Why Overwatch Is Bad: 5 Things Blizzard Needs To Fix

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Overwatch Isn’t All That Bad, But Blizzard Can Certainly Make It Better

For those of use that have taken the dive into the world of Overwatch, many love and hate the game at the same time. I, for one, love the lore behind the game and appreciate the detail that are put into each map. There are, however, things about the game that need to be changed. I know that this list will hit home for a lot of you as it does me. Here are the 5 biggest things that stick out to me.

5) We Need More New Skins

Now I know that the time it takes to develop knew skins while coming up with new characters could be challenging, but we all love a new skin when it comes out. While Blizzard has released new skins, I believe there’s an area in this they can improve. For those of you who only own the game on console, it must be frustrating that you cannot achieve those Heroes of the Storm skins. I realize that this is a way of getting new players to play the MOBA, but I think that you should throw a bone to the console players by allowing them to buy it. Also, the fact that you can no longer earn or buy skins from previous events is not right. I believe a way of fixing this is by allowing you to buy these skins after the event, but for more gold than they are during the event. Blizzard could also work on releasing skins that are not attached to events

4) Matchmaking Is Terrible

There’s nothing that I like more than getting stuck on a team of players that have no experience in the game or taking 3 minutes to find a match. This is the sad reality of matchmaking in this game. Blizzard must develop a way for players to match up with like-minded people. Simply selecting competitive won’t save you from a Torbjorn or Bastion main. Skill rating in competitive isn’t enough to match you with people who REALLY are in your skill range. I’ve been match with players who play lower than their skill range, but are still diamond tier.

Cringe worthy, but not far off from my matchmaking experience.

3) Loot Box Drop Rates

Here’s another one about skins, but this time it’s about how often you get them in loot boxes. The drop rate for China was published showing that they get a legendary for every 13.5 loot boxes a player opens. Now this makes me wonder what the United States’ drop rate is. During the Overwatch Anniversary event, my luck in getting legendary skins has been unlucky. I have opened over 30 loot boxes and only getting 3 of the new legendary skins. I had to use gold to buy 2 of them, which leaves me with a couple left.

2) Competitive Skill Rating

I could rate this at number one, but I’m sure most of you will agree with why I didn’t. The rank you gain and lose is very unbalanced. Now it’s gotten better since competitive started, but it could get a lot better. It’s demoralizing seeing my skill rating drop by a huge margin when I lose and only getting a fraction of that back when I win a match. I went from 3100 diamond tier all the way down to 2700 with a handful of matches lost. There could be some tweaking done to make it what it should be.

1) Symmetra, Symmetra, Symmetra

Oh yes, Symmetra gets her own section of this article. While there are other heroes in the game that could go for some fixing, this one is the worst offender in my book. I apologize if you do not agree, but this is one of the most broken characters in the game right now. I’m all for the damage buff, but if you’re shredding through heroes with ease then it’s time to reclassify her as an offensive hero. There’s many things they could do to her, but what I hear from people a lot is that her beam should reset when it breaks contact. If she’s at full charge from someone she killed, she shouldn’t be able to lock on to another player and kill them instantly too.


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