[Top 5] CoD Modern Warfare 3 Best Resolution - Which Should You Use?

Which Modern Warfare 3 Resolution is best and what should you use?
Makarov vs Price, Who's winning?

Changing your resolution is a common theme in games like Counter Strike and Valorant but have you tried changing it in Call of Duty? This article will speak on the most popular resolutions that players are switching to and why you might want to try them out. After writing this, I know I’ll be changing my resolution.


5. 1280x960

This resolution has some major black bars and can feel a little bit squished because of them. It can also seem a little blurry but will grant you between 25 and 30 extra FPS. It does make the character heads slightly larger due to the squished nature and can feel like it mitigates some vertical recoil. It’s worth trying but some of the others on this list have some really good up sides.

Use This Resolution if…

  • You really need the extra frames
  • You don’t mind the black bars along the top and bottom
  • The visual clarity looks good with your own settings


4. 800x600

This resolution will make your game buttery smooth. We found that it will boost your fps by 30-40 fps versus 1920x1080 (Recommended) with no major drop offs in any locations. The downside however is that the game becomes quite blurry. You may be able to remedy this with the sharpness setting and your scaling option.

Use This Resolution if…

  • You are having major performance struggles
  • You can find settings to make the image quality better


3. 1600x900

This resolution really shocked me at how good it was. If you don’t like having black bars but need an FPS boost, this resolution is worth trying. It has no black bars and can boost your FPS by around 20 but at times can be a bit inconsistent. The clarity is the same as 1920x1080 although makes the game look like the FOV is turned down.

Use This Resolution if…

  • You cannot stand the black bars but need an FPS boost
  • You don’t mind having what feels like a lower FOV


2. 1920x1080

This is the recommended resolution for a reason, the game looks significantly clearer in this resolution. However, your frame rate is affected quite heavily when compared to the rest on this list. This option gave us the lowest consistent frame rate and had the largest fluctuations around the map.

Use This Resolution if…

  • You are able to run the game with consistent FPS higher that your refresh rate
  • You’re a casual who prefers the clarity and visuals over frame rate
  • You cannot stand having black bars on any part of your screen


1. 1440x1080

1440x1080 is beautiful and runs like a dream. Just by changing your resolution it will be stretched slightly, making headshots easier to land. It will create black bars on the top and bottom of the screen but there are guides on how to remove these. This resolution also increases FPS by 20-30 with minimal drops. The visual clarity isn’t as clear as 1920x1080 but is definitely comparable and for the FPS increase and overall smoothness this resolution might be worth it.

Use This Resolution if…

  • You want a few more frames to get you over your refresh rate
  • You want to play stretched to have an easier time getting headshots

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