[Top 10] GTA Online Best Clubhouse Locations

Best Clubhouse Locations in GTA Online
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Looking for the best Motorcycle Clubhouse locations in GTA Online? Look no further, as this article lists the 10 best locations to run a Clubhouse at. These Clubhouse locations provide the coolest spots for you to rev your engine and show off your badassery. Plus, they serve as a hub for club activities, including missions, selling customers’ bikes, and socializing with other club members. Surely, they provide the perfect atmosphere for you to feel like a true biker gang member. 

Whether you're looking to join a crew or start your own, the following Motorcycle Clubhouse locations in GTA Online will have you hitting the road in style.


10. Hawick Clubhouse (GTA$ 495,000)

The Hawick Clubhouse

The Hawick Clubhouse is ideally located in Uptown Los Santos with great access to main roads and a few business locations. It’s the most expensive Clubhouse in the game but owning it will give you the prime status of an established King Pin.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 2-Story Clubhouse.
  • It’s close to most of the high-end apartments.
  • You can have some of your other businesses running in the same vicinity.
  • It’s the best for those who want to hang around the posh side of town.

Location: 1778 Hawick Avenue


9. Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse (GTA$ 472,000)

The Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse

The Downtown Vinewood Clubhouse is best suited for those who want to chill close to the hills of Los Santos. It’s far up north of the city but still within its premises; the perfect location for quickly accessing your Clubhouse straight after a ride from the countryside.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 2-Story Clubhouse.
  • It offers easy access to the Los Santos Freeway.
  • Its approach is from an alley, making it great for getting away from the cops or enemies.
  • It’s got the shortest distance from the city to Blaine County.

Location: 2214 Clinton Avenue


8. Pillbox Hill Clubhouse (GTA$ 455,000)

The Pillbox Hill Clubhouse

If you want to run your biker gang from a central location within the city, then the Pillbox Hill Clubhouse is the one for you. You can enjoy all the perks and amenities that Downtown Los Santos has to offer by owning this Clubhouse.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 1-Story Clubhouse.
  • There’s an Ammu-Nation right around the corner.
  • Since it’s in an alley, it’s great for a getaway location.
  • It’s right next to the Olympic Freeway.

Location: 75 Elgin Avenue


7. La Mesa Clubhouse (GTA$ 449,000)

The La Mesa Clubhouse

For those who like hanging around the outskirts of the city, the La Mesa Clubhouse is the one for them. It’s located at a reasonable distance from the hustle and bustle of the city, and you won’t find much trouble looming around it.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 2-Story Clubhouse.
  • There’s relatively less traffic around it.
  • The Elysian Fields Freeway is just to its east.
  • It’s situated right on Capital Boulevard and is easily accessible.

Location: 137 Capital Blvd.


6. Rancho Clubhouse (GTA$ 420,000)

The Rancho Clubhouse

The Rancho Clubhouse is based on the south side of Los Santos. It’s at a fair distance from places where all the action might happen. Plus, there are some other possible business locations as well within its area.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 1-Story Clubhouse.
  • It’s got various points of approach for easy accessibility.
  • It’s in a generally less crowded area.
  • There’s a fence in front of it which might offer you some protection.

Location: 1334 Roy Lowenstein Blvd.


5. Vespucci Beach Clubhouse (GTA$ 395,000)

The Vespucci Beach Clubhouse

The Vespucci Beach Clubhouse is the one for beach bums. It’s right next to Vespucci Beach and is the perfect spot to run back and get some breathing room while fighting stubborn griefers at the beach.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 2-Story Clubhouse.
  • It’s located right at the end of Goma Street and next to the beach walkway.
  • There’s a tattoo parlor, a barber shop, and the only masks store right next to it.
  • The looks of its surroundings are perfectly suited for a badass biker gang.

Location: 4 Goma Street


4. Del Perro Beach Clubhouse (GTA$ 365,000)

The Del Perro Beach Clubhouse

Within Los Santos, the Del Perro Beach Clubhouse is the best one. It’s reasonably priced and is ideally located around the best areas of the city. At a short distance, you can reach most of your inner-city businesses. In addition, the beach and the pier are right at its back as well.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 1-Story Clubhouse.
  • It’s right off the Great Ocean Highway.
  • There’s virtually zero traffic around it, as its access is at the end of the road.
  • You can purchase a CEO's Office, a high-end apartment, and a Nightclub at a short distance from it. 

Location: 7 Del Perro Beach


3. Grapeseed Clubhouse (GTA$ 225,000)

The Grapeseed Clubhouse

If you want a Clubhouse right next to the Alamo Sea, then the Grapeseed Clubhouse should cater to your desires. It’s right off the intersection between East Joshua and Seaview Road and is reasonably far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 2-Story Clubhouse.
  • It’s got an easy approach from all sides.
  • It’s in a relatively peaceful area where not many griefers or tryhards usually lurk around.
  • At a short distance towards the east is the Senora Freeway.

Location: 2111 East Joshua Road


2. Sandy Shores Clubhouse (GTA$ 210,000)

The Sandy Shores Clubhouse

The Sandy Shores Clubhouse is a great place for Redneck wannabes. It’s got the perfect rural feel around it and has all the stores and facilities around it which you’d otherwise enjoy in the city.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 1-Story Clubhouse.
  • Ammu-Nation, a tattoo parlor, a clothing store, etc. are all within its reach.
  • The Sandy Shores Airfield is right next to it.
  • It’s centrally located between all the MC businesses you can own in Blaine County.

Location: 47 Algonquin Blvd.


1. Great Chaparral Clubhouse (GTA$ 200,000)

The Great Chapparel Clubhouse

Hands down, the best Clubhouse in GTA Online is the Great Chapparal Clubhouse. It’s almost centrally located on the map, and it won’t put a dent in your pocket either. Its isolation on the map and strategic vicinity make it great for running a biker’s gang.

Facts about the Clubhouse:

  • It’s a 1-Story Clubhouse.
  • It’s the cheapest one in the game. 
  • It’s easily accessible from all sides and has plenty of space to land even a helicopter in front of it.
  • It’s right next to one of the best Facility locations and is in close proximity to the preferred locations of the three best money-making MC businesses.

Location: 101 Route 68





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