[Top 10] GTA Online Best Aircraft That Are Powerful

Best Aircraft in GTA Online
Shine bright in aerial combat

Fly around like a boss

GTA Online's aviation world is a sight to behold, with a vast array of aircraft available to choose from. From agile helicopters to mighty bombers, the skies above are filled with exciting possibilities. 

With so many options, it can be challenging to pick the best aircraft for the job. However, fear not, as the top 10 planes in GTA Online have been compiled for your convenience. 

These are not your typical planes, as each one is equipped with formidable weapons, ensuring maximum thrills and excitement. So, buckle up, put on your pilot goggles, and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure like no other!


10. Western Company Cargobob

The Cargobob

Military variant price: GTA$ 1,790,000

Jetsam variant price: GTA$ 1,995,000

Its bulky and lousy-looking design sure doesn’t make it an attractive option for making money and using the Cargobob to travel around is definitely not the fastest or preferred way. But what it lacks in speed, it more than makes up in sheer practicability. 

The flagship feature of the Cargobob is its hook attached underneath. With it, you can basically lift any ground vehicle and transport it across the map.

It’s a great aircraft because:

  • Its hook makes it very useful for delivering Import/Export vehicles, which is a good way to earn money.
  • It can carry 10 people on board.
  • It can sustain considerable bumps. 

Cargobob description: “It's the flying bus you always dreamed of! The Cargobob is a twin-engine, tandem-rotor tactical transport helicopter that you'll recognize from the melodramatic airlift scene of every war film ever made. Maximum airspeed of 200 mph with a normal cruise speed of 150 mph, depending on how many pounds of cocaine or prisoners of war you have in the back.”

Cargobob stats:

  • Speed: 61.00
  • Acceleration: 66.67
  • Handling: 45.00
  • Overall: 57.56


9. V-65 Molotok

The Molotok

Standard Price: GTA$ 4,788,000        

Trade Price: GTA$ 3,600,000 (By completing 18 Air Freight Cargo source missions)

The V-65 Molotok military fighter jet is like a time-traveling plane from the ‘50s with a hybrid design of MiG-15/MiG-17 and F-86 Sabre. It's armed with a standard Machine Gun and Homing Missiles that are just average.

The countermeasures include Chaff, Flare, and Smoke, with the rest of the modification options being quite general.

The plane's handling is great for beginners, like a tricycle with a rocket engine. Just don't try to do any fancy tricks or you'll end up as a UFO sighting.

It’s a great aircraft because:

  • Its comparatively smaller size makes it fun to fly.
  • The strong air brakes allow it to land on narrow roadways and unforgiving terrains, giving it the upper hand in select situations.
  • The cool-looking, yet simple, design language will excite aviation enthusiasts. 

V-65 Molotok description: “Say what you like about the Reds, but they knew a thing or two about brutalist military chic. The V-65 Molotok has been reproduced in juntas and dictatorships right across the developing world, and that's not just because of its lethal efficiency, or its complete indifference to the comfort and safety of the pilot. It's because when you look this merciless, the battle's won before you've even taken off.
Please note: This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar.”

V-65 Molotok stats:

  • Speed: 83.50
  • Acceleration: 69.50
  • Braking: 65.00
  • Handling: 70.00
  • Overall: 72.00


8. Western Company Rogue

The Rogue

Standard Price: GTA$ 1,596,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 1,200,000 (By completing 6 Air Freight Cargo source missions)

The rogue may look like a basic stunt plane, but don't be fooled by its single propeller and slim body - this baby's got skills! It can out-dogfight even the most confident pilot, making them feel like a rookie. Plus, it's got room for a co-pilot, so you can bring your bestie along for the ride.

By default, the plane has no weaponry, but once you explore the options for modifications, you’ll be greeted with a surprise. The Rogue can be fitted with a Machine Gun, Explosive MG (the preferred option), Homing Missiles, and get this: Bombs!!

It has standard countermeasures: Chaff, Flare, and Smoke. 

It’s a great aircraft because:

  • It has a relatively affordable price tag.
  • It’s easy to fly and maneuver.
  • Has tons of weaponry options.
  • Its high fire rate Explosive MG makes it a strong dogfighter. 

Rogue description: “To the casual observer, the Rogue looks like a classic, single-prop training aircraft. And that's exactly what you want them to think. Because with room for machine guns, missiles, anti-intercept countermeasures and a full-size bomb bay, you'll have those casual observers to puddles of speechless blood and piles of stupefied bones all day long. School's out.
Please note: This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar.”

Rogue stats:

  • Speed: 90.00
  • Acceleration: 45.00
  • Braking: 46.00
  • Handling: 76.00
  • Overall: 64.25


7. Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper

The Buzzard

Price: GTA$ 1,750,000

If you’re a beginner looking to purchase the first flying vehicle that will aid you in grinding and ranking up quickly, then you should consider getting yourself a Buzzard without even thinking twice. 

It comes standard with a machine gun and homing missiles.

It’s a great aircraft because:

  • It has a relatively affordable price tag.
  • The ability to call in the Buzzard practically anywhere, while registered as a CEO, makes earning money way much easier than having to take the road to travel.
  • The fast & agile handling coupled with the armaments on the Buzzard are sufficient for you to get yourself out of hairy situations. 
  • You can carry 3 of your mates on board as well.

Buzzard Attack Chopper description: “The Buzzard is a light, compact helicopter for military or millionaire use. With a 5-bladed main rotor and a top speed of 175mph, it's widely considered to be the best performing helicopter in its class. These hardly ever drop out of the sky like a stone. Helicopters are one of the safest ways to travel.”

Buzzard Attack Chopper stats:

  • Speed: 83.00
  • Acceleration: 87.00
  • Handling: 71.00
  • Overall: 80.33


6. Buckingham Akula

The Akula

Standard Price: GTA$ 4,500,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 2,785,000 (By completing the Server Farm Setup mission in the Doomsday Heist as the heist leader)

The intimidating looks of the Akula are a good representation of the helicopter’s lethal potential. The Akula is also perfect for sneaking up on your targets, as it’s a stealth helicopter. With the click of a button, the Akula’s weapons get folded in, and you can start roaming around without showing up on the map. 

The Akula packs a good arsenal of weapons. It has a Minigun by default that can be swapped for a Dual Minigun, which is also operable by the co-pilot. In addition, you can equip either Homing or Barrage Missiles and a bombing bay. 

It’s a great aircraft because:

  • It’s agile and fast.
  • It can go into stealth mode.
  • It’s got the capacity to carry 4 people on board.
  • It’s resilient to 2 RPG and Homing Launcher shots. 

Akula description: “Once upon a time, a blank radar screen meant you could relax. But times change. With the Akula in town, a blank radar screen probably means you're a few seconds away from being vaporized by a cackling sociopath in an attack helicopter. And there's only one way to make sure you're on the right side of that brave new world...
Please note: This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar.”

Akula stats:

  • Speed: 76.75
  • Acceleration: 100.00
  • Handling: 100.00
  • Overall: 92.25


5. FH-1 Hunter

The Hunter

Standard Price: GTA$ 4,123,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 3,100,000 (By completing 42 Air Freight Cargo source missions)

The FH-1 Hunter is a must-have aircraft in your hangar, as its offensive and defensive strength make it the deadliest helicopter in GTA Online. With its design reminiscent of American attack helicopters from the ‘80s, the Hunter screams patriotism once it starts flying. 

The Hunter is like a weapons depot with wings - it's got so many weapons; it makes Rambo look like a pacifist. It’s got a Machine Gun that can be swapped with a  Cannon, Homing, and Barrage missiles, plus a bombing bay and standard countermeasures. It's perfect for taking down enemies with a buddy by your side, and you can unleash a storm of destruction on anyone who dares cross your path.

It's a great aircraft because:

  • It’s incredibly fast and easy to maneuver.
  • Its armor can withstand 5 RPGs and 2 Homing Launcher missiles.
  • You can wreak havoc once you get a competent co-pilot.

FH-1 Hunter description: “The Hunter is nature's little way of telling someone that they're about to have a hundred rounds of heat-seeking freedom launched into their way of life. With space for more mass destruction than anything in its class, this thing has been responsible for delivering more kilotons of democracy than any other attack helicopter on the planet. So if it's brand recognition you're after, you just found it.
Please note: This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar.”

FH-1 Hunter stats:

  • Speed: 85.00
  • Acceleration: 87.50
  • Handling: 70.00
  • Overall: 80.83


4. B-11 Strikeforce

The Strikeforce

Price: GTA$ 3,800,000

The B-11 Strikeforce is like the A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog's long-lost cousin - they look so alike, they could be twins. Just like its real-life counterpart, this plane is fast, agile, and loaded with enough weapons to make even the toughest enemy cry. 

It's got an Explosive MG, Homing Missiles, a Bombing Bay, and even Barrage Missiles - because why choose one when you can have them all? With this plane, you'll be every ground target's worst nightmare. 

The B-11 Strikeforce comes with the usual Chaff, Flare, and Smoke for countermeasures. 

It’s a great aircraft because:

  • Its profusion of weapon options to annihilate enemies.
  • The strongest armor of any fighter jet in the game. It can withstand: 5 Homing Missiles, 5 conventional explosives, and 1 shot from an RPG.
  • An eye-catching design that’ll surely force other players to appreciate your purchase.
  • The most balanced fighter jet, in general. 

B-11 Strikeforce description: “In these days of high payload drones and live-combat autopilot, the fine art of low altitude close air support is dying. But for those who still care about the personal touch, the B-11 Strikeforce is here to help you deliver. This masterpiece was built to walk one very fine line: high enough to dodge the rippling inferno of its own explosive cannon fire, but low enough to see the looks on their faces.
Please note: This aircraft is excluded from Pegasus Lifestyle Management and must be stored in a personal hangar.”

B-11 Strikeforce stats:

  • Speed: 64.00
  • Acceleration: 73.50
  • Braking: 53.00
  • Handling: 50.00
  • Overall: 60.13


3. JoBuilt P-996 Lazer

The Lazer

Price: GTA$ 6,500,000

The sharp nose and the long canopy design of the P-996 Lazer unmistakably resembles that of the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The Lazer’s overall design is probably the most accurate of what you would think of a modern fighter jet.  

The Lazer is equipped with Cannons and Homing Missiles by default with no option for countermeasures, and that’s about it. 

The Lazer is, hands down, the most popular choice of griefers for raining down hell on innocent players - and rightfully so. Its insane acceleration, destructive Cannons, and fast maneuverability allows anyone to finesse their target. 

It’s a great aircraft because:

  • Its Cannons can cause devastation on the ground and easily take down other jets once you properly align your aim.
  • Its short take-off speed and ability to climb altitude with no resistance can allow you to escape hostility. 
  • Once gotten the hang of its controls, the Lazer becomes borderline God-like.

P-996 Lazer description: “Who doesn't remember their first time? It seems just like yesterday: stealing a delicate hypercar, hitting the freeway going north, taking the dirt ramp with enough speed to somersault 200ft over the rear fence of Fort Zancudo, dodging the small arms fire, stealing a P-996, getting a 120mm shell inserted firmly up your intake, and enjoying your ringside seat at the fireworks. But now you're older and wiser, you're ready for a tactical fighter to call your own. Time to come of age.”

P-996 Lazer stats:

  • Speed: 83.50
  • Acceleration: 93.00
  • Braking: 86.67
  • Handling: 75.00
  • Overall: 84.54


2. Mammoth Hydra

The Hydra

Standard Price: GTA$ 3,990,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 3,000,000 (By completing Humane Labs Raid – EMP)

The Hydra is the king of fighter jets in GTA Online - it's like the Chuck Norris of planes. It's got Cannons and Homing Missiles, because you can't be a king without a few weapons up your sleeve. 

While it may not be as fast as the Lazer, it's got something even better - VTOL! That means it can take off and land like a helicopter, which is like having a superpower. So you can go anywhere on the map, like a boss. 

Forget about countermeasures, because when you're flying a plane like this, who needs 'em?

It’s a great aircraft because:

  • Its VTOL function allows it to take off and land without the need for a runway. Plus, it also lets the Hydra hover anywhere, making it extremely advantageous to stop mid-air without the need to land. 
  • The Cannons and Missiles on the Hydra are as deadly as the Lazer’s.
  • The agility and controls of the Hydra are extremely brisk and simple and are on par with the Lazer’s.
  • Its price tag is comparatively affordable.

Hydra description: “These British jets have been decommissioned for twenty years, but who cares when you've got vertical take-off capabilities and rockets up the wazoo. The billionaire action movie enthusiast's toy of choice.”

Hydra stats:

  • Speed: 100.00
  • Acceleration: 41.50
  • Braking: 46.50
  • Handling: 83.50
  • Overall: 67.88


1. Sparrow

The Sparrow

Price: GTA$ 1,815,000

Hands down, the most lucrative way of earning money in GTA Online is by repeatedly running the Cayo Perico heist, and we all know how much traveling is required for it. The vehicle that’s arguably the backbone of doing that is the Sparrow. A light, fast, and agile helicopter that is the best in its class in terms of practicability. 

A caveat for getting the Sparrow is that it’s a moon pool vehicle for the Kosatka submarine, meaning you need to purchase the Kosatka first in order to use the Sparrow. 

It’s a great aircraft because: 

  • Once you purchase the Sparrow, you can spawn it immediately next to you from the interaction menu without the need to be registered as a CEO. 
  • The Sparrow’s compact size and responsive controls make it one of the fastest and most agile helicopters in the game. Even better than the Buzzard. 
  • The ability to be stored inside the Kosatka makes the Sparrow powerful in terms of escaping enemies and finding shelter out in the sea.
  • The extent to which the Sparrow aids in making money off the Cayo Perico Heist makes it a truly powerful purchase. 

Sparrow description: “What's more exciting than a helicopter? A miniature helicopter! What's more exciting than a miniature helicopter? A weaponized miniature helicopter! What's more exciting than a weaponized miniature helicopter? Nothing. Stored and launched from your moon pool.”

Sparrow stats: 

  • Speed: 100.00
  • Acceleration: 100.00
  • Handling: 100.00
  • Overall: 100.00

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