[Top 5] GTA Online Best Vehicle Warehouses To Own

Vehicle warehouses are still a great way to have fun and make money at the same time.

Who remembers logging on to GTA Online when the Import/Export DLC dropped and purchasing their first vehicle warehouse? I sure do, what a time to play the game it was back then.

Despite there being many more efficient ways to make money in GTA Online nowadays, vehicle cargo is still just as fun as it was all those years ago. Here are five of the best vehicle warehouses to own!


5) Murrieta Heights ($2,850,000)

The priciest vehicle warehouse out there.

The Murrieta Heights vehicle warehouse is coming in at fifth due to its incredibly steep price tag of $2,850,000. On the upside, it’s convenient to bring vehicles back to, being in the more northern part of southeast Los Santos.

If you’re the kind of guy who has way too much money to spend and wants the best that GTA Online has to offer, this one is definitely for you. If driving your vehicle cargo an extra two minutes or so to get back to your warehouse seems like a more sensible choice, take a look at a few more affordable options below.

Why this location is great - A lot of the time you’ll be heading to the north of Los Santos to retrieve your vehicle cargo, especially when it’s top range. With that in mind,  Murietta Heights is one of the closest options you’ll find.

You won’t have to drive the cargo very far to get to your vehicle warehouse, it’s located next to the freeway, making access to Blaine County easy. Location details - northern section of southeast Los Santos, accessibility: good.


4) Elysian Island ($1,950,000)

The location isn't brilliant, but the price is great.

This one is good if you’re looking to save some money, but its location is a bit of a letdown. If this warehouse tickles your fancy, you can expect to drive your stunning vehicle cargo all the way down to the tip of Elysian Island at the very bottom of Los Santos.

The distance you have to drive the cargo can get annoying, especially when trying to avoid doing too much damage to the car. Don’t let this put you off if you’re trying to save some money though, just under two million isn’t that bad compared to some of the others!

Why this location is great - If you’re on a budget, it’s definitely one to consider, not many players go as far south as Elysian Island, so you’ve got less chance of meeting a griefer down there

Due to the probable lack of griefers, you can focus more on not damaging the car - the dreaded beeping of being locked onto shouldn’t be a problem with this warehouse. Location details - far south Los Santos, accessibility: difficult.


3) El Burro Heights ($1,635,000)

El Burro Heights is located on the outskirts of Los Santos.

El Burro Heights is only a minute or two further away from the city than Murrieta Heights, so it makes a ton of sense to choose this warehouse and save a million dollars for another supercar or tank perhaps.

You’ll need to follow the dirt paths outside of Los Santos to get to this warehouse but don’t let this put you off. For its price, it’s in a fairly accessible location. That is unless you’re being chased down by some douche in an Oppressor of course, in that case the extra minute of driving might make all the difference.

If you feel like taking the gamble, El Burro Heights is a great choice for keeping away from the potential griefers in the city (once you get the cargo out of the city that is, haha).

Why this location is great - decent accessibility considering the price, if you prefer to base your vehicle warehouse outside of the city, this one’s for you, the price is nice and cheap. Location details - outskirts of southeast Los Santos, accessibility: medium.


2) LSIA ($2,170,000)

Fairly convienient to get to, this LSIA vehicle warehouse is great for those looking for something mid-range.

There are two vehicle warehouses that are based at Los Santos International Airport. Today I’m going to be focusing on the slightly cheaper option. 

You’ll be saving $200,000 by choosing this option over the other, but you’ll also be venturing a little further towards the airport. It’s not as far down as the hangars, but it might require some navigating to get to it on your first visit.

Why this location is great - you could grab a plane or helicopter to fly over to the vehicle’s location on a source mission if you don’t have access to an Oppressor/Deluxo. It’s not that much further south than the vehicle warehouse in La Puerta and it’s $600,000 cheaper

There’s a neat shortcut next to the LS Customs that saves you from going further along the main road to get to it - helpful if you’re in a hurry. Location details - south Los Santos, accessibility: medium.


1) La Mesa ($1,500,000)

The cheapest option available - La Mesa.

Let’s be real - this was everyone’s first vehicle warehouse when the import/export update first came out back in late 2016. As the cheapest option available, people flocked to get their hands on this one and fill it up with top-range vehicles.

This warehouse is perfect if you want a bit of everything - let’s run through its positives. It’s as cheap as you’ll get a vehicle warehouse, there are many other warehouses that are much more expensive and in far less convenient locations.

If you’re lazy (like me) and you call an executive helicopter to fast-travel back to your office after a source vehicle mission, it usually lands on the dirt area behind the warehouse on the right, not even a thirty-second jog away. La Mesa is the undisputed king of vehicle warehouses.

Why this location is great - cheapest vehicle warehouse available, quick access to an executive helicopter, if you want to save money and have a decently convenient location at the same time, there’s no better choice than La Mesa. Location details - southeast Los Santos, accessibility: medium.


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