[Top 10] GTA Online Best Rally Cars

GTA Online Best Rally Cars
Rally cars in GTA Online are ridiculously under-appreciated, check out some of the coolest ones right here.

The supercars of GTA online often take up the spotlight, leading many players to forget about the other amazing types of vehicles that exist for purchase rally cars for example!

Have you ever wondered why you keep losing every rally race you sign up for? Well wonder no more and have a look at ten of the greatest rally cars in GTA online!


10) Pfister Comet Safari (Price: $710,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYuyMIda_B0

The Pfister Comet's "safari" counterpart.

Starting off this list we have the Pfister Comet Safari. This car has an impressively long hood - if you stand your character next to it in comparison you’ll get a good look at how lengthy it really is. Upon purchase, it comes with some pretty big stock tires, allowing the car to stand a good distance above the ground.

As with many rally cars, the Comet Safari has plenty of upgrade options to choose from. You could opt to have a roof rack up top, or you could keep it looking more rally-esque and put some lights up there. 

The best part of the customization on this car is arguably the machine guns that can be mounted on the front, for $100,000. 

What it’s great for - It has a lifted suspension, which alongside the bigger tires make it a monster for offroading. Impressive speed, wide range of customisation options available

Stats - class: Sports, top speed: 120MPH, lap time: 1:07. Where to buy - Legendary Motorsport


9) Lampadati Tropos Rallye (Price: $816,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XcXJyEL2Fk

Do you love it or hate it?

This is the kind of car that you either love the appearance of or absolutely despise it. The hood is flat and long and the back end of the car features a ducktail spoiler. With the right modifications, this car can look like a rally machine.

For starters, you can have the foglights on the front for only $750. A wide variety of livery and exhaust options are available alongside the usual engine, suspension and tuning upgrades.

It can reach speeds of up to 124.64MPH which is only 14MPH behind the fully tuned and engine-upgraded Pegassi Tezeract, one of the fastest cars in the game. 

What it’s good for: speed-wise, it’s impressive for a rally car. it’s lightweight and has decent handling. Combining these two attributes, it has a good power-to-weight ratio.

Stats: Class: sports, top speed: 124MPH, lap time: 1:06. Where to buy - Southern San Andreas Super Autos


8) Brioso R/A (Price: $155,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-FxwJ8wSHc

The small and nimble Brioso R/A.

The cheapest option on this list is the small but mighty Brioso R/A. Categorically it’s a compact car, which is understandable, but if you find yourself a few GTA dollars short and feel like taking straight to the rally course instead of saving up a little more, then this one might be for you.

Due to its price, it does have a few downfalls. It takes damage very easily, so armor upgrades might be a sensible investment to begin with. It has a heavy oversteer which can lead to some pretty nasty spin-outs. 

On the positive side its small size allows it to be quick to get around a sharp corner, which could just be the difference between overtaking the player in front and not.

What it’s good for - getting around corners quickly and nimbly, when upgraded at Hao’s for a hefty price top speed and acceleration are greatly increased, the base car is very cheap.

Stats - class: compacts, top speed: 103MPH, lap time: 1:11. Where to buy - Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


7) Obey Omnis (Price: $701,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tiSOeucsBY

The omnious Omnis.

This one is probably the best option on the list if you want to mix performance with value for money. The steering on this car is incredible, with next to no drag when turning a corner. On the downside it is a pretty heavy car, but surprisingly that doesn’t affect the handling much at all. 

The heaviness of the car can also be used to the player’s advantage - if you hit a curb or bump you don’t have to worry too much about the car tipping over. Of course it’s always possible, but it’s much more likely to happen with some of the other cars on this list.

This car looks really good from the outside too. With the option to equip it with a massive spoiler and rally fog lights, this car will look good no matter what you do to it.

What it’s good for - incredible handling, the car’s heaviness makes it harder to tip it over, reasonable price. Stats: class: Sports. top speed: 112mph, lap time: 1:07. Where to buy. Southern San Andreas Super Autos


6) Coil Brawler (Price: $715,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1snZuKJ00E4

What a giant.

This thing looks like more of a monster truck at first glance but don’t be alarmed, the Coil Brawler is a rally-raid vehicle. As you might expect, the Brawler crushes any other car on this list at off-roading. Its huge tires allow it to drive over bumpy terrain with ease, leaving less suited cars in the dust.

It has an impressive collision resistance, so you might want to invest your money on other upgrades before you dive in and upgrade the armor first - the brakes for example. Being on the larger side it takes a while to come to a full stop, but with fully upgraded braking you can expect the problem to reduce.

What it’s good for - strong resistance to damage, big wheels make for good off-road capabilities, great handling. Stats - class: Off-road, top speed: 117MPH, lap time: 1:10. Where to buy - Legendary Motorsport.


5) Vapid Flash GT (Price: $1,675,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdQD6TZblFI&t=211s

Can you guess which real life car this one is based on?

Another pricey one, but there’s no denying that it looks really good. The base car already has customisations suited for rally installed but of course, you can take things even further and upgrade it yourself. With the right modifications, this car looks-wise would impress almost anyone, but let’s talk about its specs.

The car is based on a Ford Fiesta, specifically the Ford Fiesta RS WRC. GTA takes a lot of real-life inspiration when designing their vehicles, but I’d say this one has the closest resemblance to its real-life counterpart.

Being in the sports class, the Flash GT has great acceleration. The tires have a very strong grip, so spinning out in this car is unlikely. What it’s good for - competitive handling, strong grip to the ground, fast acceleration. Stats - class: sports, top speed: 116MPH, lap time: 1:03. Where to buy - Legendary Motorsport


4) Issi Rally (Price $1,835,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUMOUZ6RpOc

Seriously speedy.

A very hefty price tag - let’s see what makes it worth it. The Issi Rally can reach a whopping 138.3MPH when upgraded through Hao’s Special Works, making it the fastest SUV class vehicle in the game and one of the fastest in any class. Despite its size landing it in the SUV class, as its title suggests, this car is brilliant for rallying.

If you’ve got an extra $650,000 following the $1.8 million you just dropped on the base car, I highly recommend taking this thing to Hao’s. The speed increases by 22MPH, which means when combined with the numerous rally modifications that can be equipped, this car is a really good option for a rally race.

It may lose against cars like the Comet Safari when it comes to offroading, but in terms of speed this car is one of the best options for you to pick.

What it’s good for - unmatched speed in all rally cars, Its big structure makes it more difficult to flip. When used in SUV class races, the Hao’s Special Works upgrade will leave anything else behind easily.

Stats - class: SUVs, top speed: 138MPH (after HSW upgrade), lap time: 1:06. Where to find it - Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


3) Vapid GB200 (Price: $940,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRulN2UWppQ

The GB200 has a classic feel to it.

The Vapid GB200 is a rally/sports class car with an incredible set of brakes on it. Even before upgrades the stock brakes on this car are brilliant. Upgrading them will make you ready for any corner at any speed. The traction is really impressive too - on dirt or tarmac the car keeps a firm grip to the ground.

Its downside is its speed. Even with engine upgrades purchased, it is easily outclassed by other cars in its class - the Flash GT and the Issi Rally for example. 

This one, like the Tropos Rallye and the Flash GT just feels like a rally car. Customising it and putting your own spin on it is so much fun, and it’s great to take it out to the track once you got it looking how you want it.

What it’s good for: Incredible traction, very quick-to-action braking, the tires grip well. Stats - class: sports, top speed: 114MPH, lap time: 1:06 Where to buy - Legendary Motorsport.


2) Karin Calico GTF (Price: $1,995,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f-EgwblVLI

This speed machine will set you back by almost $2 million.

The most expensive car on this list is also one of the fastest. Easily able to keep up with hypercars when all engine/tuning upgrades are purchased, the Calico GTF is a real speed machine.

The handling is great too. You’ll find that the car is much quicker at braking in a straight line than when turning and braking simultaneously, but it’s not so significant that it’ll cause you any major problems in a race.

What it’s good for - It can get up to some great speeds, it has competitive handling, it looks great aesthetically. Stats - class: sports, top speed: 121MPH, lap time: 1:03. Where to buy - Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


1) Sultan RS (Price: $795,000)

See Vehicle In Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXfl4z97pk0 

The ultimate rally car.

An absolute classic of Benny’s, the number one spot goes to the Sultan RS. This car has a wide range of liveries available, including Princess Robot Bubblegum, which is limited to a few cars.

So, the specs - it has one of the highest top speeds and accelerations of all the rally cars in the game, it handles fabulously due to its low ground clearance, and the tires are grippy. Aside from this, the car is really fun to customise. As with many Benny’s vehicles, there’s a massive variety of options that make the Sultan RS stand out in any car meet or garage.

What it’s good for: It’s really fast to begin with, even more so after tuning and engine upgrades, with upgrades, the handling is amazing, it stands out as a good-looking car. Stats - class: Super, top speed: 121MPH, lap time: 1:04. Where to buy - Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


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