[Top 10] Best Mukbang Youtubers That Are Fun to Watch

Jella ASMR's Mismatch Spread

This interesting internet subculture can be either mesmerizing or a hot mess, depending on who you are viewing and how they go about their specialty form of entertainment. There are dozens of hot mess mukbangers who are complete messes, but we won’t be listing the Nikacados on this list, because this list is all about the mukbangers who are fun to watch, and le’ts be frank, trainwrecks are not fun as much as fascinating. Let’s go find the mukbangers with the funniest challenges, the most lovable personality, and the overall best content!


10. Keith Eats the Menu, Try Guys

Keith Eats The Menu Compilation

Keith is what some might call, a national treasure, with his strangely wide mouth and upbeat personality, it’s not hard to see why. Keith is one of the Try Guys, who spend their youtube time testing out cool kooky stuff, recently hypnotism, but Keith has his own series. “Eat the Menu” is a series of videos detailing Keith going to a multitude of chain restaurants and eating the entire menu, with help from multiple guests.

The show is separated by each menu section, for instance, there would be one set of guests for salads and another set for sandwiches. Keith brings a comical outlook to frankly meh food, and his series, while not a self proclaimed mukbang, still holds a place on this mukbang list.

Try Guys Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/tryguys/videos


9. Flower’s Family

Flowers Family Spicy Stirfry

This is what it feels like to sit down for dinner with the nicest grandma and grandpa you can think of. Seriously, they are so sweet, grandma cooks everything and they go all out. Grandpa is super awesome, sweet, and loves the food and his wife, they share and pour each other’s drinks. This is peak wholesome on youtube. The subtitles are well done with very few errors and gosh darn it if it doesn’t feel like they really do appreciate the viewer, engaging often.

They are amazingly cute together, bringing in guests and other members of the family, with an amazing array of goodies to munch on. I have never wanted to eat spicy chicken feet more than when grandpa has a look of satisfaction after finishing his plate!

Flowers Family Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/%ED%99%94%EC%9E%90%EB%84%A4%EC%A7%91Flowersfam...


8. Matt Stonie

Matt Stonie Compilation\

Want to know the cool dude on the mukbang food challenge verse? This is him. Matt Stonie is a challenge eater, taking on the ultimate foodie face-offs in the world. One of the most notable being the challenge issued by the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, wherein Matt Stonie killed off the quadruple bypass burger.

Matt has a generally awesome cadence, something special in the way he holds himself that is frankly lacking in alot of places on youtube.

Matt Stonie Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/megatoad/videos


7. GongSam Table

GongSam Table Compilation

This man is a chef. Well, maybe not necessarily, but he makes everything on camera, so I’ll consider him a chef. Honorary chef at least. So then, getting fully into it, he does indeed cook everything on camera, which makes him somewhat unique amongst the competition.

Making it well known now, this mukbanger makes sure your mouth is watering as he preps and sautes and slices. It's seriously something I’ve got to applaud, because while it looks time consuming to film, the end product is worth it in my opinion.

GongSam Table Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2B5onlYkZ7IaVekR9yIB6w/videos


6. Jella ASMR

Jella ASMR Compilation

Jella is the mukbang channel known for their wide use of sweets in a creative format that pops and cracks. Oh, also the cat. Jella’s Cat gets to participate in the mukbang as well, by which I mean they sniff the food, then Jella gives them a treat. When Jella Does do something entree like, with a bit of meat in it, the cat gets a bite and oh man is it cute.

Jella goes all out for the holidays, which is especially true for halloween. In such videos, look to see bloodshot eyes that crackle when bitten, hardshell brains and graves of chocolate dirt, plus some fun face paint. It’s overall a very relaxing experience. Mostly it just gives me a hunger for flesh and viscera though!

Jella ASMR Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkCMUEL9-dTfn5aM9-0Ao-g/videos


5. Sang Yoon

Sang Yoon Compilation

This Mukbanger is all about comedy, collaborations, and spice he cant handle. This guy is the king of funny hats, cheer dances and unbearable mouthnoise. Seriously for those not deep into the ASMR scene, this one might be alot to handle, as he yells then munches with a strange tone.

Really what I should say though, is that this youtuber has a following that jumps. Some are diehard fans, others mostly watch every once in a while because he is, in general, alot to take in.

Sang Yoon Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Sangyoon/videos



SIO ASMR Spicy Noodle Challenge

SIO ASMR is huge, like, really huge, with his top video sitting at 97 million views and an immensely loyal fanbase, this pretty boy is gotdang gorgeous. He does a portion of shopping in his mukbang, going out to purchase the day's food, then records the cooking process and finally eating last. It can be simply mesmerizing to watch him butcher a crab, chop scallions or pan-sear his daily calories for a week. 

It just so happens that SIO ASMR is also the king of spice. Multiple hottest foods challenges in, with top marks from viewers, SIO ASMR barely flinches, maybe gets a bit giggly, but is still super entertaining to watch. 

When you eat with SIO ASMR, it might just make you think “Oh, I could do that” but then you watch a collaboration for super spicy foods. It makes you realize that SIO ASMR is simply a super spice man and you are a foolish mortal.

SIO ASMR Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/%EC%8B%9C%EC%98%A4ASMRSio/videos


3. Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi Compilation

Zach is one of those muckbangers that you have to respect, based purely on his perseverance in the mukbang scene. He is immensely prevalent, garnerng tens of millions of views at his peak, and hundreds of thousands otherwise. If nothing else, Zach Choi is the popular kid of Mukbang youtube. 

I will say, his impressive skill with spicy foods is to be honored, he is a god with the spiciest chip challenge, and the lord of spicy noodles. Seriously, if SIO ASMR is the king of spice, then Zach Choi must be the lord above of the Scoville scale.

Zach Choi ASMR Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ZachChoi/videos


2. Tsuyang


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