[Top 10] Best GTA 5 Horror Mods You Must Have

GTA 5 best horror mods
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With so many horror mods out there for GTA 5 it can be difficult to choose the ones you want to try, and the selection process can be quite tedious. Some mods may be worth the download and others might be a waste of time. This list is here to help you with that process, as I am about to give you the top 10 horror mods that you must have. 

10. Friday the 13th 

Friday the 13th mod gameplay

This mod takes after the game Dead By Daylight, which is about the ‘Friday the 13th’ story and the horror character Jason. It adds in a location west of Grapeseed that is Camp Crystal Lake, where the mod and story take place. This mod brings in a Jason character with the traditional hockey mask and machete, that chases characters and civilians around the camp. 

How the mod makes things fun: 

  • Attempt to get away from Jason before he’s able to kill you. 
  • Hide around the camp while he tries to find you. 

Get this mod here

9. Insane Asylum

Insane asylum mod gameplay

This is a mod about an investigator who learns of horrible experiments taking place at the Humane Labs location and decides to check it out for himself. What he finds when he gets there is terrifying. It appears that cannibalistic humans have overrun the location and killed all of the scientists. Enter and investigate at your own risk. 

How the mod makes things fun: 

  • Explore the ‘asylum’ with enemies around every corner. 
  • Fight off the hordes of zombie-like creatures.
  • Try to survive as you make your way through the asylum to discover what happened.

Get this mod here

8. The Purge

The purge mod gameplay

This mod turns the GTA 5 world into a purge, like the series of movies that has been released. Starting at 6:00 pm in-game time all crime is legal for 13 hours and there is no law enforcement or first responders until the morning. See how you handle the purge when civilians are shooting each other, people are using their cars as weapons, and there is a new threat down every street. 

How the mod makes the game fun:

  • Any crimes are legal for 13 hours so there is no punishment for your actions. 
  • All civilians become enemies as you are no longer the only criminal. 
  • Fight off civilian characters while there is something new going on down every street.

Get this mod here

7. Terminator Apocalypse

Terminator mod gameplay

If you’re familiar with the ‘Terminator’ movie series then you’ll love this mod. It turns Los Santos into a barren wasteland that is under attack from alien terminators. Try and bring Franklin, Michael, and Trevor together to survive as long as possible.

How this mod makes the game fun:

  • Run away from Terminator machines that are trying to kill you. 
  • Attempt to fight them off and save Los Santos. 

Get this mod here

6. IT Pennywise Mod

IT mod gameplay

This mod brings in the infamous character Pennywise the Clown into the city of Los Santos. If you’re familiar with the IT movies that have been released in the recent years then you’ll love this mod. Explore the sewers and avoid encounters with the terrifying clown.

How this mod makes the game fun:

  • Hunt the scary clown Pennywise in the sewers of Los Santos.
  • Kill Pennywise to finally rid the city of his reign of terror. 

Find this mod here

5. Sewer Monster

Sewer monster mod gameplay

This mod is about a sewer monster that has invaded Los Santos and poses a threat to anyone who enters the underground tunnels. Explore the tunnels to defeat the sewer monster at your own risk.

How the mod makes the game fun:

  • Creates a monster that you can hunt in the sewer tunnels.
  • Super eerie environment in the tunnels where you can expect a jump scare at any moment. 

Get this mod here

4. Chainsaw Massacre

Chainsaw massacre mod gameplay

If you’re familiar with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies and Leatherface then you will appreciate this mod. It introduces Leatherface into GTA 5 at the O’Neil farm near Grapeseed where you can visit and see what’s going on. It is said that the farm is where Leatherface hides and kills all of his victims. 

How this mod makes things fun: 

  • Scary massacre house and farm to explore. 
  • Run from Leatherface and try not to be killed. 

Get the mod here

3. The Brazilian Myths 

Brazilians myths mod gameplay

This mod introduces a wide range of horror scenes into the world of GTA. They are all based off of scary Brazilian Myths, which include the witch, a satanic sect, a cemetery ghost lady, and a scary clown van. Wherever you go, there might be something lurking around the corner to scare you. 

How the mod makes the game fun:

  • Turns the whole city into a horror story. 
  • 10 different horror characters and locations to explore. 
  • Many different experiences wrapped up in 1 mod. 

Find the mod here

2. Left4Santos

Left4Santos mod gameplay

This is a mod that introduces a zombie apocalypse into the city of Los Santos. Run from the zombies and try to find a hideout, or get a group and try to fight back. The choice is yours. 

How this mod makes the game fun: 

  • Fight hordes of zombies and try to survive.
  • Explore the overrun city to look for a hideout. 
  • See how much the city has changed as it was plunged into anarchy. 

Find this mod here

1. The Mexican Myths 

La Llorona gameplay of the Mexican Myths mod

This mod brings in 7 different terrifying myths into GTA 5 to create horror stories. Some of these include the legend of La Llorona, El Chupacabras, and El Coco. This is a mod that will not leave you with a lack of things to see, as it is one that turns Los Santos into a whole horror movie. 

How this mod makes the game fun:

  • 7 different Mexican myths to freak you out. 
  • All of the myths are a different story and character to explore. 

Find the mod here

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