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Best bikes to modify and style around in

One of the best parts about purchasing vehicles in GTA online is the customization done after. It's always fun to enhance your vehicle and modify it to look how you want it to, giving you a unique experience and style. Bikes are one of the vehicles that can be highly customized to your looking. We will be looking at the 10 bikes that are highly customizable and look good on the streets.

10. Manchez

Starting off this list is the Maibatsu Manchez.The vehicle has a dirt bike design with a compacted wheelbase and a ride height design. The bodywork of this bike matches that of the Mountain Moto FX 5, with a more robust design.

Like the BF400, the Manchez has a small front fender attached to the front wheel by dual frames. The handlebars are connected by dual support frames and feature a thin central frame along with a black compacted dial. The main body features a protective frame covering most of the engine bay. The bike uses a long rear fender with black sections on the sides, a black seat spanning the whole upper surface of the fender, and a small rectangular tail light on the rear end, while the area below it uses a set of frames holding the foot pegs for the passenger.

This bike is good for customization as it has many options to improve the physical appearance and performance of this bike. It has many livery options that make the bike look cool when you are doing stunts.

What makes it great for customization:

  • Armor upgrades
  • Brake and engine upgrades
  • Livery options
  • Transmission upgrades and turbo tuning
  • Physical upgrades like mudguard, exhaust, fuel tank, and frames

Manchez details:

  • Single-cylinder engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox
  • Similar design to a Sanchez
  • Designed to be an off-road bike
  • Many modifications available 


9. Shotaro

Although it is one of the unique bikes in GTA Online, it lands the 9th spot due to its few modification options. The Shotaro is primarily based on the Lotus C-01 while taking inspiration from the light cycle in the Tron films. This is evident by the neon body kit, low profile design, and wheels.

The front section features a large mudguard, while the upper area has a singular headlight and two independent handlebars mounted on the upper plate. It has a large body with a seat on the bike's rear side.

The Shotaro features a secondary color that glows, being much more visible at night. The glow behaves similarly to neon lights, albeit on the vehicle's body instead of underneath it. 

What makes it great for customization:

  • Armor upgrades
  • Brakes and engine upgrades
  • Transmission and turbo tuning
  • Physical upgrades like mudguard and xenon lights
  • Secondary color that glows in the dark

Shotaro details:

  • 99.11mph top speed
  • Many modifications available
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Loud revving engine


8. Western Bagger

Next, we have is the Western Bagger. The design seems to be based on the 2013 Harley Davidson Touring Road Glide custom, with a gas tank that resembles those used in victory bikes.

The front of the bike has a painted mudguard, attached directly to the chrome forks. The handlebars are attached to the upper clamp by two support frames.  The engine bay features an oval-shaped air filter and two exhaust pipes on the right side, which come from each cylinder block and merge into one pipe. 

The bike spawns in a variety of single colors on the entirety of the bike, being the fenders, fairing, fuel tank, side body panels, and side panniers.

What makes it great for customization:

  • Armor upgrades
  • Brake and engine enhancements
  • Many physical modifications like fuel tank, exhaust, frames, fairings
  • Transmission and turbo tuning upgrades
  • Different wheel options

Western bagger details:

  • Smooth and easy to control
  • V-twin engine coupled to a 4-speed gearbox
  • Low-revving engine sound


7. Western daemon

not a Targaryen

At number 7 is the Western Daemon. The Daemon is designed as a cruiser motorcycle based on a customized Harley-Davidson FXSTC Softail. This version of the Daemon is highly customizable compared to one in Grand theft auto 5 single-player. This bike has many customization options to improve and enhance the experience. It has primary and secondary color options. 

What makes it great for customization:

  • Armor upgrades
  • Brake and engine enhancements
  • Exhaust, seat, fuel tank, and handlebar upgrades that make the bike look sleek
  • Various physical upgrades
  • Turbo tuning and transmission upgrades

Western Daemon details:

  • V twin internal combustion engine
  • 5-speed gearbox with the foot-actuated gear shifter
  • Loud odd firing engine sound


6. Zombie Bobber

As the name suggests, this bike is the Bobber version of the Zombie Chopper, which has a front girder design and springer front end, with a singular headlight. It has a smaller fuel tank and shorter rear fenders, equipped with a dual exhaust at the back. It has the same color distribution as the Zombie Chopper, with the secondary color being applied to the main body. 

What makes it great for customization:

  • Engine and brake upgrades
  • Armor upgrades
  • Bodywork enhancements including mudguards, seat, oil tank, shifters, belt drive covers, etc
  • Engine block upgrades
  • Livery options
  • Turbo tuning and transmission upgrades

Zombie Bobber details:

  • A V-twin internal combustion engine
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Higher-pitched engine sound


5. Shinobi

The Shinobi is based on the iconic Kawasaki Ninja 250R. The bike is depicted as a sports motorbike with a distinctively aerodynamic design, featuring a front mudguard mounted on the forks, while the upper area assumes a similarly-shaped fairing like the Thrust, with dual headlamps.

This is one of the most beautiful-looking bikes in the game due to its sporty design and sharp edges. The main body is mainly composed of a black frame, a painted body with large vents in the middle, a lower fairing with smaller vents, and a large-sized fuel tank with a silver cap on top. The rear section consists of a grey seat and foot pegs for the passenger that is mounted on the rear section of the aforementioned frame, while the rear fairing houses red tail lamps on the end. 

What makes Shinobi great for customization:

  • Sharp design
  • Armor upgrades
  • Bodywork upgrades and many physical enhancements
  • Brake and engine upgrades
  • Exhaust, fairings, mudguards, fenders, and fuel tank options are available
  • Livery options
  • Turbo tuning and transmission upgrades

Shinobi details:

  • Many modifications available 
  • Costly


4. Diabolus Custom

Next, we have the custom variant of the Diabolus, based on the Ducati Diavel Draxter. The Diabolus Custom features drastic alterations to give it a lighter, aerodynamic build. The front section features a larger front mudguard attached to yellow/bronze fork legs, while a large rectangular panel with vertical headlamps. The main body is much similar to the regular Diabolus, but you can see the air filter between the intercooler in this variant. It has an expanded color distribution with both primary and secondary colors being applied to different areas of the bike. 

What makes it great for customization:

  • Upgradable to a better more enhanced variant
  • Many physical upgrades are available at Benny’s
  • Engine and brakes upgrades
  • Bodywork customization
  • Livery options
  • Transmission and turbo tuning

Shinobi Details:

  • Parallel twin engine
  • 6-speed gearbox


3. Oppressor mk2

At number 3 is the Oppressor MK2, the upgraded version of the regular Oppressor with the ability to hover instead of driving on the road. It has the look of a futuristic bike with angled wings, taking inspiration from the hoverbike from the movie Looper.

The vehicle has wings that extend when in flight mode and prop stands to land, along with four vectoring nozzles on either side in a similar way to the Hydra, but they automatically tilt forward or backward depending on the direction the vehicle is moving. The upper area of the bike is mostly identical in design and features to the regular version, except for an extended rear fairing, where the same rocket booster is located. 

The vehicle is armed with two machine guns located within the front fairing, just beside the headlamp. It can also be modified with either two small Gatling guns with explosive ammo or four missile launchers.

What makes it great for customization:

  • Rear-mounted rocket booster for boost
  • Chaff countermeasure prevents the enemies to lock on the vehicle for 5 seconds
  • Flare countermeasures deflect incoming homing missiles
  • Smoke countermeasure leaves a trail of smoke to disorient the pilot
  • Two front-facing machine guns
  • Explosive mg that fire explosive rounds
  • Homing missiles to lock on the target
  • Regular modifications

Oppressor mk2 details:

  • Turbine engine connected to a parallel twin engine


2. Western Nightblade

Just below the number 1 spot on this list is the western nightblade. It is based on an older Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob. The like has a large body featuring a small mudguard at the front attached to the center of the wheel. 

The upper area has a circular headlight mounted on the lower clamp and two small turn signals on either side of the clamp. The main body features a single lower frame that splits into two frames below, a long fuel tank with chrome trim around the side panels, a rounded oil tank, and a black leather seat that extends towards the rear fender and has a reinforced frame on the rear. The rear section consists of a small fender with a single red light and license plate on the end, while the turn signals are mounted on a rigid frame connected to the red tail light and the end of the bike's main frame. 

The primary color of the bike is applied to most of the bike's components, while the secondary color is applied to the side panels of the fuel tank. 

What makes it great for customization:

  • Armor upgrades
  • Engine and brakes upgrades
  • Bodywork upgrades including frames, fuel tanks, mudguards
  • The engine block, air filters, and exhaust upgrades
  • Livery options
  • Turbo tuning and transmission upgrades

Nightblade details:

  • Push rod V-twin engine
  • 5-speed manual gearbox
  • Foot actuated shifter 
  • Low revving, loud engine sound


1.Western Deathbike

Inspired by Daryl’s bike from The Walking Dead, the number 1 spot goes to the Deathbike. This bike is a modified variant of the Gargoyle, with worn bodywork and rusty detailing.  The front has a shorter front fender in comparison to the Gargoyle's one and uses a mesh grating between the triple clamps, along with a single circular headlight that is offset to the left and has protective frames over it. The rear area of the bike is similar to the Gargoyle, having a dual-sided swingarm and suspension springs. However, the rear fender is shortened and lacks any sort of tail light. 

What makes it great for customization:

  • Jump mods can be installed that allows the bike to launch in the air
  • Boost upgrades can be installed to speed up the bike
  • The deathbike can take a single explosive hit without exploding
  • The Deathbike can be installed with two Gatling guns on the side
  • It can also be equipped with saw blades
  • Engine and brake upgrades
  • Bodywork upgrades and physical changes
  • Turbo and transmission
  • Livery options

Deathbike details:

  • A modified variant of Gargoyle
  • Can be equipped with two-sided mounted guns
  • Rusty unique design
  • Powered by a V-twin engine
  • 4-speed gearbox

These were the Top 10 bikes to get if you like customizing and spending extra money!


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