[Top 10] Mobile Legends Best Solo Carry That Are Powerful (Current Meta)

Single handedly carry your team to victory with these heroes.

Team compositions in Mobile Legends are very important. They can determine the outcome of a game before it begins and allow players to have a deeper understanding on which champions can synergize with each other. However, sometimes things don't go according to plan. Even with a team that has very strong and highly favored meta picks, situations can always go sideways. In these scenarios, a reliable Solo Carry is needed in order to carry the team to victory.

The list below is our Top 10 Solo Carries that can very well make that happen, so go ahead and take a look!

10. Chang'e

See Chang’e in action: 

This mischievous star caller is a good champion to use in high-risk games because of her strong abilities that deal significant amounts of damage to her enemies. She can provide assistance to her teammates or burn away large portions of the enemy's health that will make it easier for her or her teammates to take them down.

In losing fights, Chang'e has the capability to turn a situation around by bombarding the enemy team with her Ultimate, Meteor Shower, that deals extensive AP damage to anyone caught within the range of her ability. Giving Chang'e the time she needs to collect her core items can help her to truly exercise her capabilities as a solo carry. 

Why Chang’e is Great for Solo Carry.

  • Gameplay Versatility

Chang'e can both play as a support or a mage and knowing which role to choose and when to switch in between is crucial to understanding her core gameplay. As a support, Chang'e can roam with an ally Marksman and deal good damage to unsuspecting targets. Likewise, she can also play aggressively which can yield good results for your team should you play her correctly. 

  • Early Game Advantage

Chang'e advantage in the Early Game is pretty evident in her skill damage alone. She can kite enemies, provide decent ganks, and prevent unwarranted ambushes from happening by using her Ultimate to gain vision over obscured locations such as bushes or the fog of war. Although it is worth noting that, as a Mage, learning to conserve mana is important, so keep an eye on her mana gauge at all times before making valuable plays.

  • Fast Wave Clearer

Both her second ability and Ultimate can clear large creep waves in seconds. Use this to your advantage if your lane is being overwhelmed by enemy numbers or aiding a lane that is being pressured by the enemy. Farming as much as you can as Chang'e is beneficial to increasing your team's gold advantage.


9. Claude

See Claude in action: 

Claude can manipulate the outcome of a game with his fast shooting and tricky outplays. An enemy team grouped together is a prime opportunity for any Claude player, as his Ultimate can be used in such a scenario and deal heavy amounts of Physical Damage to several targets at once. Shoot your way to victory and steal the win away from the enemy team's hands, like all master thieves should.

While Claude's Early Game potential leaves much to be desired, with enough farming and captured objectives, Claude can immediately transform into a powerhouse that could well be the only advantage a team needs when losing against the enemy. Claude's ability to switch between locations and deal massive AD damage to his targets, especially in the Late game, earns him a spot on the list.

Why Claude is Great for Solo Carry.

  • Good Roaming Potential

Claude's Roaming potential is increased by investing in high AD and Attack Speed items, giving him the lethality he needs to carry a game forward. His ability to clear valuable jungle creeps and swiftly obtain important buffs such as the Turtle or either the Blue and Red Buff makes him an extremely good roamer that any Marksman main can use to dominate. 

  • Impressive Flanker

Claude can move behind enemy lines and immediately strike at his targets with deadly precision using his Ultimate and his first ability, where he can temporarily take additional movement speed and attack speed from opponents caught within the range of his skill. Use this when trying to gank with your allies. Synergize with your team's movement and always remember to stay on your toes to prevent yourself from falling in the enemy's hands.

  • Wide Scale Damage Dealer

He can deal damage to multiple enemies within seconds because of his Ultimate, which makes him a fantastic champion to have when initiating team fights. This is also carried over to his potential to play as a Solo Carry in very tight games, as the damage he deals with his Ultimate and Basic Attacks are highly destructive, especially well into the Late Game.


8. Pharsa

See Pharsa in action: 

The black-haired Raven Mistress of Magic can bring the hurt to any enemy on the map with her high burst damage and low cooldown abilities. Soar past enemy ambushes by transforming into her bird form and place yourself on advantageous spots on the map where the enemy can't get to you. Rain death upon those who cross you and prove to them how powerful Pharsa really is. 

Pharsa's Solo Carry potential is reflected in her capability to deliver high amounts of concentrated AP damage to targets well within her vicinity. Gaining item and exp advantage very early on are very important to fully realizing this quality of hers, so remember to use the best out of your arsenal by dominating your lane and roaming around the map for potential kills.

Why Pharsa is Great for Solo Carry.

  • Extremely High Burst Damage

Her Ultimate alone, even in the Early Game, can deal large amounts of magic damage to enemies caught within her range of attack. This damage translates to her other abilities as well, which she can use to poke enemies or bind them in place, exposing them to you and your allies. Exploit her low cooldown abilities and press on with the attack. Don't give the enemy time to breathe.

  • Good Mobility

Her ability to transform into her raven form gives her a huge mobility boost as it not only grants a large movement speed burst but it also has the added capability of being able to fly past walls to get to locations faster. In this state, Pharsa can become nigh untargetable because of her bird form's small character frame, so remember to use this when trying to escape risky situations or providing ganks to your teammates. 

  • Wide Damage Coverage

All of Pharsa's abilities cover a very wide damage range, making her a very dangerous opponent to enemies trapped in congested spaces. Combining this quality of hers with champions that can lock enemies in place such as Atlas or Badang will have disastrous results for the opposing team.


7. Ling

See Ling in action: 

The acrobatic assassin leaps his way into the list because of his sheer physical damage that can eliminate enemies in seconds once he arrives on the scene. Dangerous as he is unpredictable, Ling can score quick kills and invade the enemy jungle simultaneously, giving his team the edge it needs to achieve victory. 

Understanding Ling's limitations and strengths are crucial to gauging just how much of a Solo Carry he is in the game. He is very strong and agile, but is also very squishy especially to high burst champions. Regardless, having good map awareness and knowing which positions to hit the best will bring out the best in him.   

Why Ling is Great for Solo Carry.

  • Impressive Roaming Capabilities

Ling's ability to jump on terrain and hop onto the next are part of his core gameplay mechanics that truly makes Ling shine as a Solo Carry and Roamer. He can scale the map in seconds and is able to provide immediate assistance to any ally in the middle of being ganked by the enemy team. He can also clear waves and destroy towers pretty quickly, which makes a good candidate for split-pushing. 

  • High Damage Assassin

Ling's a pretty strong assassin because of his high damage output and how well his AD scales as the game goes on. Because of these qualities, Ling can overturn any losing game around and give his team the damage it needs in team fights. However, Ling can only do so much alone so it's still important to strategize with your team about your next moves together.

  • Good Jungling Hero

Ling's high damage output makes him an exceptional jungler that can take jungle creeps and river objectives quickly. His mobility ability can also give him the opportunity to invade the enemy jungle and potentially kill the enemy jungler and take their buffs. Use Ling when you want to play as a semi-aggressive jungler in the Early Game.


6. Kagura

See Kagura in action: 

Kagura's umbrella toting abilities are nothing to be scoffed at, for it produces valuable opportunities that Kagura herself or her teammates can exploit and take advantage of. Whether she's with her team or alone, Kagura can excel regardless. Make the enemy dance around in confusion as you send your powerful umbrella their way. 

Kagura's high AP output and Crowd Control abilities are what makes her stand out as a potential Solo Carry for her teammates. She can bring destructive damage that can tear enemy health in seconds while providing annoying Crowd Control to targets unlucky enough to lane against her. Keep your mana pool and regeneration up to continuously harass champions trying to get close to her.  

Why Kagura is Great for Solo Carry.

  • Wide Array of Crowd Control Abilities

All of her abilities have slow attributes to them that can severely ruin an enemy's movement. Her Ultimate, depending on her current state, can also knock enemies back or be pulled towards the location of her Umbrella, giving her the opportunity to ruin team formations and expose her enemies to your team's ambush. 

  • Good Snowball Potential

Consistent farming and roaming can bolster Kagura's Solo Carry qualities, as her Ability Power scales very well as the match further intensifies along. In order to keep her destructive momentum going, purchase items that will increase her mana pool and reduce her cooldown reductions so she can keep throwing her parasol around enemy locations.

  • High Burst Damage

With enough core items, Kagura can be an incredibly deadly mage to lane against whether as a team or alone. Her abilities, which not only grant her Crowd Control but also high burst damage in seconds, gives her the capability to fully control the outcome of a match even when the rest of her team is behind. Careful consideration of where to put your parasol and when to attack is key here so remember to always calculate the best course of action when initiating valuable fights.


5. Cecilion

See Cecilion in action: 

The mysterious Blood Demon has a few tricks up his sleeve that can leave his enemies pale and breathless as he delivers a painful opera of bats and darkness. Watch the enemy cower in fear as he sends his wrath their way through a series of powerful magic that can make even devils weep for their lives. Truly, the Embrace of Night is a force not to be simply trifled with.

Cecilion's strong burst abilities give him the edge that he needs to be considered as a reliable Solo Carry that can control the game to his and his team's favor. Frequent use of his abilities will empower its effectiveness in battle, so remember to always make the most out of any situation that requires to play a little more aggressively than usual. Cecilion is also capable of quickly regenerating his mana due to his passive, which gives him all the more reason to continuously spam his abilities and damage targets. 

Why Cecilion is Great for Solo Carry.

  • Good Harassing Abilities

Due to his abilities' quick cooldowns, Cecilion can consistently throw powerful skillshots at enemies, dealing good amounts of damage that can make aggressive opponents back off or hide underneath towers. When securing lane creeps for gold or exp advantage, use this tactic wisely as it can help you control your lane and maintain dominance.

  • Good Sustainability

Cecilion's Ultimate allows him to regenerate a slight amount of health from every hit done by his projectiles against nearby enemies. This additional quality from his Ultimate allows him to survive fights a lot better or stay in them longer than most mages in the game. However, it is still important to maintain your distance when engaged in fights as Cecilion is still a mage champion with considerably lower health than most champions.

  • Fast Wave Clearer

Cecilion benefits greatly from clearing waves as quickly as possible, especially when using his first ability to clear them, as it becomes increasingly stronger with every successful skill cast and hit. Gather as much gold and exp as you can get from large creep waves so you can stock up on items and upgrade your abilities faster.


4. Selena

See Selena in action: 

The graceful Selena can stalk her prey by silently roaming around the map with careful steps. She can lay traps along the way that can slow down enemies that are caught in them and deal subsequent magic damage right after. With her strong burst damage and mobility, she can be a nightmare to have around for the enemy.

In terms of her Solo Carry prowess, Selena's a fantastic champion to play with. Her long range Crowd Control abilities can leave any target exposed to her strong attacks, reducing the enemy's team composition and leaving them outnumbered in team fights. Selena's lethal claws alone can carry her team to victory, but be very careful, for using Selena requires patience and good positioning for one to fully realize her strength.

Why Selena is Great for Solo Carry.

  • Good Crowd Control Abilities

Selena can slow down or stun enemies for a very long time, exposing them to attacks coming from a number of locations. Her Crowd Control abilities can stop enemies dead in their tracks, preventing potential enemy ambushes from happening or stealing a valuable buff or objective from them before they could take it. Use these abilities at your own discretion.

  • High Burst Damage

Selena can deliver incredible AP damage in seconds, making most enemies easy targets for her to take down. She is an absolute beast in taking down Marksmen and Mage champions, despite whatever advantage they've managed to obtain in a match. When using Selena, remember to prioritize high value targets such as damage dealers or supports with low health to further incentivize her role as a Solo Carry.

  • Impressive Roamer

Selena's mobility allows her to visit lanes quickly and consistently throughout the match. Her slow traps and stun missiles can help set up ganks for allies and score beneficial resources that the team can use and thrive off of. Be mindful of crucial targets on the map such as low health turrets, contested lanes, or any of the river objectives as a roaming Selena.


3. Chou

See Chou in action: 

When it comes to martial arts, Chou always comes out on top. With powerful mechanics that can set up enemies for attacks, Chou's ability to take up a Solo Carry role in the game is something that's been the status quo for a while now, even with his recent adjustments. 

However, Chou's potential to be a Solo Carry can take some time to build up. He is generally pretty easy to pick off in the Early Game, which is why he thrives best as a Jungler instead of an off-laner. Still, when his full potential is realized, Chou is a very deadly and very unpredictable threat to face against in a game. Knowing how his mechanics work, such as skill canceling, are important to his core gameplay.

Why Chou is Great for Solo Carry.

  • Profitable Set-ups

Chou can knock-up and knockback targets toward advantageous positions that will expose them to ally attacks. This can be used when one plans on ruining team compositions or isolating key targets out of a very dangerous fighting situation that may cost his team the match.   

  • Good Ganking Potential

Chou's strength as a champion comes from his ability to roam around both his and the enemy’s jungle.. His mobility paired with his high Physical Attack output makes him a very good character to use as a ganker that can score or set up kills as well as clear out large creep waves and take down towers. Map awareness is important when using Chou, so remember to always check your map for any opportunities.

  • Good Objective Taker

Chou's Physical Damage output makes him a good objective taker. He can take on river creeps such as the Turtle or Lord with little to no help from his teammates. His Physical Damage can also tear down tower defenses and breach the enemy base very well. Keep this in mind when playing Chou and never back down from creating scenarios that might be good for your team.


2. Luo Yi

See Luo Yi in action: 

Luo Yi can channel both powers of the Yin and Yang to control the very motion of her opponents and allies. A balance of power must be maintained in battle and the Black Dragon Geomancer can certainly deliver in that aspect. Using the powerful sigils of the Yin and Yang, Luo Yi can deliver as much punishment as she can to her enemies and produce support for her allies in dire need of it.   

A bit of an uncanny champion to add to the list, but nevertheless, Luo Yi can become a huge problem if she is well-fed, especially now in the current meta where she is slowly starting to become a common pick with many Mage mains. Her abilities, if used accordingly, can displace enemies and deal heavy amounts of magic damage in quick succession. This makes her a very good Solo Carry, capable of dishing multiple skill casts at once while helping her team get around the map through her teleportation ability.

Why Luo Yi is Great For Solo Carry.

  • Long Range Teleports

Luo Yi can use her Ultimate, Diversion, to teleport herself and her allies across a large area in the map, making it a useful ability when conducting sudden ganks on an unprepared enemy team. Her teleport ability can also be used as a way to distract opponents and disrupt their team formations or teleport valuable split-pushers to open lanes. Use this ability of hers with tactical precision as it can be used for a whole lot of plays that can prove beneficial for your team.

  • Spammable Abilities

Luo Yi can gain 4 charges of her first ability, Dispersion, to which she can immediately cast simultaneously so long as her charges are available. This ability of hers is a good poking skill that can damage enemies and provide them with a mark that synergizes with her second ability, Rotation. Marked enemies are dragged onto the center of her Rotation ability, but keep in mind that the dragging mechanic only works if the corresponding sigil is in direct opposite of the Dispersion charge that is being launched. Timing here is crucial and knowing when to cast either skills in the heat of battle.  

  • Reliable Crowd Control

Her Rotation ability can pull marked enemies towards its center, so long as they enter its vicinity. This is a good skill when trying to displace enemy positions or setting them up for your team to ambush. It's also a good tactic to use when playing Luo Yi aggressively, as she can immediately close the distance between her and her enemies in a chasing scenario.


1. Granger

See Granger in action: 

Let the death bells toll and the bullets clink as Granger delivers righteous justice to enemies that deserve retribution. 6 powerful bullets make up this champion's overall mechanics and knowing how to properly attack with them are key to a good Granger match. Rest assured, when Granger begins his assault, no enemy will be left standing. 

Granger is a powerful AD Carry and deserves to be this high up on the list because of his timeless gameplay. Despite the nerfs and changes, Granger has proven himself to still be able to release massive Physical Damage in quick seconds. His role as a Solo Carry far outranks most champions on this list, which is why he is a very valuable contender to consider when picking a safe champion that can dominate in both the Early and Late Game.

Why Granger is Great for Solo Carry.

  • High Critical Damage

Granger scores an automatic critical with every 6th shot of his, making him a very lethal AD Carry to face off against on a lane. He can further bolster this damage by purchasing high critical damage and critical chance items. Careful positioning is important to making sure Granger can continuously keep his distance while delivering high damage to his opponents.

  • Good AD Scaling

His main attributes can scale incredibly well as the game goes on, further amplified if he is fully decked out on items. Because of this, he is a huge problem in all phases of the game. When using Granger, never hesitate to participate in team fights or roam when the occasion arises, as he can also gain the advantage he needs in these situations to fully become the high precision powerhouse he was always designed to be.  

  • Long Range Sniping Abilities

Granger can eliminate retreating enemies with his Ultimate, which converts his 6 shooter pistol to a massive death cannon that can score crit points and slow down enemies who get hit by each of his shots. He also has the potential to dodge impending skillshots due to his innate roll ability that comes with it. It's a useful skill to have when trying to evade enemy attacks and score big damage simultaneously..           










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