[Top 5] GTA Online Best Business For Solo

Best GTA Online businesses for solo
A variety of 3 businesses that players can purchase

GTA Online has many businesses that players can choose to buy, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some businesses can make hundreds of thousands in a few hours, whereas others will leave you feeling underwhelmed as it dawns on you that you’ll never get the money that you spent on the business back. This is why it’s important to do your research, so if you’re here then you must be doing your research right. In my experience, being able to run a GTA Online business solo is far better than with other players as they’ll always mess something up. So have a look below to see which businesses are the most profitable for solo players, and before you know it, you’ll have enough money to afford an Oppressor Mk II!


5. Import/Export: Vehicle warehouse

Likely one of the most fun ways to get into making quick money on GTA Online, Import/Export is totally worth it if you love stealing and flipping cars for quick cash! A Vehicle Warehouse starts at $1.5 million, but players will also need an executive office which starts at $1 million. So the entry cost comes to $2.5 million, which is quite a large sum of money to throw down on two buildings, but the perks and business that you get in return will make you millions if you are able to fill up the warehouse.

Cars come in three types, Top, Mid, and Standard. Players can thus make between $30,000 and $80,000 per car, and if they have 3 other people with them, they can up to 4 cars at once, making them $320,000 in just one trip! Here’s my list of reasons why the Import/Export business is great:

  • You get to steal cars, customise and then deliver them to sellers for a ridiculous return
  • The locations of the different Vehicle Warehouses are all good and easily accessible
  • There’s a lot of different types of vehicles that you can steal
  • It’s very easy to make a lot of money quickly
  • You can sell up to 4 cars at a time if you have 3 other friends helping you


4. Bunker

The bunker takes a lot of money to properly set up, but it comes with a lot of cool ways to make money, one of which is an entire heist! It’s best not to get the cheapest bunker though as driving to the other side of the map gets long and boring incredibly quickly, and the bunker is all about delivering cargo and shipments so, if possible, try and get one that is fairly close to the city for convenience.

Having the bunker also gives you the ability to upgrade your weaponized cars and weapons to shoot explosive bullets, which is very important to have if you want to survive in today’s GTA online lobbies. Overall though, the bunker is completely worth it as it gives you access to items and upgrades in the game that you cannot get by any other means, and these items and upgrades are super powerful! I’ve created a list below which outlines the benefits of owning a Bunker:

  • Gives you access to upgrades that are insanely overpowered in the game
  • You get an entire bunker, this is a great way to show off to your friends
  • The heist that you get with the bunker will pay off the bunker in
  • Selling the stock that you collect can pay you hundreds of thousands of GTA dollars
  • Major discounts on a variety of heavily armoured vehicles, potentially saving you millions


3. Coke Lock Up

The Coke Lock Up is one of the more underrated businesses in GTA Online, as it is generally considered to be quite a small business for making money. While this is true when not upgraded, having the Coke Lock Up fully maxed out will reap rewards of around $420k every 4 hours. This is a great business for anyone who is looking to work their way up to getting larger businesses such as the Bunker.

The majority of missions and work required to keep the business functional is all doable with only one person, but some of the bigger missions can take a lot of time unless you have a friend to help you. Compared to other business entry costs though, this one is fairly cheap, starting at only $935,000. There are however upgrades which cost around $500,000 each, so beware of that.

  • You only need an MC clubhouse to get started with the business, which is significantly cheaper than having to buy a CEO office
  • Great for passive income as the Cocaine Lockup runs itself in the background when the player is online, only requiring the player to restock the business every few hours
  • Players can make up to $74,000 an hour with minimal effort
  • Good and cheap locations to choose from
  • Perfect for the player that doesn’t like having to grind


2. Cargo Warehouse

One of the easiest and simplest businesses to get into is the Cargo Warehouse, this is a great starting business that can make you a ridiculous amount of money if you are dedicated and fast in collecting and selling cargo. Make sure to only do this business in a quiet lobby though as it is insanely annoying to watch all of the cargo that you’ve collected and on it’s way to be sold get destroyed by another player.

That said, getting into this business is very cheap, costing as little as $250,000. It is worth getting a larger cargo warehouse though so that you can fill up the delivery truck to its maximum capacity, and therefore get a larger payout. Below is a list of reasons why the Cargo Warehouse is a great investment for solo players:

  • Players can make around $2.22 million with a full large warehouse
  • A good way to pass the time
  • Can get a little repetitive, but the payouts are definitely worth it
  • The missions to collect the crates are very easy, and any solo player can do the missions without help from others
  • Affordable for new and broke players to get into 


1. Auto Shop

The Auto Shop is one of the newest businesses in GTA Online, and this one isn’t very profitable by itself, but it gives you access to mini heists which can earn you up to $250,000 every hour if the setups are done efficiently. The customer orders on the cars is also a fun little way to pass the time, and they can make you a small amount of money of around $60,000 if you complete an order whenever one comes in.

The Auto Shop is also good as it gives you storage for your personal vehicles, and it also gives you access to car customisations that you would have to otherwise unlock elsewhere in the game. It’s high price tag is a little off putting though, with the cheapest Auto Shop costing players $1,670,000! That’s not a cheap investment, however you could make that money back fairly quickly if you knew what you were doing. Here’s my list of reasons why the Auto Shop is great:

  • Access to customisations that you may have otherwise not unlocked
  • Easy mini heists are always appearing on here
  • Gives players a fun minigame of customising and delivering customer’s cars for a decent amount of profit
  • Good locations in the city
  • A good business for those who are also looking to get into making a lot of money to invest in the Los Santos Tuners update


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