[Top 10] GTA 5 Best Graphic Mods

GTA 5 Best Graphic Mods
Graphics mod that make you hate the real world

GTA 5 came out as a graphical masterpiece of a game, and this still stands to this day. Although it may not be the most realistic game in the world, graphically, but it once was… the vanilla version anyways. Thanks to hundreds of awesome mods out there, you can repaint the whole GTA 5 experience through constantly updated textures and aesthetic graphics mods of this amazing game.
Let’s take a look at the top 10 best graphic mods for GTA 5.

10. Colorful HUD 

Colorful HUD mod

The colorful HUD mod enhances the complete HUD of the game- From the minimap to the gun wheel, everything is differently contrasted. Is it the best graphics mod for GTA 5? Perhaps not. Is it worth trying? Heck yea! Download this amazing mod and give GTA 5 HUD a brand new look. You’ll be surprised how big of a change that makes when playing the game.

Get the mod here


9. Insane Rain

Insane Rain Mod

You’ll be surprised what kind of a difference weather makes to a game’s graphics. Water graphics is something we take very seriously… well water graphics and water physics, both of which are amazing in GTA 5 (for a game released in 2013 lmao). To improve those graphics to the level of games of this decade, you can download and install the Insane Rain mod. This mod intensifies the rain drops when it rains. The scenery looks ultra-realistic when it rains.
Get the mod here


8. Redux Mod

Redux mod gta5

The GTA 5 redux mod needs no introduction, it is one of the most successful graphics mod of GTA 5, it overhauls the graphics and textures of the games to make it look ultra-aesthetic. The aim of this mod is not to make GTA 5 realistic, but to make it beautiful (I hope you get what I mean). It is an amazing mod and you should definitely try it if you have a PC powerful enough to handle it.
Get the mod here

7. NaturalVision

NaturalVision mod

The NaturalVision GTA 5 graphics mod is based on realism in graphics and textures. If you’re looking for a realistic mod that will make you not leave your room for the outside world then this is the mod for you. With the NaturalVision mod, the entire base graphics of the game are enhanced with photo realistic details.

Get the mod here


6. Awesomekills Graphics

Awesomekills mod
This mod enhances the game by overhauling the lighting and shadowing factors of the game. This may seem like not a big deal but people who deal with graphics know how big of a change that makes to a game. With the Awesomekills graphics mod, you won’t be able to recognize the game.
Get the mod here


5. HD Blood

HD blood mod

The name of this mod gives it out pretty clearly, it is a mod that intensifies the texture of the blood and blood splatter in the game. We all know how much blood we get to see in the game, it was about time someone made it scarily realistic. Well, this mod does it for ya! Download it and check it out.

Get the mod here


4. LA Vegetation

LA vegetation mod

This GTA 5 mod highly enhances the overall vegetation and greenery in the game. This is more noticeable in the Grand Senora desert rather than in the city. The barren hills of the desert in San Andreas are covered with lush vegetation through this mod that gives off an increasingly aesthetic look overall.
Get the mod here


3. Realistic Thunder

Realistic Thunder mod
Okay, so you got the insane rain mod, how do you get the scary and jaw-dropping thunder? Through the realistic thunder mod of course!  This mod brings out the hyper-realistic and insanely scary thunders that strike God's green earth… or better yet Rockstar’s simulated San Andreas.
Get the mod here


2. Project RELOAD Texture Overhaul

Project RELOAD mod

Project RELOAD is a group of modders and they have created the texture overhaul mod for GTA 5, converting the game into a jaw-dropping marvel. All of the game’s textures are highly enhanced and it provides the effect of an entirely new game. The best part about this mod is that Project RELOAD made it a highly optimized mod, so even if your computer is mid-range, you can still run it.

Get the mod here


1. VisualV

VisualV mod

The top GTA 5 graphics mod on this list is the VisualV graphics enhancement mod. This mod makes the base game look like GTA 3. The graphics and textures are overhauled to perfection, creating a hyper-realistic version of GTA 5 that will make you skip the missions and keep driving to take in all that amazing scenery in the game.

Get the mod here



Why bother Rockstar for GTA 6 when we have modders constantly improving GTA 5 graphics with their outstanding mods? GTA 5 has pretty decent graphics, but does that limit us to the vanilla version? Of course not! Download any of these amazing mods and give your Los Santos another look entirely!

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