[Top 15] GTA Online Best Female Outfits

Female Outfits in GTA Online
Best GTA Online Female Outfits


15. Heist Minimalist (The Fella)


GTA V Online has had a variety of updates since its launch on October 1, 2013, ranging from petty retrieval missions to multi-million crew heists. One of the first heist GTA Online Players got was from the long-awaited Heist DLC (March 10, 2015) in which we got a new outfit category Labeled “Heist”. 

The Heist Minimalist is one of these categories and is called by many players as the “best-looking” outfit style (Female characters) for the entire update. I recommend getting one of these outfit options as the lowest starting price is a measly $3965, quite affordable.

How to get The Heist Minimalist Outfits

GTA Online Players can buy the heist Minimalist Outfits at any Suburban or Ponsonbys clothing store for:

  • The Slick will cost players $4800
  • The Fella will cost players $3965
  • The Rogue will cost players $6874
  • The Classic will cost players $5945


14. Designer (The Socialite)

Fancy Lady

The Designer Outfit category was released on June 10, 2015, with the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC Part 1 and is the first expensive outfit release coming in with a high price of $103,410. These outfits, specifically The Socialite, are nothing but top of the line clothing choices you’d see your local valley girl in. 

In GTA Online, players with female characters will notice that for certain outfits your players will either be tall or short, the reason for this is because some shoes are considered high heels, quite like reality. Having a taller character in a PvP game is extremely bad for defense (Larger Hitbox) but quite good for offense (Better POV), a true double-edged sword.

How to get Designer Outfits

GTA Online Players can buy any of the four Designer outfits at any Suburban or Ponsonbys clothing store for:

  • The Accessory outfit is the cheapest among the four top tier Designer outfits, coming in at $68,728.
  • The Socialite is the second cheapest option players can buy for $83,121.
  • The most expensive of the four is from The Status outfit which has a questionable price tag of $103,410.
  • The Final choice is The Wealth, a middle of the pack pick costing $85,684.


13. Lowrider (The Ride)

Mi Amor

The Lowriders DLC was released back on October 20, 2015, and was responsible for introducing the Hydraulic system that would make certain cars able to switch stances at will; some modern GTA Online cars make use of this feature. This update also gave players some new outfit choices under the subcategory “Lowriders”.

The Ride is one of the outfit choices players can buy for this category and is my personal favorite mainly because of how much it matches the vibe of a lowrider vehicle. The other options on the list do match as well but The Ride is arguably the best.

How to get The Lowrider Outfits

GTA Online Players can buy a lowrider outfit at the nearest Suburban or Ponsonbys clothing store for:

  • The Ride- $48,603 in-game currency. 
  • The Cage- $21,862 in-game currency.
  • The Fan- $16,081 in-game currency.
  • The Step- $21,795 in-game currency.
  • The Lead- $63,156 in-game currency.
  • The Dial- $26,906 in-game currency.
  • The Smoke- $31,344 in-game currency.
  • The Blue- $19,876 in-game currency.


12. Valentines Formal (The Blues)

Relieve The Golden Age

The Valentines formal outfit was released with The Valentine's Day Massacre Special, the second major update GTA Online got. For this update, GTA online players were given brand new cars, missions, and special clothing to commemorate the season of love. There are six different variations of the Valentines Formal outfits with each having its own unique design and color palette.

These outfits are a great pickup and will make the ugliest of characters look beautiful and sophisticated, probably because of the late 50’s vibe I get from them. When these outfits were released back on February 13, 2014,     Rockstar had created a special job event in which players competed amongst themselves with the Gusenberg (Rifle) and the Roosevelt (Valentines Day vehicle) all while locked to these outfits.

How to get the Valentines Formal outfit

GTA Online players can pick these outfits up at the nearest clothing store from cahiers desk for a price tag of:

  • The Charm will be $21,515.
  • The Paramour will be $19,614.
  • The Love will be $23,055.
  • The Blues will cost you $18,528.
  • The Angelic will be $18,231.

The Admirer is the most expensive, more than double the price of the second most expensive (The Love) at a whopping price tag of $56,094.


11. Valentines Underwear (The Femme)


No Words Needed

The Valentines underwear outfit was also released with The Valentine's Day Massacre Special, as you now know GTA online players were given brand new cars, missions, and special clothing to commemorate the update, but I imagined Rockstar Studio had different plans for its player base with these outfit choices. There are six different variations for these outfits with each having the same base but a vastly different color palette.

These outfits are a great pickup and will make the ugliest of characters look beautiful and sophisticated, probably because of the late 50’s vibe I get from them. When these outfits were released back on February 13, 2014,     Rockstar had created a special job event in which players competed amongst themselves with the Gusenberg (Rifle) and the Roosevelt (Valentines Day vehicle) all while locked to these outfits.

How to get the Underwear outfit

GTA Online players can pick these outfits up at the nearest clothing store from cahiers desk for a price tag of:

  • The Eros is the lowest costing at $12,544, only slightly beating The Glamour outfit that cost a mere $13,380.  
  • The Femme is the next outfit up, coming in at $14,278.
  • The Concubine will cost players a total of $14,223.
  • The Siren does a 10k jump from The Femme for a price tag of $ 29,934
  • The last and biggest wallet drain outfit of this category will be The Azure outfit, an $83,241 underwear set.

Thanks Rockstar.


10. Catsuits (Black Catsuit)

Black Widow.. Catgirl

GTA Online for some reason has more than doubled the clothing options for female characters over the years and this category is only available for female characters, this category is called “Catsuits”. There are a total of 17 catsuits to choose from with each having its own color palette and special design.

I like this outfit and would say the worth of getting this outfit somewhat outweighs the high price tag. The price difference among these sets is only separated by ten to twenty thousand dollars so players should just get whichever catches their eye.

How to get the Catsuit Outfit

The Catsuit outfits can be bought at any clothing store for:

  • The Black Catsuit is the best looking (Personal opinion) for a reasonable price of $60,340.
  • The Yellow Catsuit is the most expensive to buy outright for $70,560.
  • The Oxtail Catsuit is the most popular with an average cost of $59,490.


9. Valet Outfits (Valet)

I will be stealing this car

The Valet outfit is a very special outfit players can unlock for completing  a Prep Work for the Diamond Casino Heist released back on December 12th, 2019. What makes this outfit special is that players will recognize the ensemble from the valet attendant in front of the Diamond Casino.

If you are a new player or recently returning to GTA Online, I recommend skipping this custom-made choice and simply use a regular business shirt with a red vest, black suit pants, black bow tie and black oxford shoes. However, players that have been playing actively or casually should go ahead and complete the prep work mission as the bonus cash makes it worth doing.

How to get The Valet Outfit

As the only option for the Valet category, The valet outfit can be bought at any Suburban and Ponsonbys Clothing stores and is found under the category “Outfits: Diamond Casino Heist”.


8. Republican Space Ranger 

Buzz got himself a Lady.

The Republican Space Ranger outfit is the first character suit to be released with the Arena War DLC in 2018. This is an unlockable outfit set players can get for completing some of the Arena War Career jobs. There is an option called BUY NOW, which allows you to bypass the prerequisite jobs.

GTA V story mode players that have watched the in-game tv show “Space Rangers” will surely recognize this outfit as an identical replica of the ones the three main characters wear, if you own the minigun weapon you will be in full cosplay. This outfit looks like it would have built in body armor but sadly it has the same defense value as a regular t-shirt. 

How to get The Republican Space Ranger Outfit

There is only one Republican Space Ranger outfit at the clothing stores which can either be unlocked for purchase by completing the Arena War career or by buying a premium of $397,000 at the local clothing store.


7. Space Creature (Dark Green Space Creature)

I just threw up

There are 12 different Space Creature outfits that don’t always have the same alien as the base design but are simply differentiated by the varying color options. The Space Creature series prices range from $289,380 - $302,800. Since this is only a $14k max difference, players can go with the variant they like the best. 

This outfit when paired with the “off radar” feature can be quite amusing when in the mood for trolling friends or other lobby players. Sometimes I would use these outfits for PvP combat because of their slightly smaller frame your character gets when worn.

How to get the Space Creature Suits

Players can unlock this item for purchase via the Arena War Career or by using the Buy Now feature for a max price of $302,800.

  • The Dark Green Space Creature can be bought using the BUY NOW feature for $373,800
  • Pink & Yellow Space Horror is the cheapest of the twelve, costing $289,380.
  • The Flesh Space Horror outfit is perfect for camouflage due to its tan color palate. The Buy Now price will be $301,440


6. Arena Wars Bodysuits (Green/Purple Martian bodysuit)

Every Great Alien needs a Great Alien Lady

The Arena War bodysuits are a new bodysuit subcategory that vastly improved the original bodysuit design online players had access to. Among the 16 different Bodysuit outfits, only the green and purple martian bodysuit are considered special outfits (Outfits with a backstory).

 In GTA Online two years ago, there was a meme war between two groups of players in the GTA online world, The Purple Aliens and The Green Aliens. This meme war between the green and purple alien factions lasted only a few weeks but managed to get the attention of Rockstar (Game Developer) and as a sign of solidarity, they made these two outfits free to buy (one week only).

For about two weeks, the entire gaming world couldn’t have enough of this meme and took it to such heights it featured on some local news stations. During this time this was the only thing gaming articles were writing about. This event has long been over but it’s still not too late to show your support by buying either Green or Purple.

How to get The Green/Purple Martian Bodysuit

The Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits normally cost over $300,000 each at any Suburban or Ponsonbys clothes store.


5. Arena Wars Bodysuit (Pink Galaxy Bodysuit)

Madam Galaxy

The Pink Galaxy Bodysuit is the last Bodysuit for Arena Wars and is very unique in that it has a universe style design and is available to purchase to all players at the nearest Suburban clothing store. The Pink Galaxy Bodysuit only comes in the colors pink and blue. Bodysuits are always a good choice for PvP and NPC (non-playable character) combat, but the Pink Galaxy Bodysuits I've found does a much better job than its counterpart as you will be doing a much better job of confusing your enemies (Night only).

This bodysuit doesn’t have a story like number six on this list, but it makes up for that in the unique concept department, like come one look at this thing. The only downside to this outfit is that most players will eventually switch to another outfit that is way less bright as this outfit gets quite bright at times.

How to get The Blue Galaxy Bodysuit

The Blue Galaxy Bodysuit can be bought at Suburban or Ponsonbys for $268,400.

The Pink Galaxy Bodysuit can be bought at Suburban or Ponsonbys for $258,400.


4. Deadline (Red)

Embrace the Evil

The Deadline outfit is the most special outfit series in GTA Online as it is inspired by the legendary franchise Tron Legacy, there is also a matching bike and a custom adversary mode with the bike light trails activated. These Deadline outfits come in eight different colors; yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, red, white, & the iconic blue. 

This outfit is one of the few clothing sets to release with its own matching vehicle and accessories. I recommend getting at least one of these outfits as once you do buy one, you are able to customize the light options on the suit to your liking. The neon lights can also be turned off for a stealthier feel.

How to get the Deadline Outfits

The Deadline outfits can be found at the clothing stores cashiers interaction menu under the Category Outfits: Deadline.

  • All Deadline Outfits cost $200,000 to buy.
  • After purchasing, players will need to open the interaction menu and set the illuminated clothing option to the desired state before saving this outfit in the personal wardrobe (10 max).

It should be made aware that the Deadline helmet will be taken off your character when you get off any bike. The only way to get around this is to set your helmet to always on from the interaction menu.


3. Air Racing Suit (Jackal Racing Suit)

The Speeeddd

The Air Racing Outfits came with the Smugglers Run DLC and is the first outfit specifically made for a race series, since August 2017, GTA Online would see only one more of this type ever again in the form of car race outfits.

Aircraft has always been a thing in GTA Online since the beginning of the franchise, but only in recent years has it gotten so popular, it’s amazing to see game studios showing love to the old mechanics. Like its name these flight suits are best used for custom air races, players will not get additional speed from wearing these suits but simply fit the role best. They come in a variety of colors and designs, but all come with a custom-made helmet that will match all GTA Online styles.

How to get The Air Racing Suit

Players can buy one of the fourteen Air Racing Suits in any of the clothing stores ranging from $122,391 to $149,776.

  • Flow Racing Suit will cost players $129,040 to buy.
  • Jackal Racing Suit has the best average cost at $138,181.
  • MeTV Racing Suit is the most expensive to buy at $149,776 


2. Scuba (Pink Backside Scuba)

Underwater Diving never looked this good

The custom Scuba suits were released with the Doomsday Heist DLC and are rather unique in the sense that when players enter a body of dive-able water, they will no longer lose oxygen and the shoes will transform into flippers making water movement significantly faster. This outfit is so good for moving around it almost guarantees itself a permanent spot in your wardrobe loadout.

From the moment I bought my first scuba outfit, I’ve never once removed it from my loadout rotation. With the first GTA V generational move from old gen (PS3, Xbox 360) to new gen (PS4, Xbox One), players were now able to switch among ten saved outfits from their interaction menu. After it became so easy to change outfits, it is now possible to use scuba gear for trolling players or for escaping aggressive NPC’s.

How to get the Scuba Gear Outfits 

There are 22 different scuba gear outfits to choose from containing all the major color pallets.

  • The Pink Backside Scuba can be bought at any clothing store for $161,000. 
  • The cheapest scuba option will be the Blue Scuba for $156,000.
  • The most expensive scuba option will cost players around $163,000.


1. Career Progress (The Hustler)

Impressive Cosplay

With the 10-year Anniversary of GTA V passing on September 17, 2023, one of the gifts players got was these three outfits the main characters wear in the story mode (Michael, Franklin, & Trevor). Unfortunately if you didn’t log in during this event week you will no longer be able to claim them. However, players are still able to pick up the second iteration the three MC’s are known for. 

What made GTA V so popular these past ten years was not only the constant DLC we got but the amazing trio we got to play as in story mode. What better way is there to end this article than with one of the most iconic outfits in the entire game. For those in the know, the meme with Lamar and Franklin about the latters haircut happens when Franklin is in this outfit.

How to get the Career Progress Outfits

Players will have access to these outfits only after completing specific challenges for each of the clothing sets. This outfit doesn’t have to be bought but can be claimed in the newly added progress menu.


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