Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Damage Dealers That Wreck Hard (Current Meta)

Wreck hard with these Top Damage Dealers.

Damage is pretty important in Mobile Legends as it is the main deciding factor of a game and a team's overall composition. Having little to no damage on a team is a very dangerous predicament and is expected to lose against the enemy matchup. This is why it's important to consider which heroes to use in different scenarios and which heroes are reliable in the offense. Luckily, this list has 10 champions that you can decide off from.

Here are 10 Damage Dealer Champions That You Should Consider Picking in Mobile Legends.


10. Aulus

See Aulus in action: 

Don't be fooled by Aulus' appearance, because underneath that short stature is a powerful wrecking ball that can lay waste to his enemies and tear through lanes using his mighty strikes. 

Aulus is a very durable fighter that is highly reliable when taking objectives or supplying decent damage to multiple enemies in a team fight. However, having no Crowd Control abilities means that Aulus will have to consistently chase his targets, which can be dangerous because of the ganking opportunity it may create for the enemy team. When going toe-to-toe with your enemies using Aulus, remember to keep a close eye on your map for enemy movements and never get too greedy. 

Why is Aulus a Great Damage Dealer?

  • Gameplay Variability 

Aulus can take on the role of a pure damage Fighter or a durable Tank. Because of this, he can fulfill two roles that he can interchange between depending on the situation of the game. Knowing what items to build and assessing which role to play are key components to Aulus' strategy.

  • Good Snowball Potential

Consistently capturing objectives and participating in team fights can have a good effect on Aulus as the effectiveness of his Ultimate increases as he upgrades it. This advantage is highly appreciated in the late game so remember to always stay on your toes and do your best to assist your team when using Aulus.

  • Strong Offensive and Defensive Capabilities

His damage output and health can make for a good combination when trying to stay alive and deal as much damage in fights, whether Aulus is fighting solo or in a team fight. He can also immediately counter any slow effect and gain  significant boost in movement and with his first skill, Aulus Charge. This is advantageous when trying to escape enemies with a large array of Crowd Control abilities or chasing them down in attack.


9. Eudora

See Eudora in action: 

The ever daring Eudora can deliver swift punishment to enemies unlucky enough to cross her path. Electrify her opponents by giving them a barrage of lightning that will surely shock them to their core. Whole lot of electricity puns in this one, huh?

Eudora's high burst damage makes her an exceptional mage to use in the game. Her passive, Superconductor, enhances the effects of her abilities such as the ability to stun multiple enemies, adding delayed magic damage, or sending a shockwave of lightning across the ground that can damage any enemy that's nearby. Because of this, Eudora is an effective champion to use against crowded teams so remember to keep a close eye on the enemy's formation in order to bring out the best of her mechanics. 

Why is Eudora a Great Damage Dealer?

  • High Burst Damage

Her high AP output makes her burst combo incredibly deadly to single targets. It can take out low HP enemies such as Marksman, Mage or Assassin Champions. Because of this, she is an effective ally to rely on when scoring kills that can further your team's gold and experience points. 

  • Ability Enhancement

Her passive allows her to enhance her abilities and add extra effects to them that can be extremely beneficial to you and your team. These enhancements have good setup potential so remember to utilize your skill kit's effectiveness to its fullest extent. If executed correctly, Eudora's magical strength can help your team dominate every critical situation.

  • Easy To Understand Mechanics 

Her skill combo is simple enough to understand making her a beginner-friendly champion to use in the game. Despite that, she remains as one of the game's top tier Mage selections and has consistently stayed relevant in the current meta.


8. Aamon

See Aamon in action: 

This hooded menace has been slowly climbing the ranks as one of the game's top assassins. His skill kit comes equipped with an  excellent cloaking ability and a high burst Ultimate, making it incredibly tricky for enemies to catch him. In order to maximize the most of his playstyle, one must keep his shards in constant check to make an estimated assessment of his Ultimate's damage output.

He can scale pretty well if constantly rotating and securing Jungle creeps. His strength stems from his capability to constantly cast spells while concealed and hidden from opponents for the most part. Use this knowledge to your advantage, as you may catch a lot of players unaware with your movement and leave them open for the kill. 

Why is Aamon a Great Damage Dealer?

  • Constant Concealing

Aamon can immediately cloak himself whenever his damage touches opponents. This increases his survivability in the game and allows for quick and easy escapes that you can take advantage of in offense. This is also useful for gank setups or hitting the enemy backline unaware.

  • Quick Cooldowns

Aamon's passive allows him to immediately recast his skills, granting him the chance to deal significant amounts of damage consistently in just a short time. Enhance this trait by investing in some cooldown reduction items, but be careful as to not let it overshadow his capability to deal damage which you can amplify further by purchasing AP boosting items. 

  • Good Outplay Potential

His concealment ability can make for some pretty interesting outplays if performed correctly. If an enemy is overwhelming you with their sheer strength, then Aamon can simply hit them with a skill and evade their presence temporarily by disappearing before reappearing behind their back and hitting them with another skill. Constant implementation of this tactic will eventually wear down  opponents and help Aamon eliminate them.  


7. Melissa

See Melissa in action: 

Melissa's skill ceiling can come off as pretty high for any player, no matter how long they've been playing. So using Melissa will require a good understanding of her mechanics, limitations, as well as her matchups and who she can synergize with the best. Regardless, Melissa is a formidable Marksman with plenty of potential for massive improvements.

Her strength comes from her ability to severely harass her opponents and inflict high damage before they can even get close to her. She can also gain an increase in her attack speed with her first ability, which is very profitable for head-on collisions with opponents.  

Why is Melissa a Great Damage Dealer?

  • Abilities Can Kite Opponents

Her Ultimate will allow her to summon a barrier around her that can knock back enemies who try to come into close contact with it. This is useful when receiving a sudden gank from the enemy Jungler or Roamer and attempting to flee the scene unscathed. This can also help when trying to move targets away from their towers and into areas where they will be more exposed from her attacks. 

  • Fast Wave Clear

Her passive allows her to have 150% increased damage against creeps so use that opportunity to gain as much gold and experience as you can in order to get ahead and, if favorable, roam the map to score quick kills or aid lanes being overwhelmed by the enemy.

  • Distance Closing Abilities

As a Marksman, it is important to always keep your distance when engaging enemies. However, on some occasions they tend to try and escape in order to avoid being killed or shut down by you or your allies. Melissa can make an effort to close the distance between her and escaping enemies by relying on her puppet's slow field or her blink ability.


6. Yu Zhong

See Yu Zhong in action: 

The Black Dragon is perfect for team fights and quickly responding to lanes in dire need of assistance. His area of effect abilities can help in clearing lanes in order to push lanes or secure valuable objectives from falling in the hands of the enemy. He is formidable in all phases of the game so don't be afraid of engaging targets when the need calls for it.

What's a dragon without having the ability to breathe fire? Well, the answer to that question is Yu Zhong. But don't fret, because even without fire-based abilities, Yu Zhong can still deal plenty of damage to enemies that will make them regret ever facing him on the battlefield. 

Why is Yu Zhong a Great Damage Dealer?

  • Great Sustainability

One of Yu Zhong's strong points as a champion is his sustainability in fights. His passive, Cursing Touch, gives him the ability to siphon health from enemy champions he damages if his Sha Essence bar is full. This effect will remain indefinitely, so long as his Sha Essence bar stays constantly full. Pairing this with the Fighter Emblem "Festival of Blood" can increase the amount of health he can steal from enemies, so remember this preparation tactic the next time you try him out in a game. 

  • Good Damage Scaling 

Yu Zhong is already a formidable champion in the Early Game but this can snowball into an entirely different monster towards the Late Game because of his damage scaling. Purchase damage based items that can also give him an increase in health to fully maximize the effectiveness of this trait.   

  • Good Roaming Potential

Prior to achieving his true Ultimate form, Yu Zhong can temporarily transform into the Black Dragon. In this form, he gains increased movement speed and allows him to soar past obstacles and get to locations quicker. This is valuable in starting team fights or responding to allies that are being overwhelmed by the enemy.


5. Benedetta

See Benedetta in action: 

Cut through the competition by using Benedetta when dominating enemies from the shadows. Critical thinking and good positioning are key to an effective Benedetta so remember to complement her quick blade techniques with quick wits as well. 

Benedetta's generally unimpressive in the Early Game but that changes immediately towards the end of the match when she's secured Spell Vamp items and upgraded her main damage abilities. She excels in going in and quickly securing kills then escaping with his large array of mobility based abilities. Fighting against Benedetta would be like fighting against the wind- a very dangerous wind, that is. 

Why is Benedetta a Great Damage Dealer?

  • Dashing Abilities

One of the fun things about using Benedetta is that all of her abilities contain dashes that can help her move in and engage enemies immediately, close the distance on escaping targets, or escape dangerous situations. Never hesitate to use these abilities as they have very little recharge rates that one can exploit.

  • Effective Ganker

As an assassin with a skill kit heavily focused on mobility, her effectiveness as a ganker is very high. This advantage can help Benedetta stalk enemy junglers or aid team mates in need of obtaining kills or objectives. When using Benedetta, map awareness is always a must as well as careful planning and positioning.

  • Abilities Offer Slight Invulnerability

Her Ultimate will not only give her great distance between her and her enemies, but it will also make her disappear from the map for a short time. Not only that, but her second ability, An Eye For An Eye, gives her the chance to block all forms of offensive attacks, meaning both champion attacks and skills. This greatly reduces her risk of dying when engaging. 


4. Saber

See Saber in action: 

The mechanized flying ninja is a great pick when it comes to jungling and ganking. Because of his high physical damage, he can immediately put enemies in their place without breaking a sweat. Not like he can break a sweat anyway, he's a cyborg after all. To keep one true to the ninja doctrine, when using Saber, always remember to be swift and precise when dealing with potential targets.

His physical damage greatly benefits from his first ability where he can launch 3 shurikens around him that will immediately lock onto any enemy that he targets. This is also effective when kiting enemies or dealing damage from a safe distance. His passive can also greatly reduce a champion's Physical Defense from his basic attacks so remember to exploit this opportunity when especially against squishy targets.    

Why is Saber a Great Damage Dealer?

  • S-Tier Assassin

Saber has stayed consistently as a top tier assassin for a long time now and with good reason. He has good presence in both jungling or as an off-lane champion, even more so when playing him as a full-on assassin. He can clear jungle camps quickly before moving to a lane to set up a gank. His effectiveness has made him a top meta pick for this season so consider this when picking him as your champion.

  • High Physical Damage Output

Saber can deal great amounts of Physical damage in seconds, making him very effective against low HP enemies. This opportunity can also extend to Fighters with decent durability as his passive allows him to reduce an enemy's Physical Defense. 

  • High Comeback Potential

A team that is heavily burdened by consecutive misplays can be saved by a good Saber player. His Ultimate can help set up enemies and leave them exposed to the rest of your team's attacks. Using and having a good understanding of Saber's effective offensive tactics against the enemy team are key to understanding his comeback potential, so remember to learn him well and never give in to pressure.


3. Lylia

See Lylia in action: 

Lylia can deal high amounts of AP burst damage to multiple enemies in quick succession. Because of this, she is favored as one of the strongest Burst characters in the game. What she lacks in Crowd Control, she makes up for with her offensive abilities. She can be tricky to maneuver as a new player, but once one has a good understanding of her mechanics, she can be incredibly fun to play. 

Her high skill damage can make for some pretty overwhelming plays. In order to maximize her damage output, synergize with champions that can drag enemies closer to her casted Shadow Energies and secure the win for your team. 

Why Lylia is a Great Damage Dealer?

  • Spammable High Burst Abilities

Having quick cooldowns on her abilities, Lylia can spam her explosive skills in no time at all. This can overwhelm opponents and ruin team formations immediately. To keep the momentum going, purchase cooldown reduction items and increase your mana pool. Don't give your enemy time to reform and rest.

  • Redirection and Misdirection

Lylia's Ultimate allows her to retrace her steps and regain a percentage of her health back. This can present an opportunity to skillfully evade incoming enemy attacks or lead them towards an unexpected ambush. Utilize this ability well by understanding where Lylia will be placed upon casting her Ultimate and what kind of situations will present themselves once the duration of the skill finishes.  

  • Good For Harassing The Enemy

Lylia's spammable abilities give her the chance to harass the enemy, preventing them from pushing lanes or killing your fellow allies. It's also pretty fun seeing the enemy scramble out and ruin their formation as they try to escape your explosive Shadow Energy. Exploit this advantage especially in the Early Game as it could help get your team ahead.


2. Granger

See Granger in action: 

This gunslinger can make enemies weep in despair as he throws at them significantly high crit damage that can instantly cut down an enemy's life bar to zero. He is also a very evasive champion, capable of attacking enemies while moving at the same time. Granger's lethal presence in the battlefield makes him a top pick on this list.

Make the enemy cower in fear by showering them with a hail of bullets from your trusty weapon then pick them off from a distance by using your Ultimate where you can deal insane amounts of Physical Burst damage in just 3 shots. Remember though, that Granger can only fire up to 6 times before reloading his weapon, so make sure that every shot counts. 

Why Granger is a Great Damage Dealer?

  • High Physical Damage Output

Every 6th shot from his pistol is a guaranteed critical strike that is amplified by your items and emblems. He also has a very powerful Ultimate that can increase in damage based on your target's lost health. Don't be hasty when trying to eliminate enemies as his 6 bullet limit can mean instant death if not properly handled. 

  • Strong Objective Taker

His high Physical Damage Output is also a good advantage when taking objectives. He can melt both the Turtle and the Lord in seconds and clear up lanes for pushing. His damage also makes him an exceptional champion for Jungling and Roaming, so remember to always stay on the move when using Granger.

  • Good Farming Potential 

Granger can farm pretty fast under the right conditions. His basic attack damage can clear waves and eliminate jungle creeps quickly, giving him enough time to wander the map and look for potential targets to assassinate next.


1. Pharsa

See Pharsa in action: 

Pharsa is a favored meta pick in the game because of her extremely strong burst abilities and quick cooldowns. She is able to shut down strong opponents and strike down enemies from afar. Her extra ability allows her to quickly traverse the map and glide over obstacles, making her potential as a ganker high. 

The raven-haired mage can dominate the playing field by sending high damage nukes to the enemy, severely weakening defenses and leaving them exposed to your allies. Her combo string is also extremely effective and easy to understand when focusing on single targets. These traits make Pharsa an incredibly strong damage dealer to watch out for. 

Why Pharsa is a Great Damage Dealer?

  • Quick Cooldowns

Her abilities have pretty fast recharge rates so she is able to constantly cast her skills against opponents and reduce their health exponentially. Pharsa thrives off of this trait because it goes well with her high burst Ultimate.  

  • Destructive Burst Abilities

All of Pharsa's abilities are as deadly as the next, but of course, her Ultimate, Feathered Air Strike, remains as one of the strongest nuke abilities in the game. Her combo string can put most players in shambles which makes her a pretty good damage dealer that can level the playing field.

  • Abilities Can Cover A Wide Range

All of her abilities also have a wide range to them. Her first ability can explode in a small area, her second ability will damage anyone in a straight line, and her Ultimate can cover a whole lot of ground once casted. Exploit this tactic when the enemy is huddled together but do remember to keep a safe distance as Pharsa is very exposed when using her Ultimate.  












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