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Activities to do with friends in GTA Online
Party time!

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GTA Online is not all about making money. Yes, it is going to be the main goal to make money for every player in the game but having fun while making money is something that you shouldn’t ignore as well. After all, video games are made for having fun.

Once you have your friends join you in GTA Online, there is a myriad of activities you can take part in together. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to decide what you really want to do, as you might not know which activity is fun. But don’t worry, there are plenty of activities that are actually fun, and you will have a great time laughing and competing by the time you’re invested in them. 

This article talks about the 5 most fun activities you can take part in with your friends, in GTA Online. 


5. Playing Golf

A relaxing sport

There’s no better way to experience the relishes of your success as an established kingpin in GTA Online than swinging your driver at the Los Santos Country Golf Club. A nine-hole golf course is a great place for you to spend quality time with your mates once you feel like you’ve achieved more than enough in life. It’s a good change of pace from all the other crime-centered activities you’d be doing otherwise. 

Playing golf with your friends is a splendid way of showcasing and bragging about your precision and strength. Just make sure you don’t beat your friends too hard, or they might just rage quit the game.

Golf is a great way to have fun because:

  • You can have a great laugh observing your friends take lousy shots.
  • Once the game gets interesting, you’ll find yourself sweating to take the lead.
  • It’s a great way to increase your character’s strength.


4. Starting a Bikers Club

"Sons of their mothers"

One of the best additions to the game was the Bikers DLC, released in 2016. It brought many additions and game-changing businesses. Every new activity introduced centers around your Motorcycle Club, and while being part of an MC Club, you can do numerous fun things with your fellow club members. 

With your friends, you can start MC Clubhouse missions, do MC Work, run multiple passive businesses, or just ride in formation to express your dominant style and attitude.

Starting a Bikers Club is a great way to have fun because:

  • You will never get bored as long as your friends are with you.
  • You can make tons of money.
  • You can develop a serious sense of camaraderie by watching each other’s back.


3. Competing in Adversary Modes

A great form of entertainment

If you get tired of playing freemode missions with your friends in GTA Online, you can always live true to your combative spirit by playing Adversary Modes. The types of game modes you have at your disposal are just amazing. From team deathmatches to fighting in a sumo-style setting in your car, you just don’t run out of what you can possibly do. 

On weeks when some of the adversary modes start paying double, triple, or even quadruple money, you must jump on these jobs and begin scourging your rivals with full force.

Adversary Modes are a great way to have fun because:

  • There are various types of fun modes you can play.
  • It’s the best way to test your combative skills against your friends and establish bragging rights.
  • You can go on for hours once the matches get competitive.


2. Racing

Let your driving do the trash talking

Racing against friends in GTA Online is a great way of testing your might and driving abilities. Once you start getting close to winning, you become obsessed to continue challenging your friends – you start to experience a different essence of what the game has to offer.

Racing with different classes of vehicles gets really fun over time. You start to appreciate the unlimited possibilities of track layouts across the entire map. It’s not just the normal races that are enjoyable, the stunt races are also entertaining. The element of competition gets an admirable boost when you have to perform all sorts of whacky jumps.

Racing is a great way to have fun because:

  • It gets tremendously competitive. 
  • You get to outsmart and overtake your friends for the sake of a good laugh.
  • The stunt jumps get super funny when everyone starts to ram each other to take the lead.


1. Setting up heists

Locked and loaded

Getting your gear ready and maxing out on snacks and ammo, all for carrying out a heist with your close buddies, is probably one of the best feelings you can have in GTA Online. The story-driven heists in the game allure you to keep progressing so you can keep up with the events taking place across the city as a continuation of GTA V’s storyline.

The best component of all this is that you get to share the experience with your friends. Surely, many veterans of the game are still active because they’re not really in the struggle to earn more money, they just want to spend time with their friends and have a good laugh all while sneaking into The Diamond Casino or infiltrating the missile silo of Mount Chiliad. 

Playing heists is a great way to have fun because:

  • You get to strengthen your teamwork with friends.
  • Most heist missions are really fun to play.
  • You earn a great load of money.


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