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You know you are OP when...

you can play all the characters in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, flawlessly. Any player would love a teammate who is well-rounded and can play any character without any mistakes. If you have not gotten the chance to try out the game, well here is your chance! 

A tier list is provided below. To all the beginners, use this list as your advantage. Check it out before playing,  so you can be up to date with the current meta and start off with a bang! (Sorry, I just had to do it xD )

S Tier (The best characters to play who have the skills and abilities to victory if strategized well.)


  • Gatotkaca 90/100
  • Grock 91/100


  • Chou 92/100


  • Gusion 93/100


  • Lunox:  95/100
  • Harith : 94/100
  • Kimmy: 96/100


  • Claude 97/100
  • Karrie 98/100


  • Angela 89/100

A Tier (Characters that are capable of winning games. Their skills and abilities can be at par with the S-Tier, depending on how they are used.)


  • Minotaur 81/100
  • Khufra 80/100


  • Alduous 85/100
  • Minsitthar 84/100


  • Hanzo 87/100
  • Fanny 86/100


  • Kagura 88/100
  • Kadita 83/100


  • Moskov 82/100


  • Diggie 79/100

B Tier (Moderate characters that can be used here and there. Knowing when and how to use their skills and abilities are enough to survive fights.)


  • Akai 71/100
  • Johnson 70/100


  • Thamuz 73/100
  • Sun 72/100


  • Selena 77/100


  • Harley 78/100


  • Lesley 76/100
  • Hanabi 75/100
  • Irithel 74/100


  • Kaja 69/100

C Tier (Not the best go-to characters due to the lack of versatility on some. However, they are still balanced enough to maintain decent fights together.)


  • Franco 59/100


  • Ruby 61/100
  • Lapu-Lapu 60/100


  • Hayabusa 64/100
  • Karina 63/100
  • Lancelot 62/100


  • Eudora 67/100
  • Alice 66/100
  • Aurora 65/100


  • Yi-Sun Shin 68/100


  • Rafaela 58/100
  • Estes 57/100

You finally got the gist of where the characters are currently at in terms of tiers. Below you will find a couple of write-ups to inform you more about the S and A tier champions/heroes a little better.


Image of Diggie

Awesome support that can negate any Crowd Control (CC)! It has perky abilities when reviving.


Image of Khufra

A tank that can bounce and damage on his path. This versatile tank magic damages and knockbacks his enemies. What isn’t there to love about this tank?


Image of Minotaur

This tank is a durable one and can definitely switch a game in an instant. He contains CC that can surely help his team win fights.


Image of Moskov

This speedy and versatile marksman has poke that can rip you apart (his pierce is crazyyyyyy!). Beware, he can stun you against an object and a wall (kinda like Vayne in League of Legends).


Image of Kadita

A bursty mage that can regenerate the damages she receives. This is a mage that can keep you on your toes through her waves.


Image of Minsitthar

A fighter that can pull enemies towards him and disable their blinks. He is durable and reliable in any fights.


Image of Alduous

This is a fighter that you definitely do not want to miss out. He becomes invincible through his stacks that he gains from his passive.


Image of Fanny

One of the most complicated assassins to use in the entire game. She is strong to use in early games and is super mobile. If you feel like other assassins are easy to use, this character will be your challenge.


Image of Hanzo

This assassin can go a long way. He can clone himself as he moves around the map and damage enemies while doing so! Who wouldn’t want that kind of ability?


Image of Kagura

Just like Fanny, the assassin, Kagura is the mage that is the most difficult to use. She is one of the most mobile mages and has 6 abilities (super dope right?!). She can reap, damage, stun, and knockback, basically she has it ALL. You would not want to miss out on giving this mage a shot.


Image of Angela

The support that everyone crazes over. She can trap enemies, heal and shield her allies, and her ulti enables her to be one with an ally (like how water can become the cup according to Bruce Lee). The strongest support in the entire game who basically has everything a team needs.


Image of Gatotkaca

The one tank that you can definitely depend on during any rank (from low to high tier) games. With his ability to have great damage, slow, taunt, and knockback are what makes this character a strong tank in high tiers. The abilities he has are great assistance to the team and can be the KEY to victory.


Image of Grock

This tank is gold. Specific effects got nothing on this one when he is near a wall and his damage in an area is HUGE.


Image of Chou

One of the most loved fighters. The more he moves, the stronger he becomes. Any enemy would hate going against this fighter, who can be immune to their skills.


Image of Gusion

This assassin could be pretty near when he uses daggers to damage enemies. Play him right and you could turn the game to be on your side.


Image of Harith

One of the most used mages ever. You would see this little mage whenever you are in ranks, and he does gets a couple of bans. Why? Because he gains shield when passing enemies and that makes him so durable and harder to kill!


Image of Lunox

Lunox! A mage that provides both light and dark abilities with each of their own unique traits.  With a magic emblem with great magic pierce, she definitely can do BIG damage!


Image of Kimmy

I would definitely hate to be you going against this character. Her pokes are crazy annoying because she never runs out of bullets! She can shoot great distances and is super versatile. Fun to play her but not fun going against her.


Image of Claude

You would definitely be in Claude nine with this one (see what I did there?). This marksman can activate shield and do some great Area of Effect (AoE) damages. Once you try this marksman, you can see why he is pretty OP.


Image of Karrie

You can definitely KARRIE your team with this character (please stop me with my puns…). This marksman is a strong ADC if you know how to play her well. Her damage can go through armor and this makes her super powerful. Once you play her, you will see why she is on top of this list.

Since you are NOW fully equipped with knowledge about the heroes and where they stand in terms of tiers, are you now ready to give them a shot (another pun once more… hehehe) and climb the ranks?

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