[Top 10] GTA Online Best Armored Vehicles To Own

Best Armored Vehicles in GTA Online
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When it comes to surviving the chaotic world of GTA Online, players need a reliable and sturdy mode of transportation that can withstand explosions, gunfire, and collisions. That's where armored vehicles come in handy, providing players with an extra layer of protection while cruising around the streets of Los Santos. 

From high-speed sports cars to bulky trucks, there's a wide range of armored vehicles available in the game to choose from. But which ones are the best? 

This article explores 10 of the most formidable armored vehicles in GTA Online and what makes them stand out from the rest.


10. Bravado Half-Track

The Half-Track

Half-Track review

Standard Price: GTA$ 2,254,350

Trade Price: GTA$ 1,695,000 (By completing the MOC mission “Half-Track Bully”)

The Half-Track is a force to be reckoned with. With its sturdy half-tank half-truck design, this vehicle can take a beating and keep on rolling. Its heavy armor and powerful weaponry make it a valuable asset in combat situations. Not only is it useful for completing missions and taking down enemies, but it's also a fun vehicle to drive around in, especially when your friend is in control of the turrets in the back.

Here’s why you should get it:

  • Its front windows are 100% bulletproof, and you can’t get shot from the rear either.
  • It takes 9 RPGs or 27 Homing Missiles to blow up.
  • The turret in the back is extremely deadly.

Half-Track stats:

  • Speed: 40.24
  • Acceleration: 40.00
  • Braking: 6.67
  • Handling: 69.70
  • Overall: 39.15


9. Mammoth Avenger

The Avenger

Avenger review

Price: GTA$ 3,450,000 – GTA$ 4,787,500

Picture this: You have an Avenger, a VTOL tank that can fly and hover over Los Santos. You can cause chaos on any NPC or enemy player in sight. This flying Mobile Operations Centre comes equipped with 3 turrets operated by other players, a bombing bay, and a Vehicle and Weapon Workshop. 

It also has standard countermeasures like Chaff, Flare, and Smoke, but only the co-pilot can use them.

Here’s why you should get it:

  • Easy maneuvering and flying controls.
  • It takes 8 RPGs or 23 Homing Missile hits to blow it up. 
  • It has the capacity to carry an entire battalion on board and has space for a wardrobe and gun locker too. 
  • Autopilot feature that lets you go back in the cargo hold without having to be the pilot anymore.

Avenger stats:

  • Speed: 76.07
  • Acceleration: 47.32
  • Braking: 45.00
  • Handling: 1.65
  • Overall: 42.51


8. Karin Kuruma (Armored)

The Armored Kuruma

Armored Kuruma review

Standard Price: GTA$ 698,250

Trade Price: GTA$ 525,000 (By completing the Fleeca Job Heist)

If you’ve just begun your criminal journey in Los Santos, then your priority for the acquisition of an asset should be the Armored Kuruma. This bulletproof vehicle will single-handedly carry you through the ranks of a feared gangster.

The key feature of owning the Armored Kuruma is its ability to protect you from getting shot. The windows on this vehicle will make you immune to taking any damage whatsoever while getting shot by NPCs and other players.

Here’s why you should get it:

  • It’s a well-rounded Sports car that performs exceptionally while trying to outmaneuver your rivals.
  • The affordable price tag makes it the best value-for-money vehicle in GTA Online.
  • The safety it provides against bullets is unmatched.
  • It’s, by miles, the best vehicle to carry out heists, and the safest to execute contact missions.

Kuruma (Armored) stats:

  • Speed: 78.87
  • Acceleration: 77.50
  • Braking: 16.67
  • Handling: 74.24
  • Overall: 61.82


7. Obey Omnis e-GT

The Omnis e-GT

Omnis e-GT review

Price: GTA$ 1,795,000

If you want to roam around the unforgiving streets of Las Santos in a car with reliable performance, more than adequate armor protection, and, obviously, style, then the Omnis e-GT is the car for you.

The best thing about it is that it’s an Imani Tech vehicle, which means that you get one of the best-added features in the game, missile lock-on jammers.

Here’s why you should get it:

  • Because it’s an electric car, it’s super quick.
  • It takes 12 RPGs or 12 Homing Missiles to blow up.
  • It’s got great customization options as well.

Omnis e-GT stats:

  • Speed: 80.35
  • Acceleration: 100.00
  • Braking: 33.33
  • Handling: 100.00
  • Overall: 78.42


6. Ocelot Virtue

The Virtue

Virtue review

Price: GTA$ 2,980,000 (Free if you complete the Los Santos Drug Wars First and Last Dose story missions as a host)

The Virtue may not be the fastest supercar out there, but it's got one thing going for it - it's built like a tank. It’s got the option to be equipped with the much-loved Imani Tech and coupling that with its outstanding performance makes it the best electric and fastest armored car in GTA Online. 

Plus, with its sleek design, you'll look like a total boss cruising around town in your Virtue. Just don't let it go to your head - we all know you're compensating for something.

Here’s why you should get it:

  • It’s basically free if you complete the LS Drug Wars story missions.
  • It has exceptional acceleration and handling.
  • It takes 12 RPGs or 12 Homing Missiles to blow up. 
  • As of 2023, it’s the best electric supercar in the game.

Virtue stats:

  • Speed: 86.20
  • Acceleration: 100.00
  • Braking: 42.67
  • Handling: 100.00
  • Overall: 82.22


5. HVY Nightshark

The Nightshark

Nightshark review

Price: GTA$ 1,245,000

A great armored vehicle you should have your eyes on getting early in the game is the Nightshark. It’s probably going to be your best choice withstanding high explosive damage from aggravating griefers while you’re busy hustling.

It’s basically a tank disguised as an off-roader. Buying it won’t really put a deep dent in your wallet, and you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you’ll wake up tomorrow and continue your grind in the unforgiving streets of Los Santos in your Nightshark.

Here’s why you should get it:

  • It’s pretty fast for an armored vehicle.
  • It takes 9 RPGs or 27 Homing Missiles to blow up.
  • It can tow an Anti-Aircraft Trailer.

Nightshark stats:

  • Speed: 75.12
  • Acceleration: 67.50
  • Braking: 25.00
  • Handling: 63.64
  • Overall: 57.81


4. HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom

The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom

Insurgent Pick-Up Custom review

Standard Price: GTA$ 1,795,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 1,350,000 (By completing the Humane Labs Finale)

Custom Conversion Price: GTA$ 202,500 (via MOC or Avenger Workshop)

The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom is the most comprehensive weaponized vehicle to consider for dominating with your squad and destroying anything in your way. It comes with a standard Machine Gun, a powerful Minigun, and proximity mines.

It can also tow an Anti-Aircraft Trailer, making it the complete package for taking out enemies on the ground and in the sky.

Here’s why you should get it:

  • The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom is reasonably fast and agile, and you should have no worries about taking it off-road as well.
  • It takes 9 RPGs or 27 Homing Missiles to blow up. 
  • The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom has the capacity to carry around 10 of your mates in total, including the one operating the Anti-Aircraft Trailer in the back.

Insurgent Pick-Up Custom stats:

  • Speed: 69.75
  • Acceleration: 60.00
  • Braking: 20.00
  • Handling: 60.61
  • Overall: 52.59


3. Benefactor Terrorbyte

The Terrorbyte

Terrorbyte review

Price: GTA$ 1,375,000 – GTA$ 3,459,500

The Terrorbyte is a unique command and operations center. The vehicle itself is an absolute juggernaut that’ll greatly protect you from unwanted attention, but what’s really important is how well it can assist you in making money. 

It’s got the design of a well-built machine that means business, and rest assured, it does mean business.  

Here’s why you should get it:

  • It takes 34 RPGs or 34 Homing Missiles to blow up. 
  • You can launch your other businesses’ supplies/source missions through the onboard computer, and you can do client jobs that pay decently.
  • You can purchase and modify Mk II weapons.
  • It’s the storage and modification vehicle for the notorious Oppressor Mk II. 

Terrorbyte stats:

  • Speed: 64.39
  • Acceleration: 40.00
  • Braking: 8.33
  • Handling: 59.09
  • Overall: 42.95


2. MTL Brickade 6x6

The Brickade 6x6

Brickade 6x6 review

Price: GTA$ 1,450,000 or FREE by completing the six First Dose missions

The latest addition of an armored beast in the GTA Online universe is the Brickade 6x6, as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. This bad boy comes equipped with an Acid Lab, which is one of the best new passive businesses in the game, conveniently stored in the back of its trailer. 

But wait, there's more! You can even install a custom bumper in front of it to bulldoze your way through any obstacle that gets in your way. Who needs traffic laws when you have the Brickade 6x6?

Here’s why you should get it:

  • It’s got a passive business setup in the trailer.
  • It takes 48 RPGs or 48 Homing Missiles to blow it up.
  • It can be obtained as a bonus reward, which basically means it’s free.

Brickade 6x6 stats:

  • Speed: 56.34
  • Acceleration: 50.00
  • Braking: 13.33
  • Handling: 60.61
  • Overall: 45.07


1. JoBuilt Phantom Custom (MOC Cab)

The MOC Cab

MOC review

MOC Price: GTA$ 1,225,000 – GTA$ 2,790,000

Cab Price: GTA$ 1,225,000

Want a vehicle that's an unstoppable force? Look no further than the Mobile Operations Center (MOC). As a must-have utility vehicle in Los Santos, owning the MOC is the ultimate status symbol for any Kingpin. 

It's made up of two parts: the trailer and the cab. The upgraded MOC Trailer includes a Vehicle and Weapon Workshop and can launch MOC missions with crew on board. It also has turrets for protection against intruders.

But the real power move is when you detach the trailer and unleash the cab, which is an incredibly powerful vehicle in its own right.

Here’s why you should get it:

  • It takes 24 RPGs or 69 Homing Missiles to blow up the cab.
  • For a truck, it’s very fast and maneuvers effortlessly.
  • The MOC Trailer’s turrets can cause havoc on the streets.

Phantom Custom stats:

  • Speed: 69.75
  • Acceleration: 75.00
  • Braking: 28.33
  • Handling: 62.12
  • Overall: 58.80



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