[Top 25] Best GTA 5 Mods You Must Have

Best GTA 5 Mods
Have fun playing these crazy mods!

Grand Theft Auto 5 has proven itself to be one of the most successful, entertaining, and crazy video games of our time. Sometimes we just want a little more though, right? 

Modders from around the globe have been adding new content to the growing list of insanely fun mods since the game was released in 2013. There are so many out there, it can make it difficult to sort through them all, so here’s a list of some of the best mods to improve your game, and make this classic game a refreshing experience!


25. Script Hook V + Native Trainer

Script Hook V is like a library for your mods, and almost every mod today requires one to work. This download includes a native trainer mod as well, adding in a cheat menu to the game, giving the player abilities like max health, invincibility, teleporting and more!

How Script Hook V + Native Trainer makes things fun!

  • Give your character powers like super jump and fast run
  • Unlimited cash!
  • Change to any character and raise/lower your wanted level

Get the mod here


24. Open All Interiors

The Open All Interiors mod is exactly what it sounds like! Ever wondered what was in all the buildings in the game? This mod adds over 60 new interior locations to visit, complete with pedestrians and working doors. 

How Open All Interiors makes things fun!

  • Go inside iconic locations like the LifeInvader offices
  • Explore and use new locations for shootouts
  • New stores to rob

Get the mod here


23. Vice Cry: Remastered

This mod brings back a fully remastered version of GTA: Vice City, as a DLC for GTA 5. Replay a whole new version of the classic game right in your GTA 5 app! The map, vehicles, missions and more have been updated and given a fresh appearance.

How Vice Cry: Remastered makes things fun!

  • A fan favorite reimagined
  • Modern graphics
  • Spice things up with new cars and areas to explore

Get the mod here


22. Spider-man V 

The Spider-man V mod lets you play as the iconic superhero and use webs to swing around the city! Change suits, use new powers, and crawl across the cityscape. 

How Spider-man V makes the game more fun!

  • Use slow motion spidey sense
  • Crawl up walls!
  • Pick up and throw vehicles


Get the mod here


21. Nuclear Explosion Project

This mod introduces several types of nuclear weapons to the game. The new weapons added include a rocket launcher, sticky bombs, and more!

How the Nuclear Explosion mod makes things fun!

  • Blow up massive areas of the map!
  • Leave sticky nukes all over Los Santos
  • Destroy entire city blocks at a time

Get the mod here


20. Real California Architecture

Real California Architecture adds in tons of real life locations and changes the existing structures to their real life counterparts. Explore actual locations in Southern California, including the Hollywood sign, and the Santa Monica Pier.

How the Real California Architecture mod makes things more fun!

  • Use real interstate signs to get around
  • Visit real businesses like the Hollywood Wax Museum, and In-N-Out
  • See iconic landmarks like the Griffith Observatory and the Capitol Records building

Get the mod here


19. The Dead Among Us Project

The Dead Among Us project adds in 8 new zombie apocalypse themed maps to play in. Explore a destroyed civilization, including tunnels, cities, and airports.

How the Dead Among Us project makes things more fun!

  • Explore all new maps
  • Use destroyed cars, buildings and overgrown objects for cover
  • Add zombies with other mods for a full zombie apocalypse experience

Get the mod here


18. World War II Soldiers Mod

The World War II Soldiers mod adds in tons of new NPC soldiers ready to spawn  and fight in crazy World War 2 battles. Create crazy battle scenarios all over the map, fight in dogfights, and tanks too!

How the World War II mod makes things fun!

  • Create realistic WW2 battles wherever you want
  • Fight hordes of German soldiers, with guns of the era
  • Fly through the sky with WW2 fighter planes, equipped with all sorts of weapons

Get the mod here


17. Enhanced Aircraft Carrier

The Enhanced Aircraft Carrier mod adds an visitable Aircraft Carrier to the map, complete with an explorable interior, armed military guards,  tons of fun military jets, helicopters, and other aircraft throughout the ship.

How the Enhanced Aircraft Carrier mod makes things fun!

  • Explore the interior of a life like Aircraft Carrier
  • Fight military NPCs to steal their aircraft
  • Find different types of fighter jets, attack helicopters, and cargo planes

Get the mod here


16. GTA V Remastered Mod

GTA V Remastered is an add-on mod that remasters and improves the map of Los Santos. It adds many new objects, giving the city a more realistic look for you to enjoy.

How GTA V Remastered makes things more fun!

  • Find over 7,000 newly added objects
  • Wreak havoc in a more realistic city
  • Experience Los Santos more bustling and lively than ever

Get the mod here


15. Grand Theft Auto V: San Andreas

This remastered game map replaces Los Santos with the original map from GTA: San Andreas, remade and created with modern graphics. While there are no missions from the original, you can explore and cause  classic GTA destruction across a familiar and beloved map.

How GTA V: San Andreas makes things fun!

  • Relive old memories while cruising through San Andreas
  • See iconic locations restored 
  • Find all your favorite locations from the original

Get the mod here


14. Ripplers Realism

Have the guns in GTA V ever felt off to you? Not powerful or realistic enough? The Ripplers Realism mod overhauls all the weapons in the game, giving them new sound effects, more realistic damage, and more accurate kick back.

How Ripplers Realism makes the game more fun!

  • Use weapons that feel more real
  • Bigger explosions!
  • Real gunfire sounds

Get the mod here


13. Ghost Rider Mod

Are you a fan of Ghost Rider? The famous comic book series and movies have made this badass character a popular fan favorite. This mod lets you play as the ghost rider and use his awesome powers too!

How the Ghost Rider Mod makes the game more fun!

  • Summon your flaming bike from hell
  • Use fireballs, flaming chains, and more
  • Transform into the ghost rider at will

Get the mod here


12. Kylo Ren/Darth Vader Mod

Fan of Star Wars? This mod allows you to play as Star Wars villains Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. Use lightsabers and force powers to have fun and fight cops in GTA V.

How the Darth Vader Mod makes things more fun!

  • Use force jump and other powers to get around fast
  • Fight with their famous lightsabers
  • Wield awesome power to fight anyone you like!

Get the mod here


11.  Crime and Police Rebalance Mod

Do you get sick of the broken police system in GTA? This mod enhances the crime reporting system, and makes police response more life-like. 

How the Police Rebalance mod makes things fun!

  • Realistic response to your crimes
  • Fight SWAT, FIB, and Army teams
  • Stop pedestrians from calling the cops

Get the mod here


10. Natural Vision

The Natural Vision mod overhauls the graphics for Grand Theft Auto 5, greatly improving and completely reworking the lighting and weather effects in the game. It renovates the visuals for the game, giving players a new experience.

How Natural Vision makes the game more fun!

  • New visuals make the game feel brand new
  • One of the most downloaded mods ever
  • New map texture, clouds, weapons and more

Get the mod here


9. Gang and Turf Mod

The Gang and Turf mod adds in the ability to run your own gangs and fight for control over the city. Gain territories, earn cash, and more!

How the Gang Turf mod makes things fun!

  • Fight other gangs for control of the city
  • Earn income for the territory you own
  • Engage in gang wars in the streets

Get the mod here


8. Ped Riot/Chaos Mod

This mod turns the city into a chaotic crime filled riot! Pedestrians will be armed and hostile, creating all out war in the streets with no cops to stop them.

How the Riot mod makes things fun!

  • Fight your way through Los Santos
  • Crazy events happening all over
  • Never run out of action

Get the mod here


7. Iron Man Mark V Mod

Fly through the city using different Iron Man suits from the movies! Use missiles and super strength to fight your enemies, and speed around obstacles with rocket boots.

How the Iron Man mod makes things fun!

  • Speed around skyscrapers in the famous Iron Man suit
  • Plow through helicopters and planes with ease
  • Change into War Machine, Iron Hulk and more

Get the mod here


6. Simple Zombies

The Simple Zombies mod turns GTA 5 into a zombie survival game. You fight and escape from zombies, create settlements, join a group of survivors and more!

How the Simple Zombies mod makes things fun!

  • Find and recruit survivors to join you
  • Build a camp and defenses
  • Run into rival surviving groups, befriend or attack them!

Get the mod here


5. Grand Theft Space

Grand Theft Space adds space travel to the world of GTA, allowing you to pilot space shuttles into orbit, and fly to other planets in the solar system. Explore the surfaces of other planets, driverovers, and more!

How Grand Theft Space makes things more fun!

  • Drive in low gravity on the moon
  • Fly the space shuttle around Earth, Mars, Jupiter and more
  • Fight battles in space and on other planets

Get the mod here


4. CW The Flash Mod Pack

Play as the popular TV character, The Flash! Speed throughout the map, blazing past everyone, and use your super powers to do as you please with this popular mod.

How The Flash mod makes things more fun!

  • Use your super speed to get around quickly
  • Use several different Flash suits
  • Leave the signature glowing trail

Get the mod here


3. Real Flamethrower Add-on

This mod adds in a huge new weapon to have fun with. Buy the flamethrower at the gun store and go nuts with it, launching fire at a distance. 

How the Flamethrower mod makes things fun!

  • Blow up cars and objects 
  • Burn trees, grass, and buildings
  • Spark extra fun using this crazy weapon

Get the mod here


2. War Pack: Special Edition USA

This exciting mod adds in a whole arsenal of military aircraft, tanks, artillery, warships, and more. Take to the skies in a B-2 stealth bomber, or hitch a ride in an aircraft carrier. 

How the War Pack mod makes things fun!

  • Launch artillery strikes
  • Drive several real tanks and armored vehicles
  • Choose from a variety of aircraft, including attack helicopters and fighter jets

Get the mod here


1.  Raven Rock Island

This mod adds a whole new island to the map of GTA 5. If you can find it through the fog, you can land on the airstrip or sneak on by boat. This new military base island is filled with enemies to fight, places to explore, and room to mess around with.

How the Raven Rock Island mod makes things fun!

  • Explore secret underwater tunnels!
  • Find attack helicopters, jets, and more
  • Take control of the island by force

Get the mod here

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