[Top 7] GTA Online Best Businesses To Make Money

GTA Online Best Businesses
Check out the Best Businesses To Make Money In GTA Online!

The world in GTA Online has a lot of things to get yourself engaged in. There are a variety of businesses for everyone to check out and earn some money. But not all of them are worth your time. So, to make your lives easier in Los Santos, here are 7 of the best businesses you should be investing on to earn some quick money.

7 . Arcade

The Arcades were introduced via the Diamond Casino Heist update. By setting up this business you can gain access to the Heist itself. In addition to that, you can set up various machines that help you earn a steep income in a short time. You can also repeat the Casino heist when you’re done with it.

What is great about it:

  • Access to Diamond Casino Heist
  • Access to various arcade machines
  • Can be used for player recreation

How much can you earn:

  • 3000$- 6000$ per hour for the machines
  • 1 million for around 600 in-game hours
  • Heist gives around 400,000-800,000$

How to start:

  • Buy an Arcade property from Maze Bank Foreclosure

6 . Meth Lab

You can get access to the Meth Lab via creating a Motorcycle Club. While it is not as profitable as many of the other MC businesses, it still has good income nonetheless. You can buy various properties to set up shop and invest in upgrades to make them better. Then you have to transport them to various locations to complete the missions and earn. Sometimes you might even face difficulties in the form of enemies.

What is great about it:

  • A small amount of profit
  • Doesn’t take much to set up
  • Fewer complications while transporting products

How much can you earn:

  • $21,000 per hour without upgrades
  • $51,000 per hour with upgrades

How to start:

  • Start an MC and Register
  • Buy a Meth Lab property from the MC computer

5 . Bunker

Now, the Bunker is what most players prefer to earn a large amount of cash in a relatively short amount for the time. It takes a good amount of money to set up the bunker and everything else, but the investment is definitely worth it. You can buy supplies or steal them, but you have to remember that buying them always cuts up the profits. But on the other hand, it saves time. Regardless, it is a great way to earn a good amount of money.

What is great about it:

  • High-end profit
  • Upgrades do a huge difference to profits
  • Less time compared to other business
  • Preferred by players

How much can you earn:

  • $40,000 profit per hour with no upgrades
  • Around $90,000 profit per hour with full upgrades

How to start:

  • Buy a bunker from Maze Bank Foreclosures
  • Start the setup missions

4 . Vehicle Cargo

The vehicle cargo missions are accessible by registering as a CEO. Setting up a vehicle cargo warehouse is also a great way to earn a decent chunk of cash in a short time. And the fun part is that the missions themselves are pretty straightforward. You locate a car and pick it for selling it to a potential client. You might face certain enemies but they are easy to handle as long as you don’t damage the car. Selling a collection of cars can give you a huge amount of profit too.

What is great about it:

  • Great for players starting out
  • Easy income with minimum difficulties
  • Enjoyable missions
  • Can access special vehicle cargo missions

How much can you earn:

  • $15,000-$80,000 profit for every car depending on car class

How to start:

  • Register as CEO
  • Buy a Vehicle Cargo Warehouse

3 . Nightclub 

The Nightclub is definitely the most fun and creative out of all the business. It has many ways for players to profit off their already running business even more. It doesn’t leave you dry as most of the other business at the start so that’s a plus. Doing various missions to increase your Nightclub’s popularity also generates a steady stream of money. Along with that, you can sell illegal businesses you already own too with the help of technicians you can employ. These are constantly generating money so you don’t have to worry about buying supplies.

What is great about it:

  • Doesn’t take a lot of investment
  • Constantly produces income
  • Buying supplies is not needed
  • Missions are easy and fun 

How much can you earn:

  • $60,000-$200,000 per hour via the illegal business
  • $10,000 per hour if popularity is at 100%

How to start:

  • Purchase Nightclub from Maze Bank Foreclosures

2 . Kosatka

Now, the Kosatka is technically not a business, but it helps earn money in the form of the Cayo Perico Heist. It’s one of the best methods available to earn a quick mil or two so it’s definitely worth including here. The best part is you can do it as much as you want without any restrictions and can do it even solo. With the earned money you can upgrade the ship and buy stuff like the chopper and do the setup missions even faster. 

What is great about it:

  • Fun setup missions
  • Can earn around a million in less than an hour
  • Huge amount of profit
  • Can do it solo or with friends

How much can you earn:

  • $1M - $1.8 M per heist
  • Higher difficulties give more bonus

How to start:

  • Buy a Kosatka
  • Do the setup missions and heist
  • Repeat the process

1 . Cocaine Lockup

A cocaine lockup is surely the worthiest business investment in the MC and in the game. It basically takes less to set up everything than other MC businesses. You’ll need to buy a lockup with 1 million dollars as the cheapest option. That will generate you a good income in an hour when you’re starting out at least. Over time, you can upgrade it and it will bring a nice amount of profit.

What is great about it:

  • Great for players already established and want to expand
  • Takes less investment and time
  • Less hassle selling the products

How much can you earn:

  • $25,000 profit per hour without upgrades
  • Around $70,000 profit per hour with upgrades

How to start:

  • Start an MC and register
  • Buy a property for Cocaine Lockup

So, there you have it. These are some of the best businesses to make money in a small amount of time. If you’re willing to invest in them. They are fun and definitely grindy and time-consuming but they will no doubt, give you a good amount of cash to survive Los Santos. Good Luck!

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