[Top 10] GTA 5 Best Assault Rifles In The Game (Ranked)

Best Assault Rifles That Are Powerful
You wan do some real damage? These are the ones for you

In GTA 5, you play as one of a few delinquents ranging from Trevor to Michael to Franklin. Being the dope single-player games that we all love, GTA 5 requires you to use a lot of guns - and we mean, A LOT. To do so while you cause havoc through the streets of Los Santos, you’re going to need an effective assault rifle if you want to veer past those pesky cops and complete your missions. In this article, I’m going to go over the top 5 assault rifles you should get in GTA 5.


10. Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is the quintessential assault rifle.

  • The Assault Rifle is the quintessential gun most GTA V players are familiar with and is based on the real-life AK-47
  • The in-game version is made by Shrewsbury
  • It can be found at several locations on the map or bought from Ammunition for $8,550 at rank 24.
  • The Assault Rifle comes with a standard room of 30 rounds and an upgraded space of 100 rounds. 
  • As for its performance, the Assault Rifle has Damage 30, Accuracy 60, Fire Rate 45, Range, 45, and Clip Size 40 values, respectively. It will be the main weapon being used by most players due to its low price and rank requirements.


9. Military Rifle

Look at this stud showcasing the freshness of the gun.

  • Gotten from the Styre og A3 and KH 2002 in real life, the Military Rifle is acquired from ammunition for $397,500.
  • The in-game version is made by Vom Feuer.
  • Its standard ammo capacity is 30 rounds, with an enhanced capacity of 45 rounds after upgrades.
  • The Military Rifle has a Damage stat of 38, an Accuracy rate of 45, a Fire Rate of 55, a Clip Size of 45, and a Range of 45. Its overall score is 44.60. Looks cool, too.


8. Assault Rifle MK II

  • An improvement on the Assault Rifle, the gun is based on the real-life AK-M/AK-12.
  • Shrewsbury makes the assault rifle in the game.
  • 30 and 60 rounds for standard and upgradable ammo capacities.
  • The gun has Clip Size, Range, Fire Rate, Accuracy, and Damage values of 40, 45, 60, 45, and 33, respectively, giving it a total performance of 44.60.


7. Bullpup Rifle

An efficient and light weapon that I'd recommend for everyone.

  • This lightweight assault rifle is easy to use and is gotten from the real-life QBZ951 in design.
  • The Bullpup Rifle is customizable and made by Hawk and Little in the game.
  • You can get it for $14,500 from Ammunition as early as Rank 1.
  • The standard ammo is 30 rounds and upgradable ammo is 60 rounds
  • The Fire Rate on the Bullpup is insane, clocking at 70. Other stat values are 45 for Accuracy and Range, 32 for Damage, and 40 for Clip Size. This amounts to a total value of 46.40.


6. Special Carbine

This weapon is good at every aspect of performance, and it looks pretty neat too, huh?

  • The Special Carbine is an all-rounder, capable of helping you in many situations.
  • Its design is based on the Heckler and Coke G36C in real life and is manufactured by Vom Feuer in the game.
  • The weapon can be bought from Ammunition at Rank 1 for $14,750 and can be customized.
  • Basic ammo space of the Special Carbine is 30, while the upgradable ammo capacity increases to 100 rounds. I know; a lot.
  • The Accuracy of this assault rifle is 55, pretty high compared to the previously mentioned ones. Its Range is 40, Fire Rate is 65, Clip Size is 40, and lastly, a 34 Damage stat. This amounts to 46.80 average. Also, extra points for the amazing look.


5. Special Carbine MK II

This Heckler and Koch-styled gun is customized from the Special Carbine.

  • Added to the game as part of the Doomsday Heist in 2017, the Special Carbine MK II is based on the real-life Heckler & Koch G36c gun. 
  • Made by Vom Feuer in the game, you can actually get the original Special Carbine from rank 1 by buying it from ammunition for $14,750, but after you do that; don’t go on your killing spree just yet, my friend.
  • For you to upgrade to the Special Carbine MK II, customizing and upgrading through the weapons workshop in the Mobile Operation Center, Avenger, or Kosaka Submarine is necessary. 
  • The price for the MK II is $135,000, with a standard ammo capacity of 30 rounds and upgradable max ammo that’s twice that. 
  • Other relevant stats about this jack of all trades are a clip size of 40, a fire rate of 65, damage of 34, range of 40, an accuracy of 55, and a final average stat value of 46.8.


4. Bullpup Rifle MK II

Look at that thick powerhouse! The improved bullpup doesn't only inflict huge damage, but makes you feel like a powerhouse as well.

  • With this gun, one word comes to mind: speed. The fire rate is insane, and can have you spraying your foes when they’re in huge numbers.
  • The weapon is likened to the real-world assault rifles known as the Keltec RFB and Famas.
  • Hawk and Little manufactures the Bullpup Rifle MK II in the game and it can be customized by upgrading the regular one at the workshop of a Mobile Operation Center, Avenger, or Kosaka Submarine after getting the original from ammunition.
  • You can get it for $105,750 and it comes with a standard ammo capacity of 30 rounds, as well as an upgradable ammo capacity of 60 rounds.
  • The Bullpup Rifle has a Clip Size of 40, a Damage stat of 35, a Fire Rate stat of 72, an Accuracy stat of 45, and a Range of 45, getting an average of 47.40.


3. Carbine Rifle

The Carbine Rifle is a must-have no matter your rank. Get it now!

  • The Carbine Rifle is a weapon every GTA V player should have. I’m serious; it’s that good. It possesses a long distance accuracy with a high capacity magazine, which is not a combo you see every day.
  • Based on the Remington R5 RGP and the Heckler & Kock 416, the in-game of the version is made by Vom Feuer.
  • One of the most impressive things about the Carbine Rifle is its relatively low price. You can get it from ammunition for just 13,000 and then customize. However, you can only unlock this impressive assault rifle at rank 42.
  • Ammo capacity is 30 rounds, but you can upgrade that to even 100 rounds. Now, that’s a lot.
  • The Carbine Rifle has damage stat of 32, Fire Rate of 65, Accuracy of 55, Range of 45, and Clip Size of 40, totalling a mean value of 47.40. This means the fire rate and accuracy give you a very deadly combination when rummaging through your enemies.


2. Advanced Rifle

In terms of comfort, this is your best bet. It's also freaking amazing to use.

  • The most lightweight and portable of all the rifles relative to performance, the Advanced Rifle, is based on the Kel-Tec RFB and the CTAR 21 Carbine.
  • The in-game version is made by Vom Feuer and is customizable. 
  • It’s also unlocked at rank 70 for the small price of $14,250 from ammunition. Ammo capacity is 30 rounds with a 60-round upgraded ammo capacity.
  • The Advanced Rifle possesses a Fire Rate of 70, Range of 45, Clip Size of 45, Accuracy of 50, and Damage of 34. This totals to a 47.80 total value.
  • What gives the Advanced Rifle the edge over some on this list lies in its combination of high fire rate, low weight, and cheap price. You should get this as soon as you can, especially for stealth missions. You won’t be disappointed. 


1. Carbine Rifle MK II

In every possible way, the Carbine Rifle MK II is at the top of the food chain when it comes to assault rifles.

  • Yeah, it’s not even close. The Carbine Rifle is the undisputed king of the assault rifles.
  • With a design following the real-life gun, SIG MCX, the Carbine Rifle MK II is made by Vom Feuer in the game.
  • You can get this weapon by upgrading the regular one at the workshop of a Mobile Operation Center, Avenger, or Kosaka Submarine for $107,500.
  • The Carbine Rifle has a 30-round base ammo capacity and a peak ammo capacity that is twice that.
  • An incredibly spread out stat value that has a 36 Damage, 65 Fire Rate, 45 Range, 55 Accuracy, and 40 Clip Size comes together to a whopping total 48.20 overall average. 
  • You can even customize it further with many magazines for different situations. The higher damage also helps, as it makes you effective in every type of situation.

And there you have it! These are the cream of the crop when considering what assault rifles to back you up as you go committing all sorts of shenanigans in Los Santos. Be sure to get them and find out which is your favorite.

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