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Discover the best looking cars that are a must for your garage

GTA Online is home to some of the best-looking cars. It has a large variety of vehicles, from muscle to sedans, and even high-end supercars that will empty your bank account. With so many options it is difficult to decide what car to own based on looks. In this list, we will be looking at the Top 15 cars to own purely on their appearance. 

15. Pegassi Toros - $498,000

See Toros in action:

Toros is a luxurious SUV, based on the 2018 Lamborghini Urus, while the taillights take inspiration from Lamborghini Aventador. 

The Toros has a sizeable bulky body with sharp edges and a sporty look that resembles various Pegassi sports cars. One of the key features of its appearance is the headlights. It has thin sleek headlights that stretch outwards, with the custom hood in between the Pegassi logo. The bonnet has two long vented ridges on it that open to reveal the black sections around the engine bay. 

It has a large central grille in the shape of a hexagon at the front. The Toros has sizeable frameless doors that give a luxury look, with carbon fiber lining on the doors. The car has a lip spoiler at the back, a light grey bumper, and large rounded exhaust tubes.

What makes Toros great:

  • Sharp, sporty design
  • Fast SUV
  • Many modifications available
  • Based on the Lamborghini Urus 

Toros details:

  • Incredible engine power
  • Good acceleration and a top speed that rivals other sports cars
  • V-12 engine with an 8-speed gearbox
  • All wheel drive (40%front, 60% rear)
  • High revving roary engine sound


14. Gauntlet Hellfire - $745,000

See Hellfire in action: 

Based on the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, the name is derived from the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. 

The Hellfire is a modernized, wide-body iteration of the Gauntlet, where the front features a large plastic splitter at the bottom and a set of meshed intakes above. It has a split rectangle grille with the “GAUNTLET” badge on the passenger side, together with two circular headlamps located in chrome housing. The hood features a bulged center with a cutout section for the engine intake. There are bulky arches that surround the wheel on the sides, with body lines passing through the sides, and slightly elevated on the rear fenders. A ducktail spoiler is present on the trunk lid as standard. 

It has modern tail lights that consist of LED-like red lights surrounding the outer indicators and the inner reverse lights. The car's interior is the same as the Spectre. 

What makes Hellfire great:

  • Based on the Hellcat
  • Stylish, one of the best-looking muscle cars in the game
  • Unique headlight design 
  • Livery options and many modifications available

Hellfire details:

  • The top pace in the muscle class with a high top speed
  • Great acceleration and is ideal for straight-line races
  • Single-cam V8 engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox
  • Same engine sound as Tampa


13. Itali GTO - $1,965,000

See Itali GTO in action: 

This Grotti vehicle is based on the Ferrari G12 Superfast. The headlights on this car seem to be a mix of the ones found in a Corvette C7 and a Ferrari F12. 

The front of the car is distinctive for its Carbon fiber splitter, with the two large intakes in the center and two smaller ones on the edge, featuring a badge on the lower left displaying its name. Its headlamps are composed of two circular lamps and LED-like light stripes that are extended upwards. The bonnet features two intakes, where the front end has the manufacturer badge. A concave formation can be seen just below the doors, followed by carbon-fiber skirts. 

It has circular tail lamps that are outlined by plastic, with the outer rings being position lights, the middle ones being reverse lights, and the inner ones being turning and brake lights. The rear bumper is mostly composed of a gray panel holding the license plate and the carbon-fiber diffuser on the lower side, with a large housing for the exhausts. The vehicle uses its own "Itali White" interior, which appears to be similar to the "Nero White" interior, but features colorable interior stitching and a slightly shorter upper side of the dashboard, with the middle part being closer to the middle aircon units.

What makes Itali GTO great:

  • Good top speed and acceleration
  • Great handling
  • Competitive for races
  • Based on Ferrari G12 Superfast

Itali GTO details:

  • V-shaped engine powering all wheels
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Ferrari 812 V12 engine


12. Pegassi Vacca - $240,000

See Vacca in action: 

The Vacca’s design is based on the mix between the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Aventador. The front headlights are based mostly on the Lamborghini Gallardo, while the rear louvers are based on the Lamborghini Aventador. 

The Vacca is considered the little brother of the Infernus, sharing a similar body shape and layout, but with a slightly shorter length and standard doors. The upper area of the car has headlamps that are finished in carbon fiber. The manufacturer logo can be seen on the front of the boot compartment. The rear of the car features slatted tail lights on the outer edges, with the lower area being occupied by the rear bumper that is fitted with a carbon-fiber diffuser. 

The interior of the car is derived from the Banshee, having the same dials and gauges. 

What makes Vacca great:

  • High top speed 
  • Can curve around turns easily
  • Durable 
  • Good acceleration and a powerful engine

Vacca details:

  • 5.1L that can push 540hp
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Engine sound the same as the Cheetah


11. Pariah - $1,420,000

See Pariah in action: 

The Ocelot Pariah takes huge inspiration from the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato. The tail light seems to be the one found in the 2014 Dodge Viper SRT. 

The front has a Carbon fiber splitter at the bottom, with the main grille above it which spans almost the entire width of the car. There is a small Ocelot emblem in the center of the upper area of the car. The bonnet has a bulged profile in the center with two black intakes around it, which opens to reveal the engine bay. The sides of the car are relatively simple and feature a set of exit vents on the front fenders, followed by inset formations passing through the doors, bulky rear fenders, and black side skirts. 

The rear consists of a square shape outline, a concave portion on the upper area, and modern tail lights in the upper corner. The car has the same interior as the FMJ or the Tempesta with carbon fiber paddle shifters.

What makes Pariah great:

  • Excels in the sports class
  • Incredible engine power makes it a competitor against supercars
  • Great acceleration and control
  • Based on Aston martin

Pariah details:

  • 110mph stock top speed
  • Fastest normal car in the game when fully upgraded
  • Twin cam four-cylinder engine
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Engine sound similar to that of the Coquette


10. Penumbra FF - $1,380,000

See Penumbra in action: 

This car is for all the Fast and the Furious fans out there. Although it is not a high-end supercar, or an edgy sports car, this car still makes it to the number 10 spot on my list. Based on the real-life Mitsubishi Eclipse, this car is a front engine and all-wheel drive. With many modifications available, this car can be designed exactly as the Mitsubishi Eclipse Brian had in the Fast and the furious films. 

The front has a central grille with horizontal lines, followed by two small square intakes on the edges. Above the bumper, a set of square headlamps can be seen with the manufacturer's emblem in the center.  The rear of the car is distinguished by the red strip displaying its name in silver lettering, along with other badges on the curved upper area. The interior of the car uses the same dials as the Banshee. 

What makes Penumbra FF great:

  • Based on Brian’s car from fast and the furious
  • Many modifications available 
  • Decent acceleration and good handling

Penumbra FF details:

  • Laid-inline 4 engine
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • 2.6L turbocharged engine
  • Engine sound the same as Kuruma


9 . Dominator GTX - $725,000

See Dominator GTX in action: 

The Dominator GTX is a modern muscle car that takes strong influence from the 2015 Ford Mustang. It is one of the best-looking muscle cars in the game, with a unique look and style to it.

The front of the car is largely dominated by the grille in the center and the smaller intakes on the outer edges. The upper area is occupied by a narrow grille, with the outer sides having a set of modern headlights with small turn signals and high beam strips. The hood opens to reveal a large engine with chrome cam covers and a linear strut brace, which bears silver "VAPID" lettering.

The sides bring out the car's sporty nature with black inset sections on the side skirts, passing through the doors and leading to a set of vertical intakes on the rear fenders. The trunk lid bears a curvature that juts out of the body and forms a ducktail end. 

The rear of the car is similar in shape to the original Dominator and features a slanted inset panel with modern tail light strips, consisting of main units surrounding most of the rear panel, the reverse units on the inner portion and spanning most of the car's width, and the smaller indicator/brake units on either side of the panel. The interior of this car is shared with the Specter, a more modern and luxurious trim fitting for the car’s high-end nature. 

What makes Dominator GTX great:

  • Great handling and stability 
  • Good braking and is faster than the original dominator
  • Based on the 2015 Ford Mustang

Dominator GTX details:

  • Single-cam V8 engine
  • The square air filter on top
  • 5-speed gearbox
  • Rear-wheel drive layout


8. Vapid FMJ - $1,750,000

See FMJ in action: 

The FMJ has a futuristic design primarily based on the 2017 Ford GT. The headlamps and the grille seem to be inspired by the Aston martin Vulcan, with the rear portion being a mix of the 2017 GT and Ferrari 488 Pista. 

The FMJ is a unique-looking car with a wedged shape profile, where the front end has a large carbon-fiber splitter, and a bumper lid with a large intake on the center. A set of modern headlights can be seen on the outer edges, with the hood being fitted with dual intakes and the manufacturer emblem. 

The engine bay area is narrower and features slatted vents, along with a rear glass pane over the engine. On the rear, there is a large rear spoiler fitted with a brake light in the center and a concave center bearing the manufacturer's emblem. One of my favorite features in this car is the circular lights with the inner C-shaped brake lights. The FMJ was the first car to use a dedicated interior, with a more compact dial cluster with the tachometer, speedometer, and fuel gauge unit. 

What makes FMJ great:

  • High top speed 
  • Great handling and traction 
  • The engine gives immense power to the rear wheels

FMJ details:

  • Powered by a twin-cam V8 engine
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Engine sound the same as the entity XF


7. Specter - $599,000

See Spectre in action: 

The Specter is one of the classiest looking cars in the game. Based on the iconic Aston Martin DB10. 

This car was featured in the James Bond movie, Specter, thus earning its name in the game. It has a rounded and aerodynamic design, where the front bumper consists of a trapezium-shaped intake with two side intakes just above. The bonnet area features the Dewbauchee logo on the center and plastic housing on the sides, each one having dual circular lamps with a carbon fiber base. The bonnet also has a slight bulge that curves to the sides and features dual meshed intakes near the windscreen. It has bulky fenders, with the rear ones being wider. 

The Specter has a dedicated interior and is the first car that came out with this interior. Make sure to put on a fancy suit when driving this car, so you could experience the Bond lifestyle.

What makes Specter great:

  • One of the most well-performing cars in its class
  • Decent acceleration due to a powerful engine
  • Due to its compact size, it doesnt spin out
  • From a James bond movie

Specter details:

  • It has the same engine as a Shafter V12
  • Sharp design


6. Progen T20 - $2,200,000

See T20 in action: 

This iconic car is based on the Mclaren P1. The T20 is a modern supercar and one of my personal favorites in the game. It has a sleek and raging style, with a Carbon splitter at the bottom front and the central grille above it. 

The front appears to have impressed areas that curve up to the front arches. The upper area consists of black housings on the edge, each one having a modern strip spanning around the lower and outer sides, with five vertical LED-like lamps on the inner sections, a circular lamp with chrome finishing, and triangular turn signals. There is an impressive area on the bonnet that extends from the headlights to the windscreen and edges to the side mirrors. A silver “PROGEN” logo can be seen on the center of the hood. 

The sides of the car portray its aerodynamic look with concave finishing that moves slightly upward the rear intakes. The car has a suicide and butterfly door mechanism.

A glass cover is placed directly above the engine's manifolds, surrounded by carbon-fiber textures. When opened, the car reveals more carbon-fiber texturing on the inner areas and six vents on the sides, with silver badging on the cabin separation that displays the names of the manufacturer and the car. The interior of the car is derived from the Comet.

What makes T20 great:

  • Impressive acceleration and high top speed
  • Amazing handling and traction
  • Custom spoiler that rises when the car is traveling at 40mph

T20 details:

  • Powerful V8 engine
  • High-revving engine sound
  • Turbocharged


5. Neo - $1,875,000

See Neo in action: 

Making its way to the 5th spot is the Vysser Neo. based on the Spyker C8 Aileron with rear lights similar to that one the Maserati 3200GT, this car possesses an aerodynamic design where the front features a small black splitter with a black mesh grille that features black vertical elements above it. 

The upper edges of the car have black housings with circular headlamps that are encased in silver/chrome, as well as modern, LED-like light strips on the inner and upper sides of each housing. There are distinctive formations on the hood that lead towards the windscreen,  along with dual mesh intakes on the outer side and the manufacturer emblem on the front. 

The middle section consists of various body lines above the skirting area and the upper side, the latter going towards the rear end of the car. The rear end of the car features modern tail lamp strips, where the outer curved ones work as the main/brake lamps, while the central one work as a third brake lamp. The interior of the car is the same as the Itali GTO with a neo derivative to it.

What makes Neo great:

  • Good top speed and acceleration
  • Good stability and handling
  • Good at uneven roads and surfaces

Neo details:

  • Single-cam V8 engine
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • All-wheel drive


4. XA-21 - $2,375,000

See XA-21 in action: 

This piece of beautiful craftsmanship is inspired by the Jaguar C-X75 and takes a hint of inspiration from the Mclaren P1. 

The front of this car is largely dominated by the oval grille in the center, the dual intakes behind it, and a smaller intake below. Black housings can be seen above the small intakes, featuring a set of circular lamps, vertical light strips, and small turn signals on the inner sides. The hood is relatively flat and curves down from the windscreen to between the light housings. 

Ocelot badges can be seen on the grille and the front portion. The rear of the car is mostly occupied by the vented area and the single exhaust tube, while the portion above is occupied by the central light strip and the two tail lamps on either side. The mechanical spoiler is just located beneath the rear lights. The interior of the XA-21 is the same as the Nero. 

What makes it great:

  • The best supercar for traction and turning
  • Acceleration can be improved with upgrades
  • Average top speed with good handling

XA-21 details:

  • Powerful engine
  • High revving sound


3. Krieger - $2,875,000

See Krieger in action: 

The Krieger is based on the Mercedes-AMG One, a hybrid sports car yet to be put into limited production. The headlight-uninspired by the ones found on the second generation Honda NSX. 

The Kreiger has a distinctive look due to its sleek and futuristic design. The front features a Carbon fiber splitter at the bottom, with the Grille above it having Carbon fiber detailing, and the Benefactor emblem in the center. The car has five main LED lights, two LED turn signals, and lower high beam lights on either side. The hood features an impressive area for the central intake. The doors have two long mirror supports slightly below the door windows and square-shaped holders on the ends, all of them finished in carbon fiber. 

The roof is mostly occupied by a long intake leading to the engine bay. The rear end features a central panel bearing the Benefactor emblem, while the outer sides have a set of red light strips and small square-shaped lamps. The interior of this car is shared with the FMJ.

What makes it great:

  • Considered an all-around great supercar
  • Good top speed and handling 
  • Great acceleration and traction
  • Good at all surfaces

Kreiger details:

  • Mid rear engine
  • 7-speed gearbox
  • 20% front drive 80% rear
  • Engine sound is similar to Zentorno


2. Itali RSX - $3,465,000

See Itali RSX in action: 

Just below the number 1 spot on this list is the Itali RSX. Primarily based on the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, this car stands out with its aerodynamic profile. 

The front end features a large Carbon fiber splitter with small fins on the outer edges. The hood is mainly occupied by the narrow headlamps with inner LED strips, a front boot with small ducts, and the manufacturer emblem on the front. The sides have Carbon fiber skirts on the bottom and sleek mirror wings on the door that are connected to the car by plastic frames. 

The rear contains a functional aerodynamic spoiler which is mounted on an elevated support wing and folds up as the car gains speed. The rear end of the vehicle features a set of rectangle-shaped tail lamps, consisting of red outer strips and inner reverse lights, together with a single third brake light strip on the spoiler. It has two rounded titanium exhausts with large exit vents that sweep upwards to the outer edges and thinner vertical vents on either side. The vehicle uses the “Itali white” interior as in the Itali GTO. Being one of the most expensive cars in the game, this ride is the one to show off to your friends. 

What makes Itali RSX great:

  • Very high top speed and great acceleration 
  • Active aerodynamic wing
  • Ideal for standard landraces
  • Can sustain damage pretty well

Itali RSX details:

  • V12 engine coupled to an 8-speed gearbox
  • Powers all four wheels
  • Engine sound similar to the Furia


1. Coquette D10 - $1,510,000

See D10 in action: 

Making the number one spot on this list is the Coquette D10. I fell in love with this car when I got it. Being almost the replica of the Corvette C8, this sports car will make people stop and stare. 

The front has an aggressive look to it, which is dominated by plastic separations for the grille and the intakes. Its headlight features multiple smaller lights and amber strips, with black housing around it and the manufacturer emblem on the front. The roof has curve profiling, and the rear engine bay hatch has two plastic details beside the rear window. The rear of the car has a set of 4 tail lights, with the rectangle reverse lights just above the red ones. 

A spoiler is located above the rear lights and a black diffuser is at the bottom. The interior used in this car is the “Nero white”.

What makes Coquette D10 great:

  • Good acceleration and top speed
  • Great handling for a sports car
  • Very stable and can sustain damage
  • A sporty edgy look

Coquette D10 details:

  • Top speed of 130mph when fully upgraded 
  • Many upgrades available
  • Based on the Corvette C8

Those were the Top 15 cars in GTA online purely based on their appearance and look. All these cars are listed according to my opinion and which car appealed to me the most. Owning these cars requires a truckload of money so hopefully, this list helps you out and one of these cars appeals to you the most!


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