[Top 10] Best GTA 5 Missions For Best Rewards

Best GTA 5 Missions
Make the big bucks!

Grand Theft Auto Online seems to have never ending updates, adding new content like vehicles, businesses and more. All the new stuff to play around with is great, if you can afford it! 

With the ever-increasing price tags on new content, keeping up without paying real money can take forever. So here’s a list of the 10 most profitable missions and activities to help you buy everything you want in GTA 5.


10. Heists

Heists have been one of the most profitable sets of missions since GTA online first launched, and once completed they provide millions in cash. The only downside to these is that they require a group of four players to start the mission. 

Heist Rewards

  • Earn millions in GTA cash per heist
  • Finish them within an hour or so
  • Choose how to split up the cash with your friends


9. Import/Export Business

The Import/Export businesses were added to the game in late 2016, and has been one of the top earning businesses since. Steal and collect rare cars, and unload them anytime you like for huge profits. 

Import/Export Rewards

  • Collect and drive high end super cars
  • Make hundreds of thousands per sale
  • Gain access to a new garage


8. Nightclub and Warehouse

Buying a nightclub in GTA online unlocks many new streams of revenue, including passive income. The nightclub makes profits on its own and the warehouse has perks too, allowing you to control all your illegal businesses from one location. 

Nightclub Rewards

  • Make money all the time while you play
  • Manage several businesses from your warehouse
  • Improve the nightclub to make more passive income


7. Rooftop Rumble

This mission unlocks at rank 75, and was once the most popular choice for getting cash quick in GTA 5. But don’t worry if you’re at a  low level, higher level players can start the mission for you as well. Released when the game launched, this mission can get you a quick $20,000 and can be completed on your own. The mission only takes 10 or so minutes, so it can be quite effective.

Rooftop Rumble Rewards

  • Make $20,000 or more
  • Do the mission as much as you’d like
  • Earn $100,000+ per hour


6. Biker Gangs

Starting a biker gang in GTA Online allows you to purchase several online businesses including marijana farms, counterfeit cash factories, cocaine labs, and more. These businesses are an essential source of income for most players.

Biker Gang Rewards

  • Gain access to tons of new business missions
  • Biker businesses make passive income
  • Buy hangars to smuggle goods and store aircraft


5. Doomsday Heist

Added to the game a couple years after the first heists, the Doomsday Heist is a much longer, and more profitable experience than the previous ones. The difficulty is increased but the rewards are as well! 

Doomsday Heist Rewards

  • Earn over $3,000,000 
  • Complete bonus objectives to make even more cash
  • Work together with friends


4. Diamond Casino Heist

The Diamond Casino Heist is the newest heist addition to GTA Online. This heist is the biggest, longest, and has the most rewards. Earn up to 2.1 million from the mission, along with many other rewards.

Diamond Casino Heist Rewards

  • Steal diamonds, artwork, and more
  • Plan out this intricate heist with friends
  • Enjoy the newest content


3. 2x and 3x Cash Missions

Every week, GTA Online is updated with a new gamemode to earn double, and even triple the amount of cash rewards and RP. Many players use these events as a main source of GTA cash, as they can pay out anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000, occasionally more!

2x and 3x Cash and RP rewards

  • Play the missions over and over to make tons
  • Compete with others for the best payout
  • Switch it up with new events weekly


2. Premium Races

These special races can be played by paying a $20,000 entry fee, along with the other players. Winning a premium race can be the most profitable activity in GTA, with first place rewards reaching $100,000. 

Premium Race rewards

  • Earn $100k for first place
  • Smaller prizes for second and third places
  • Compete against the best GTA players


1. Diamond Casino Gambling

The Diamond Casino has many games to play inside, and with the purchase of the penthouse you have access to high stakes gambling tables. While playing these games can be risky, a skilled (and lucky!) player can earn millions of GTA dollars every hour. The high stakes roulette table typically has the best odds.

Casino Gambling Rewards

  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Bet on horses, try the slot machines, and play cards for cash
  • Spin a prize wheel daily, win cash prizes and expensive cars


These are widely accepted as the most efficient ways to make money in GTA Online, the missions on this list will help you buy flying motorcycles, tanks, and all the other crazy things that give rich players an advantage!

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