[Top 10] Overwatch Best Roadhog Skins That Look Amazing

Overwatch Roadhog Skins
"Violence is usually the answer."

Top 10 Overwatch Roadhog Skins that Look Amazing

Roadhog, a cruel and violent killer, has left the wastelands of his home Australia to become the bodyguard of Junkrat (another playable Overwatch hero). And together they have gone around the world (in the Overwatch universe) stealing the most priceless treasures and causing absolute chaos wherever they go. Okay, now that we got our murderess friend’s introduction out of the way we can now move on to review his of his top 10 most amazing skins that every Overwatch player needs to have. 

10. Rudolph

“Roadhog the red nose murder, had a very shiny… bellybutton... yeah, I am going to stop right there. 

What’s Awesome About Rudolph:

  • As you can probably tell Blizzard went all out on the Christmas theme for this skin. Though just a rare, this skin can put any grinch into the good old Christmas spirit with good tidings and joy. 
  • The fact that they still keep his skull knee pad as if to say “ just because he looks like a candy cane doesn’t mean he stopped being a ruthless murderer.”
  • His license plate crotch protector (I am just as lost as you to why Roadhog has a license plate as a crotch protector) saids “Ho, ho, hog” just to make sure that you knew that this was a Christmas Roadhog skin. 

(This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event)

See Rudolph in action:




Is it just me or does this skin remind anyone of the character Chief Tannabok from “Road to El Dorado”? Just the meaner and more sadistic version of him. 

What’s Awesome About Islander: 

  • Now, I don’t know if this technically awesome fact about the skin or not, but as of right now, this is the closest to seeing Roadhog in a speedo.
  • As of right now, it is the only skin of Roadhogs where he is tattooed from head to toe. 
  • Roadhog is sporting a Barbie esk ponytail.

(This skin is available all year round)

See Islander in action:


8. Sharkbait


“Sharkbait ooh haha!” And yes absolutely refuse to believe that no one who reads the name of this does not have that “Finding Nemo” Scene play in their heads. And just not have that play in their heads, but then say the “ooh haha” part out loud. 

What’s Awesome About Sharkbait: 

  • You can once again say all the Jack Sparrow one-liners into the mic with this skin if you weren’t able to get Junkrat’s or Ana’s pirate skins in time. 
  • From what I can tell Roadhog is just walking around/fighting wearing a severed shark head which, I mean, is pretty hard-core. 
  • It is the only skin out of the entire Overwatch roster (as of right now) to have a character have a nipple piercing. Whether that makes this skin awesome is up to you.

(This skin is available all year round)

See Sharkbait in action:


7. Butcher

Now, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you the “Butcher” skin. And he is not just butchering cows and pigs out here. There are many Mercys that can attest to that.

What’s Awesome About Butcher:

  • This skin makes Roadhog look like Satan’s right-hand man. Causing your enemies to avoid you at all costs lest they suffer your wrath. 
  • He looks like he was sown together with iron stitches to create the ultimate bringer of death to all mankind. 
  • Also, this skin can be a lovely conversation starter with your friends by asking them whether or not they think that Roadhog is wearing the skull of another demon as a mask or if that is his actual face. 

(This skin is available all year round)

See Butcher in action:


6. Lacrosse

Didn’t know that Roadhog was into sports? Well neither did the rest of the world. And for someone's persona is a pig his uniform is extremely clean. 

What’s Awesome about Lacrosse:

  • That his hook is a broken racket that he probably fashioned when someone on the opposing team ticked him off.  
  • Roadhog still incorporates his hog facade by having his helmet fashioned into a pig's face and a big ole sticker on his tummy. Hence we don’t forget that he has a  tattoo right there as well. 
  • It is awesome for humorous reasons as well. For instance, Lacrosse is a sport that requires a lot of running. Roadhog looks like the last time he ran was well, never. 

(This skin is only available during the Summer Games Event)

See Lacrosse in action:


5. Militia

Roadhog's one and only canon skin in his entire roster, the “Militia” Skin.

What’s Awesome About Militia:

  • It gives us a glimpse as to what Roadhog looked like/ wore before all hell broke loose in the outbacks of Australia and before he met Junkrat. 
  • This skin proves that camouflage does make it look like you lost 15 pounds.  
  • His hook looks like a really, really big leatherman. 

(This skin is only available during the Archive Event)

See Militia in action:

4. Bajie

 This skin is basically Roadhog taking his hog persona to a whole new and somewhat creepy level.

What’s Awesome About Bajie:

  • The creep factor that Roadhog has a severed pig/hog head sewn on to his head.  
  • It makes his saying “I am going full hog” a legit statement. It makes you wonder if he is trying to be a werepig or something. 
  • The Chinese themes do very much shine through this skin making it still an awesome skin to wear during the Lunar Event. 

(This skin is only available during the Lunar Event)

See Bajie in action:


3. Ice fisherman

“Ice Fisherman” makes it look like Roadhog grew up in the bitter cold elements of Antarctica rather than the scorching heat of Australia. 

What’s Awesome About Ice Fisherman:

  • This time he is wearing a severed walrus head and… seal skin gloves? And yes this the last skin (as of right now) where Roadhog is wearing the severed head of some poor animal. 
  • The piranha skeleton shoulder pad is a pretty sick armor piece. 
  • And just in case you forgot that for one reason or another that Roadhog is a walrus killer, his zipper charm catches you up to speed. 

(This skin is only available during the Winter Wonderland Event)

See Ice Fisherman in action:


2. Junkenstein's Monster

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