builds For Winning Games

Dyrroth is the Prince of Life Steal in Mobile Legends.

With his ranged ability to lock on and pursue opponents, Dyrroth, also known as the Prince of Life Steal, is a robust Fighter who is widely acknowledged as a renowned core, roam, and gank hero. He is also a superb laner who specializes in Charge/Burst, which increases his tactical versatility. Dyrroth has the unique ability to control different physical elements of gameplay through a wide range of in-game roles and versatile gameplay.

Dyrroth is comprehensible and straight-foward to master, but may prove to be a challenge when it comes to realizing his absolute potential in a battle due to his versatility and flexibility. He is a prominent hero to master for the same reason and costs 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds. Before delving further into his builds, let's take a look at his fundamental strengths and drawbacks.



  • Life Steal - This is Dyrroth's most popular ability as the Prince of Lifesteal. His primary users consistently generate advantages from this, particularly toward the end of a battle. If you want to master Dyrroth, this is an aspect that you must focus on.
  • Charge/Burst - These are Dyrroths licensed specialties. He has the potential to charge and burst into attack thanks to his Second and Ultimate Skills while his First Skill deals continuous damage. 
  • Mobility - Dyrroth is faster than other heroes in his role and category. His auto lock second skill has range that may pursue opponents on first touch while second touch delivers a stun. Additionally, his dash has a fast cooldown rate, which adds to his potential in speed when spammed. He has speed in both attack and mobility.
  • Versatility & Flexibility - While basic and easy to master, Dyrroth is adaptable to a wide range of battle roles and can take out multiple objectives in swift precision and timing. These mainly include jungling, pushing lanes, roaming and ganking lanes or team confrontations 
  • Range & Lock On - Through the use of his Second Skill, Dyrroth may lock on and pursue opponents which provides range. His Ultimate Skill also possesses enormous damage that can span through distance and deal damage on multiple targets.



  • Skill Dependent - As a hero who is versatile and flexible in different battle scenarios, Dyrroth relies heavily on his skills to provide him with innovation in battle. Timing is essential in utilizing his skills to full effect and precision.
  • Easy Counter - As a well-known hero who is skill dependent, Dyrroth may have a respectable skill set combination but these skills are still rather basic when viewed in essence. There is a wide variety of heroes who can successfully counter him.
  • Crowd Control - Dyrroth is weak against Crowd Control Heroes since he may be easily disarmed and countered. Timing and strategy is required when in the front-lines of battle. His ability to take on damage may sustain him against low damage dealers but he is an easy target for high damage dealers, especially in team fights.
  • Team Fights - Dyrroth excels in solo fights, where he feeds off opponents through his life steal. He is weak against a wide range of heroes, more specifically CC heroes who can set the stage for high damage dealers to capitalize. He is a handy poke/initiate hero though, with the ability to harass, poke and initiate team fights.
  • Vulnerable - As a very basic hero who depends on skills and situational gameplay to see diversity, Dyrroth is vulnerable to a wide selection of skills and specialties. It is wise to understand your opponent's line-up and see where Dyrroth may be effectively put to task.


Dyrroth is an endurance artist, thanks to his Life Steal as one of his core fundamental strengths that ought to be capitalized on. He is a formidable fighter with assassin-like abilities and may be employed against a wide range of heroes depending on gold count, item build and circumstances.  Let us now go through his Top 3 Builds that are sure to bring home the bacon.


3. Sustained DPS

This is the best build for mid-game hype and may be best paired with Dyrroth’s superb skill set combo and versatility in situational game-play. It is a balanced build that combines well with his ability to deal and take sustained damage by capitalizing on life steal.

Playing this build requires patience! Given the life sustaining items, Dyrroth is able to show out his endurance and provide in-game support and impact through this versatile build that composes both attack and defense items that may be stretched to length in versatility and flexibility in different game-play styles and techniques.

Use this build if

  • You’re Playing Core (Jungler) - This is an ideal build to take on Jungling objectives in the early phases of battle while also considering ganking lanes and backing up in team fights. The attack items aid Dyrroths attack speed and damage abilities.
  • You have a Versatile Role - This is a flexible build that may be utilized in wide variation, spanning from gameplay strategies depending on team mates and inclusive of other objectives that may stem as a result of various tactics and techniques. Positioning is key to utilizing this build to full capacity with a well-rounded hero such as Dyrroth.
  • You’re playing in the front-lines - This is a suitable build for poking enemy fronts and initiating team fights. It may also be used to effect in pushing lanes in the early or late stages of battle for invading territory. The equilibrium that this build offers in Dyrroth in support of his sustenance and life steal capabilities is tremendous.


Level up the Dyrroths First Skill (Burst Strike) for damage and gold count. Follow up with Second Skill (Spectre Step) for added mobility and damage. Stick to the Second Skill (Spectre Step) at level three for a mobility advantage and continue the same sequence while leveling up the Ultimate Skill (Abysm Strike) everytime it becomes available.

  • Level One: First Skill (Burst Strike)
  • Level Two: Second Skill (Spectre Step)
  • Level Three: Second Skill (Spectre Step)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill (Abysm Strike)


  • Tough Boots ($700) - These kicks aid CC and Magic Defense. Great start to a sustained build.
  • Hunter Strike ($2010) - This blade increases Physical Attack and mobility. In general, it enhances speed in attack and movement. In addition, it comprises physical penetration, which is its unique attribute. Its Unique Passive (Retribution) enhances mobility by 50% if successful damage is dealt 5 times in a row.
  • Bloodlust Axe ($1970) - This axe is a spell vamp that increases Physical Attack and provides 10% CD Reduction. It is essential to this build when increasing durability while dealing high damage as a skill dependent hero.
  • Brute Force Breastplate ($1870) - The first defensive item on this list comes as no surprise as this is a sustained damage per second build that rides on the fact that Dyrroth can deal and take sustained damage. This armor consists of an additional 600 HP, 30% Physical Defense and a 10% Cooldown Rate. In this case, it increases durability and mobility.
  • Athena’s Shield ($2150) - This shield basically resists burst and magic damage which is present in a wide array of heroes. It reduces Magic Damage by 25% through its Unique Passive (Shield).
  • Malefic Roar ($2000) - This firearm is an assault item that provides an additional 60% in damage. It can penetrate defense items and mechanisms which makes it a high value item for the late phases of battle.


A Fighter Emblem is suggested for this build where inflicting 20% or greater Slowing Effects on an opponent increases Physical Attack by 20% for 3 seconds with a 15 seconds cool down. Depending on your choice and style of gameplay, Talent Points may be assigned to the following.

  • Bravery - enhanced Physical Attack.
  • Firmness - additional Physical Defense.
  • Shield - Magic Defense.
  • Invasion - Physical Penetration.

Battle Spell

  • Vengeance is suggested for this particular sustenance build since it may be applied in reflecting damage. It reflects and deals 35% of Magic Damage taken. It's also a handy battle spell in dealing with crowd control and spans on to aiding life steal.


2. Attack & Defend

This is an equal distribution of items in the build. It enhances Dyrroths attack speed while granting him protection in the same instance. This is a build that is best utilized in the Express Lane during the early phases of battle. It combines well with his ability to deal immense damage while regenerating HP through life steal and sustained DPS.

Playing this build requires map reading skills, poking and harassing opponent front-lines. Its potential lies in a combined team effort and allows for versatility as a utility as well but again, is best suited for the Express Lane. The item structure in this build leans toward attack speed and intense damage. It is well balanced off by life support items that support sustenance.

Use this build if

  • You’re taking on the Express Lane - Speed comes early through this build which aids in pushing and harrassing opponents in the Exp Lane. Aside from this, Dyrroth’s skills are handy in dealing damage and clearing lanes.
  • You’re Poking Opponent Front-lines - Given the balance in this build, it provides durability and aids life steal, and can lead on to successful team fights or battlefield possession.
  • You’re a Utility - This is a handy build that stretches Dyrroths dynamics between his ability to deal damage and generate life steal. It therefore provides an avenue to roam and take on various roles depending on team needs, given Dyrroths versatility and flexibility.


Increase Dyrroths First Skill (Burst Strike) for damage that impacts gold count. Follow up with Second Skill (Spectre Step) for enhanced mobility and more damage. Continue Second Skill (Spectre Step) at level three for a mobility advantage throughout the battle and continue the same sequence while increasing the Ultimate Skill (Abysm Strike) everytime it is ready.

  • Level One: First Skill (Burst Strike)
  • Level Two: Second Skill (Spectre Step)
  • Level Three: Second Skill (Spectre Step)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill (Abysm Strike)


  • Warrior Boots ($720) - These boots enhance movement speed and physical defense. Ideal for an attack and defend stance.
  • Hunter Strike ($2010) -  If successful damage is dealt five times in succession, its unique passive (Retribution) increases mobility by 50%. This blade leans more toward damage and increased mobility. It is a very useful attack item at this early stage of battle.
  • Dominance Ice ($2010) - +500 Mana, +7- Physical Defense and +5% Movement Speed. These are the stats of the first defensive item in this build. Its Unique Passive (Arctic Cold) reduces opponent attack speed while its other Unique Passive (Life Drain) reduces shield and HP Regen Effects. This complements the item before it in reducing opponent defense and dealing damage.
  • Blade of Heptaseas ($1950) - This is best equipped by assassins since it aids in damage and increases crowd control abilities. There is a hint of cc in Dyrroths skills that is overshadowed by the fact that he is weak against cc. This blade through its unique attribute adds physical penetration while its unique passive (Ambush) deals extra damage and slows down opponents if no damage is received.
  • Athena’s Shield ($2150) - This shield essentially protects against burst and magic damage, both of which are common among many heroes. Through its Special Passive (Shield), it decreases Magic Damage by 25%. Ideal for the late-game, in staging and engaging opponent damage dealers along the front-lines.
  • Blade of Despair ($3010) - This blade has the highest physical attack in ML. It enhances physical attack attributes, especially in the late-game where it aids the attack items before it. Dealing damage to non-minion targets below 50% HP adds 25% on damage.


It is advised to use a Fighter Emblem with this build, which enhances Physical Attack by 20% for 3 seconds with a 15 second cool down when an opponent is subjected to 20% or more Slowing Effects. The following may be given Talent Points based on your preferences and playing style.

  • Bravery - enhanced Physical Attack.
  • Firmness - additional Physical Defense.
  • Shield - Magic Defense.
  • Invasion - Physical Penetration.
  • Swift - Attack Speed

Battle Spell

This is a versatile build that is balanced between defense and attack. There are two Battle Spells that are recommended but you may find flexibility with other Battle Spells given Dyrroths versatility and ability to adapt to gameplay.

  • Flicker - This enables blinking to a fixed distance while gaining extra Physical and Magic Defense. It is an essential tool that vibrates with this build in being able to add momentum to attack and defend.
  • Arrival - As basically a long range support that can channel teleportation between various locations, this Battle Spell allows for Dyrroth to back up in attack of defense when needed. It is also an essential tool for clearing lanes given his speed and rhythm in lanes.


1. Burst

This is the best build on this list that is well suited to those who have mastered Dyrroth in all his complexity and flexibility during game-play. This build is perfectly balanced by Rose Meteor, which is an indispensable life steal enhancing blade. 

This item structure brings out the best in Dyrroths Charge/Burst Specialties while still capitalizing on his life steal and sustenance. The fundamentals of these items bring value to Dyrroth in all his essence and in-game potential that allows him to be a nuisance in attack with higher chances of survival and countering opponents.

Use this build if

  • You’re playing in the Front-lines - The attack speed items and potential damage that encompasses this build deems it relevant for poking, harassing and initiating team fights. Dyrroth is prone to crowd control and must be played as an offensive hero.
  • You’re playing Jungler/Core - This is an ideal build for taking on farming objectives since it has the speed and attack power to match. Dyrroth is swift and rapid in jungling objectives and is an elite core hero with the ability to gank and back up in lanes.
  • You’re targeting Damage Dealers - Dyrroth is vulnerable to crowd control, since his skills may be debuffed, canceled and delayed. As a high damage dealer, he is weak and relies heavily on his life steal and regen abilities when continuous damage is required.


Upgrade Dyrroths First Skill (Burst Strike) for increased damage and contribution toward team gold count. Follow through with Second Skill (Spectre Step) for enhanced mobility and damage. Continue with the Second Skill (Spectre Step) at level three for an edge over mobility and then continue the same sequence while leveling up the Ultimate Skill (Abysm Strike) each time it is available for upgrade.

  • Level One: First Skill (Burst Strike)
  • Level Two: Second Skill (Spectre Step)
  • Level Three: Second Skill (Spectre Step)
  • Level Four: Ultimate Skill (Abysm Strike)


  • Tough Boots ($700) - These boots improve physical defense and mobility . Ideal for bursting into battle scenes.
  • Blade of Heptaseas ($1950) - Assassins should use this the most because it helps with damage and improves crowd control skills. Dyrroth's skills include a hint of cc, but it is masked by the fact that he is vulnerable to it. This blade's special ability increases physical penetration, while its special passive (Ambush) increases damage dealt and slows down enemies when no damage is inflicted.
  • Hunter Strike ($2010) -  Its special passive, Retribution, enhances mobility by 50% after five consecutive successful damage strikes. This sword leans more toward greater mobility and damage. At this early stage of the combat, it is a highly beneficial assault item.
  • Rose Gold Meteor ($2120) - This sword defends against Magic Burst Damage while aiding Dyrroths life steal abilities.
  • Dominance Ice ($2010) - Arctic Cold, one of its Unique Passives, reduces the opponent's attack speed, while Life Drain, another Unique Passive, decreases the effects of the shield and HP Regen. This increases the previous item's ability to inflict damage and lower opponent defense.
  • Immortality ($2120) - This is a common item that allows for a margin of error in the late-game. It's also handy in tight situations, since it gives a second chance that may be capitalized on to recreate a situational outcome.


A Fighter or Assassin Emblem may be employed through the use of this particular build. A Fighter Emblem as you may have already encountered improves Physical Attack by 20% for 3 seconds with a 15 second cool down when an opponent is dealt 20% or more Slowing Effects. An Assassin Emblem on the other hand increases damage by 7% when attacking an opponent with no allies in range. Based on your choice and style of gameplay, Talent Points may be assigned as follows.

Fighter Emblem

  • Bravery - enhanced Physical Attack.
  • Firmness - additional Physical Defense.
  • Shield - Magic Defense.
  • Invasion - Physical Penetration.
  • Swift - Attack Speed.

Assassin Emblem

  • Bravery - additional Physical Attack
  • Agility - Movement Speed
  • Invasion - Physical Penetration
  • Fatal - Crit Chance
  • Bloodthirst - Spell Vamp

Battle Spell

Here are some of the Battle Spells that may be combined with this build depending on your style of gameplay and level of mastery. Execute, Retribution, Aegis and Flameshot. Three Battle Spells are recommended. All of this is thanks to Dyrroths superb and superior versatility.

  • Flicker - the ability to blink into positions supports the focus of this build on burst.
  • Arrival - the potential to pop up as a ranged support by teleportation adds impact onto the items in this burst build.
  • Vengeance - The ability to reflect and invoke 35% Damage on opponents supports Dyrroths fundamental strength of life steal.


Dyrroth is strong against high damage dealers such as Marksmen and Mages. Here are a few key heroes that he is strong against.

  • Layla
  • Kagura
  • Hanabi
  • Vale
  • Karina

Dyrroth is weak against Sustained Damage and Crowd Control heroes that include Fighters and Tanks. These are a few heroes that he is weak against.

  • Tigreal
  • Gatotkaca
  • Chou
  • Argus
  • Terizla


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