[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Mages

Best Magic Heroes in Mobile Legends.

Mages play a special role in Mobile Legends with the unique abilities and attributes to defend and attack in both the front-lines and back-lines of a team formation. They are known for dealing magic damage, the highest form of damage in ML. In spite of their attack and damage capabilities, mages are designed to support team contributions with control effects and area of damage.

There are three types of mages. Pure Mages who have no other role aside from magic damage, Primary Mages who are versatile and can take on different roles then Secondary Mages who are dual role heroes. This list will focus on the Best Pure Mages in Mobile Legends who are ultimately suited to the mage role and become a liability when taking on other tasks.


10. Valentina

Valentina is a constant ban in higher ranks where gamers have a high level of skill and mastery. With an 80% difficulty in mastery, she is quite hard to learn, especially when utilizing her unique ultimate skill which grants her the ultimate skill attributes of an opponent of choice. She is a great mage who requires understanding when engaging.

Her skills don’t seem like much but her ultimate skill brings out the surprise element in attack each time it is engaged. It is a requirement that you understand the ultimate skills of all heroes in order to utilize her ultimate skill effectively when dealing damage. Valentina is a top mage who is overlooked in lower ranks due to lack of mastery.

What makes Valentina a Great Mage.

  • Burst - Valentina has significant burst damage through the use of her first and second skills where she can also mark and stack effects.
  • Range - She is a ranged hero, who can deal significant damage from afar. She is also durable and can get in closer to the action with a high chance of survival.
  • Unique Ultimate Skill - Valentina has the unique ability to lock on a hero and replicate their ultimate skill for a period of up to 30 seconds. This is a major advantage that many fail to realize or use to full potential.

Valentina Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/110/skill

See Valentina in action: 


9. Vexana

Vexana is unique and known for her ability to summon an undead knight. She has been revamped which has seen a significant change in her gameplay. She can take on tanky roles in the front-line or be played from the backline. She has insane crowd control that can stun and deal extreme damage while her ultimate skill with the undead knight can inflict major damage.

It is only due to her level of mastery that places her this low on the list. Vexanna is an asset to any team she is a part of since she is a durable damage dealing mage. Her impact is often unrealized when there is no team work or support. In spite of this, she is an ideal example of a pure mage who is skill dependent but can take on other roles.

What makes Vexana a Great Mage.

  • Flexibility - Due to her ability to summon an undead knight, Vexanna is flexible in attack and can adapt and adjust rapidly, since she also has great mobility.
  • Crowd Control - All her skills can impact and slow down opponents. Vexana is a decent CC hero with a rating of 45%. The fact that she can summon a soldier by her side adds to this.
  • Unique Ultimate Skill - She has the unique ability to summon a knight who can inflict major damage and even pursue opponents, even after Vexana has been annihilated. 

Vexana Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/38/skill

See Vexana in action: 

8. Zhask

Zhask is a challenging adversary to combat; he can be puzzling and irritating. He can plant imitations and variations of himself or other versions of himself that can harm adversaries even when he is not in the vicinity. This along with his other skills have extreme crowd control in area of effect with a 90% rating, making him a top crowd control mage.

Zhask cannot be targeted when engaging his ultimate skill and this adds to his durability and survivability as a high damage dealing mage. He may deliver one kill hits but requires help from team mates to fully see the potential of his crowd control skills. At his peak, Zhask is a game carrier depending on the opposing challenge.

What makes Zhask a Great Mage.

  • Crowd Control - Zhasks skills have a continuous and burst effect that can stun and slow down opponents. This makes him a great team support who can also poke the front-lines and make an impact from the backlines.
  • Burst/Range - He can burst into damage from a ranged distance and use his continuous damage to slow down opponents. 
  • Unique Ultimate Skill - Opponents cannot harm Zhask when he morphs into a different version. This is a tough skill to master but real mastery is seen through positioning.

Zhask Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/50/skill

See Zhask in action: 


7. Gord

Gord is frequently overlooked but is nonetheless a powerful figure in the mage realm. Since he is very skill dependent and almost always requires a structured and engaging squad for him to stand up and shine out, he is challenging to master for most gamers. He possesses an amazing skill set and combination that calls for precise timing and location. Since he is extremely squishy, newbies have a hard time adjusting him into gameplay, especially when there is no allied support.

Being an overlooked pick places Gord at an advantage where many lack experience in going up against him. However, his true potential is realized through patience, even as a game carrier. He has an effective skill set but is an easy target for opposition damage dealers. He has crowd control embedded within his skills that makes him a great support but his presence is often missed when his damage is not seen in the game. 

What makes Gord a Great Mage.

  • Damage - Gord has tremendous damage with a burst and continuous effect. It's so lethal, it can wipe out multiple targets. He also has a stun as part of his skills that enables him to halt opponents before hitting other major attacks.
  • Crowd Control - All of Gords skills can slow down opponents while his second skill can disarm opponents. His skills have a continuous effect that slows down opponents, making him a great support hero.
  • Range - Timing and positioning is key but this comes quite easily through his ranged abilities. Gord is a melee mage and can deal significant damage from ranged distances.

Gord Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/23/skill

See Gord in action: 


6. Kagura

Kagura is quite hard to understand and grasp when engaging her skills. She has intense burst in damage with the ability to blink which are quite difficult to master in gameplay and strategies but worth the effort in obtaining her and learning. She is also a top crowd control hero with a 90% rating, which grants her tank-like abilities in the front-lines.

It is essential to master her blink ability since it can counter all types of damage except crowd control suppress effects. This same ability may be utilized effectively in dealing damage and poking front-lines since she can counter attacks. Accuracy in positioning is vital since Kagura is a squishy damage dealer.

What makes Kagura a Great Mage.

  • Crowd Control - All her skills are embedded with slow effects that can affect multiple opponents at once. Furthermore, her first and second skills are the perfect setup for allies to capitalize on.
  • Burst Damage - Kagura’s immense damage is lethal and can immediately take out opponents. She is however hard to master and learning to use her skills effectively takes time to understand and implement with mastery.
  • Blink - This is her greatest offense that may also be utilized in attack. Her second skill grants her the ability to disappear and reappear at designated locations. Spamming this ability with no results is a waste of her resources.

Kagura Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/25/skill

See Kagura in action: 


5. Odette

Odette has a 95% control effect which means she is a top crowd control hero. Her skills have the potential to impact multiple heroes, especially her ultimate skill which can deal continuous damage over a designated area. Her ultimate skill is one of the most lethal amongst pure mages.

Her crowd control makes her an appreciable support hero though as a pure mage, she is entirely dependent on her skills, especially her potential to deal heavy magic damage through burst. Odette also has a superb skill combination that has a high success rate when built effectively with magic items, especially when ahead of opponents in gold count.

What makes Odette a Great Mage.

  • Range - Odette can deal continuous damage that can impact multiple targets through her skill set.
  • Burst - She can burst into damage twice through the use of her ultimate skill.
  • Crowd Control - Odette's skills have AoE and continuous effects that can affect multiple targets at once.

Odette Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/46/skill

See Odette in action: 


4. Eudora

Eudora is a very basic mage with tremendous potential that may be countered well in higher ranks of ML. That being said, she is a perfect pick depending on the opponents choice of heroes since she is quite powerless against assassins who have speed in attack and range.

She costs only 6500 Battle Points and should be purchased early in your ML Career. She is one of the best mages to use in understanding the role and different styles of gameplay, tactics and techniques. At her peak, she is a game carrier through the use of her skill combination that works in perfect tandem. Eudora lacks speed in movement but this may be enhanced by her use of skills. She is a very skill dependent hero.

What makes Eudora a Great Mage.

  • Range - Eudora can automatically lock on targets with considerable range. Though she can only lock on one target, her skills have decent crowd control and area of effect that can slow down multiple opponents.
  • Damage - She has a tremendous burst in magic damage that is present through her entire skill set. Since crowd control is also present in all her skills, Eudora can deal lethal damage within a short span of time.
  • Skill Combination - Eudora has a set of skills that work in tandem. Her second skill can stun and disengage opponents while her ultimate and first skill can deliver severe damage. Her skill combo is enough to annihilate a single opponent and impact multiple others.

Eudora Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/15/skill

See Eudora in action: 


3. Valir

Valir is a complete embodiment of a crowd control hero. He is a guard specialist, with his unique ability to knock back heroes through his art of manipulating flames. His abilities extend on to continuous damage, where he can effectively affect multiple heroes at once through burst, range and magic energy fueled within flames.

Vale is like the Zilong of mages, since his ultimate skill enhances his mobility and attack speed. He is placed in the realm of tanks for his ability to exceedingly take on frontiers of battle and keep enemies engaged with the opportunity for allies to seek opportunities. He is versatile and flexible in all spectrums of the mage role and is easy to learn and master despite having a high difficulty rating. Positioning, timing and teamwork is relevant to seeing Vale’s true impact.

What makes Valir a Great Mage.

  • Crowd Control - Valir has sizeable Area of Effect (AoE) embedded within his skills that pushes him as a top mage on tank tier. His ability to gain enhanced mobility in attack and speed makes him an ultimate force who is quite hard to deal with despite being a squishy mage.
  • Range - Valir’s skills can span over distances and has continuous effects that can keep opponents occupied while he can add more damage or depend on teammates to create game changing plays and strategies from the effort he puts in.
  • Mobility - Through the use of his ultimate skill, Valir can gain enhanced mobility. Aside from this, he is fast and with his knockback abilities, he has the capacity to increase his speed while creating gaps between him and opponents. 

Valir Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/57/skill

See Valir in action: 


2. Vale

Vale is the only hero in Mobile Legends whose skills can be adjusted manually. You can choose between adjusting area of effect or increasing damage. His skill combination is easy to master and implement though proper positioning and accuracy in aim is important in seeing his full potential.

His magic flows freely as the wind, the best way to describe this top crowd control mage. His skills operate in perfect tandem where he can either knock opponents into the air or stop on hit depending on the users preference before following up with lethal burst magic damage that has range and immensely effective crowd control. Vale is one of the best mages that everyone must own and utilize.

What makes Vale a Great Mage.

  • Range - Vale has complete dominance in range and damage when it comes to damage. Precision in aim and positioning him in attack requires effort in realizing his true impact.
  • Crowd Control - Area of Effect (AoE)  is an area of specialty that Vale is renowned for. He can adjust this over damage or choose to increase damage over AoE. This makes him a fun hero to play where his effectiveness can not only be measured by his individual presence but through team work.
  • Burst - The burst energy in Vale’s skills has enough power to wipe out multiple heroes, especially when used as a combination.

Vale Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/66/skill

See Vale in action: 


1. Pharsa

Pharsa ranks high on many mage lists and makes this list at the top spot as the best pure mage for her potential to pair up alongside a wide range of different heroes. Her ultimate skill boasts range and burst magic damage that has crowd control effects which can slow down opponents and allow allies to seize and create opportunities.

She is amongst meta favorites and is a consistent ban and pick each season. Pharsa also has superb mobility and the unique attribute to shapeshift into a bird and fly, which allows her to cover distances within battle at a faster pace. She also has a skill combination that can take out multiple opponents in one engagement.

What makes Pharsa a Great Mage.

  • Burst Damage - Pharsa has tremendous burst damage when controlling her ultimate skill. She also has the same effect in her other skills where her damage is backed by Verri, her accompanying bird.
  • Range - Pharsa can deal lethal burst damage from a distance while her ultimate skill spans the furthest in burst damage amongst mages.
  • Mobility - While her fourth skill allows her to morph into a bird and fly, Pharsa is quite mobile and can use her attack speed to enhance her movement ability.

Pharsa Details: https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/hero/52/skill

See Pharsa in action: 


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