[Top 10] GTA V Best Graphic Mods That Are Amazing

GTA 5 Best Graphic Mods
Get a realistic Los Santos with these mods!

When Grand Theft Auto V first released in 2013 it was a gorgeous game for its time. Despite the fact that the game being out for seven years and with multiple re-releases, the game still lives up to the hype. But instead of the creators, it is the players who are the unsung heroes to improve your GTA V graphics through mods. 

Here are the ten most jaw-dropping and amazing graphic mods that will improve your GTA V gameplay. 

10. Natural HDR GTA V 2.4 

This mod helps to enhance the natural graphics in GTA V, from the environment to the weather, and everything in between. They claim that this is not an “overhaul” on the graphics, but is a mod that strives to keep the game as natural as possible. It is a subtle change but makes a huge difference when playing the game. 

What Makes Natural HDR More Fun? 

  • Keeps the atmosphere of the game
  • Crisper textures
  • Better weather graphics (ex. Rain, darker nights, fog etc.) 
  • Get the Natural HDR Mod HERE!

9. Insane Rain Mod

This weather changing mod creates the texture of the rain to be more realistic. Rainstorms feel more real and can help you to become more engrossed in the environment of the game. This is a great mod if you want something that is simple but can cause dramatic effects. 

What Makes Rain Mod So Fun? 

  • Realistic rain and rainstorms
  • Makes GTA V rain experience enjoyable and immersive
  • Simple mods for beginners delving into the GTA V mod world

Get the Insane Rain Mod HERE!

8. AwesomeKill Graphics Mod

This mod helps to improve the texture of the game as a whole. From vehicles, trees, people, buildings, to the lighting and shadows, this is a great graphic mod to help enhance the overall environment of Los Santos. The vehicles are the most notable in this mod as it helps with the lighting reflecting and texture improvement. 

What Makes Awesomekill So Fun? 

  • Improve the overall feeling of Los Santos
  • Clean and crisp textures on many items from the game (vehicle, tree, people etc.) 
  • Better lighting/shadows

Get AwesomeKill Graphic Mod HERE!

7. GTA V R*enchancer Photorealism Mod

If you are looking for a mod that will make Los Santos feel more like its picturesque counterpart Los Angeles, then look no further.  Just from these pictures alone, it shows that the creators spend their time to make sure you look like  Los Angeles.  This game makes you feel like you’ve stepped into the real City of Angels.

What Make GTA V R*enhamcer Photorealism So Fun? 

  • Made to resemble more closely to the real Los Angeles 
  • Improves lighting and texture
  • Immersive gameplay 

Get GTA V R*enchancer Photorealism Mod HERE!

6.  2k/4k Water Mod

 This mod helps to upgrade the water texture within the game. This makes the water in all areas of the game look realistic, from the movement, vibrance of the water and more. For example, in the sewer water, it is made to look soiled and muddy or the ocean shores look foamy. 

What Makes 2k/4k Water Mod So Fun? 

  •  Drastically improves water graphics to look more realistic
  • Improves water in all areas (ponds, streams, rivers, ocean, pools, sewer etc.) 
  • Available in 2k and 4k

Get the 2k/4k Water Mod HERE! 

5. LA Roads Mod

This mod does exactly as the title says, it improves the texture of the roads in GTA V to appear more closely to real LA roads. If you want a mod that makes it “feel” more like Los Angeles, this is another mod for you!

What Makes LA Road So Fun? 

  • Creating an immersive GTA V experience with enhanced roads
  • Make it feel like you are really driving in Los Angeles

Get the LA Roads Mod HERE!

4. Project RELOAD Mod

This mod is considered a “reality enhancer”, this means that it is not a GTA V mod where it completely changes the game but helps to improve the environment within GTA V. This mod helps to make GTA V have a realistic environment. 

What Makes Project Project RELOAD So Fun? 

  • Improve graphic and textures
  • Improved weather system (ex. Thunder, lightning etc.)
  • Great mod if you don’t want to change anything in GTA V

Get Project RELOAD Mod HERE! 

3. GTA Realism Mod

A lot of the mods on this list are here to help GTA V become a more realistic and immersive experience for the players, but GTA Realism does on a grander scale. It aims to bring Los Santos to life - in which it clearly succeeds.

What Makes GTA Realism Mod So Fun? 

  • Natural-looking environment
  • Larger population
  • Better lighting and shadow
  • Better and cleaner textures (ex. Rock and sand textures)
  • Cops will be noticed around areas more and response more realistically
  • Better AI response

Get GTA Realism Mod HERE!

2. VisualV Mod

This mod helps to improve the weather, modify interior and areas around Los Santos, and enhance color to help bring this game to life. The creators used thousands of reference pictures of Los Angeles to make this game seem like the real living, breathing city. This is seen as one of the ideal GTA V mods surpassing over a million downloads. 

What Makes VisualV So Fun? 

  • Makes weather improvement
  • Improvement of light and shadows
  • Enhanced colour, lighting and shadow
  • Realistic and subtle changes
  • Highly rated in the GTA V community

Get the VisualV Mod HERE!

1. NaturalVision Mod

This is seen as one of the top mods for GTA V closing in at almost two million downloads. This mod could be considered GTA VI, it makes this game feel like an entirely new world. This mod does a variety of different functions to help make your GTA V experience riveting.

 I highly suggest going to their website to see the large variety that is included in this mod!

What Makes NaturalVision Mod So Fun?

  • Improved lighting and shadows
  • Improved textures that are crisp and clean
  • Reflections improved
  • Better building and street lights
  • Weather improvement for storms, smoke etc. 

Get the NaturalVision Mod HERE!

Whatever mod you choose, the GTA V community and fanbase is here to make your experience an amazing one! 

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