Mobile Legends Best Brody Skins Revealed (All Brody Skins Ranked)

Burst into battle with these intriguing Brody Skins

The Lone Star is a specialist in Burst/Reap and an explosive marksman. He is an excessively slow, high damage, squishy hero who relies heavily on his Reap Speciality in battle. One of Brody's greatest upsides is his ability to deliver damage to numerous adversaries through his Ultimate Skill, which is why he combines well with Mages and Tanks.

It's difficult to evaluate his skins since he has so many fascinating skins in his collection. However, we have prepared a list of all Brody Skins revealed in ranked order based on factors including appearance, accessibility, and in-game changes. Let's take a glance.


5. Nameless Stray (Ok)

See Nameless Stray in action: 

This Skin exhibits Brody's character storyline where he has no idea of his origin and is still searching for his forgotten history. It is a normal skin that does not significantly alter his appearance but is worthy of the price. On the plus side, it is a show of determination and power. The only difference in-game is the change of color in his attire.

This skin's gray tint makes it less appealing and lifeless, rendering it fairly basic. With Brody's Character, it has considerably more relevance and would appeal to Brody lovers. Although it is the least expensive Brody Skin in the shop, casual gamers would overlook this skin.

How to get Nameless Stray.

This Skin costs 269 Diamonds in the Shop.

Skin Rating.

Normal Skin - 3/10


4. Lethal Fang (Good)

See Lethal Fang in action: 

Brody appears far bigger and heavier than his original visualization through Lethal Fang. His outfit's two dominant hues are yellow and black, both of which are quite bland. With this skin, his skill visuals are changed from blue to dark purple.

It would be simpler to label this skin as barbaric. The mask that Brody wears is distinct to this skin but isn't completely noticeable in the battle. Even casual players would find it appealing to acquire this unsettling and terrifying skin, in addition to collectors and Brody Fans. It is a great display of character and strength for Brody.

How to get Lethal Fang.

This is a Starlight Skin that is available to Starlight Members. It was released in December 2021.

Skin Rating.

Starlight Skin - 5/10


4. Quantum Grip (Great)

See Quantum Grip in action: 

This is an Event Skin that is exclusively centered on the Mobile Legends Professional League. It is a distinctive and captivating skin that collectors and Brody users would very much appreciate. As the name implies, it elevates relevance to Brody as a high powered burst hero.

Apart from the very evident transformation of Brody's garments into a superhero outfit, this skin's visual effects are extremely spectacular. His skills' blue animation is modified to a rainbow-themed combination of green and yellow. The most noteworthy visual element to this skin is the MPL Logo that appears above him once his Ultimate Skill is activated. This gives it a threatening vibe that is sure to spook adversaries.

How to get Quantum Grip.

This Skin costs 749 Diamonds in Shop

Skin Rating.

Event Skin - 7/10


2. S.T.U.N Brody (Great)

See S.T.U.N Brody in action: 

Compared to the other skins on this list, this one provides Brody an urban and common appearance. It has a pop culture impression that appeals to younger generations. In the display animation, Brody is shown using professional sound equipment to mix and play music as a DJ.

This skin features exclusive skill graphics that, when activated, have a disco ball-like appearance before fading to a purple hue resembling Quantum Grip. It puts on a fantastic lighting spectacle that makes Brody seem more powerful than ever before. This skin is certain to have your opponents in retreat mode and is a must-have for collectors and Brody users.

How to get S.T.U.N Brody.

This Skin is available in Limited Time Events so be sure to check out and take part in Events for your chance to obtain this skin.

Skin Rating.

Special Skin - 8/10


1. Ore-chemist (Legendary)

See Ore-chemist in action: 

This remarkable skin illustrates Brody as some sort of scientist who works with ores extracted from rocks. With this skin, he entirely changes in terms of both appearance and graphics, and he does unique random actions that are exclusive to this skin. Voice over, skill effects, and sound modifications are other factors.

The visual enhancement of this skin is massive. His skills have a golden-yellow theme, unlike every other skin on this list . Upon hitting his Ultimate Skill, a monumental rock-like symbol appears above his head before the skill is launched. This skin is absolutely terrifying, adds a ton of value to his high burst/reap specialization, and is a must-have for collectors.

How to get Ore-chemist.

For your opportunity to acquire this skin, check out and participate in Events since it is only obtainable in Limited Time Events.

Skin Rating.

Collectible Skin - 10/10


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