[Top 10] Best Racing Bike Games Right Now

Best Racing Bike Games Right Now
Fuel up and helmet up because we're going full steam ahead!

10. Ride 2 

Ride 2 gameplay 

For those who fell in love with the first Ride game, you’ll be equally enamoured with Ride 2. This game follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, incorporating stunning graphics and solid mechanics to deliver an immersive motorbike racing experience. Explore the world’s most famous racetracks on a good selection of motorbikes in Ride 2. 

9. MX vs ATV All Out 

MX vs ATV All Out gameplay 

This is a ridiculously fast-paced game that will get your heart pumping. Players take the helm on motorbikes or quad bikes, zooming around brilliantly crafted dirt tracks. Realism is not the name of the game here. On the contrary, you’ll be breaking the rules of physics by sending your chosen vehicle off death defying jumps. It’s also worth noting that there is a serious degree of customization on offer in this game. 

8. MotoGP 21 

MotoGP 21 gameplay 

Much like the F1 games, MotoGP follows a yearly release schedule, bringing minor updates and roster changes to every new iteration. However, this year’s MotoGP brings a number of quite significant changes to the franchise, including changes to the physics engine, which make riding feel more planted and grippy, and major changes to the campaign system. 

7. Trials Fusion 

Trials Fusion gameplay

This Trials game takes the series in a new direction, as players hop, skip, and jump over obstacles in a sci-fi setting. High-speed jumps, ramps and stunts are just some of the things on offer here, and if you love completing tricky challenges on motorbikes then you’ll love Trials Fusion. The game offers a different experience to some of the other titles on this list, as it's more of a side-scroller than a 3D racing game, but believe me, this doesn’t make it easy!

6. Ride 3

Ride 3 gameplay 

Ride 3 offers something for every bike loving gamer, with a choice of over 270 bikes from 30 fully licensed manufacturers. There is also a choice of 30 famous roads and tracks from around the world, ranging from GP tracks to the open countryside. There’s heaps of customization on offer as well, with the option to personalize your rider profile, clothing and riding style. 

5. Valentino Rossi: The Game 

Valentino Rossi: The Game gameplay 

No sport has a more iconic figurehead than the GP and Valentino Rossi. The legend of Rossi’s career is beautifully told in the campaign mode, which incorporations historical challenges that are engaging and informative. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a little emotional playing through this one. If, like me, you grew up watching Rossi on the racetrack, then you’ll probably want to give this one a go for the nostalgic factor alone.

4. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V gameplay

GTA isn’t just a game about stealing things and killing people (although these things are a large part of it), there is also a lot for motorbike lovers to enjoy, including a huge selection of motorbikes, ranging from big, Harley Davidson style cruisers, to race bikes and dirt bikes. Via the various garages dotted around town, you can customize your bike, adding your own personal flair with custom paint jobs and mechanical upgrades. What’s more, with continued updates, new motorbikes are constantly being added. 

3. MXGP3

MXGP3 gameplay 

MXGP3 is the official Motocross video game – a title that in my opinion it totally lives up to. If you’ve had enough of racing on the road, be sure to check out this game, with its focus on dirt tracks, indoor stadiums, and ramps. There are lots of customization options and the career mode, although slightly shorter than I would have liked, is substantial enough for any fan of motocross to enjoy. 

2. Isle of Man TT: Ride on the Edge

Isle of Man TT: Ride on the Edge gameplay

The legendary Isle of Man TT race is recreated in this game with stunning fidelity. The graphics are one of the main talking points of this game, and chances are that if you’ve ever visited the Isle of Man or are very familiar with the area, you’ll probably be able to recognise some of those places while playing through this game. While the controls do take a bit of getting used to, the physics feel generally very solid and the campaign has enough realism to keep fans of the TTentertained. 


DRIVECLUB Bikes gameplay 

This game, which can either be purchased as DLC or as a standalone version, builds on the very solid foundations of the original DRIVECLUB game. What I love most about this game, and what earns it its spot on this list, is the dynamism of the racing experience. You can race in all kinds of weather and at different times of day. What’s more, for those that love competing against friends, this game features an online element that will have you lapping the same track 50 times trying to beat your friend’s fastest lap. 

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