PewDiePie Vows To Go ‘Family Friendly’ As He Suffers Major Advertisement Loss.

“No more swearing, no more sexual jokes and definitely no more Hitler jokes”, says Pewdiepie.

Fall From Grace…

Pewdiepie has finally been brought to his knees, stating that he will be taking on Youtube’s new advertisement policy on a new satirical video.

In a recent video, which we are not entirely sure if it isn’t another attention grabbing antique, Pewdiepie stated that he would be following youtube’s new advertisement policies.

“No more swearing, no more sexual jokes and definitely no more Hitler jokes, -”, and he continued on to explain how this new policy has effectively demonetized more than a third of his videos. This change forces him to change his tone or else accept less attractive ad deals.

Pewdiepie is one of the most watched and highest paid YouTubers and also a little controversial. While some may say that Pewdiepie took it too far with his “Hitler Jokes”, one thing that we keep forgetting is that is his shtick. His crude and controversial jokes are what made his channel and this new change threatens to destroy it.

What can we expect in the days to come?

Pewdiepie’s anti-semitic video was of great controversy earlier this year.

This new policy, as you would have guessed does not only threaten Pewdiepie and can potentially hurt a large number of YouTubers.

This policy was brought forward due to adverts being pulled away by big companies in Europe and the US after learning that they were being placed before videos that promoted hateful and controversial content.

Youtube stated later that they wanted to ensure that creators would be paid for the effort and the content they create while at the same time help advertisers promote their companies and brands in a more comfortable environment.

The Butterfly Effect

Youtube, a platform built on self expression and creativity has them threatened with its new ad policy.

Due to having to face a less profitable future, YouTubers worldwide are having to face a divisive decision. Are they ready to sacrifice individuality and freedom for money or will they continue to produce the content that makes them unique and appreciable.

For better or worse, most YouTubers are turning to alternate sources of income to make up for the losses made my this new change. Pewdiepie and many others have decided to stream on twitch, hoping that its less strict guidelines would allow them to make content that many love and enjoy.

But at the end of the day, the repercussions of this new policy could be far too massive for us to predict or maybe this is just another bump on the road and everything will be fine. And that is all that we can do, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


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