[Top 10] GTA Online Best Nightclub Locations To Buy

Best Nightclub Locations in GTA Online
Party time!

Party like a Prohibition-era gangster

Get ready to hit the town in style and party like there's no tomorrow. Los Santos provides you with the exquisite opportunity to experience nightclubs where the people never sleep and the drinks never stop flowing. 

From the neon-lit streets of Los Santos to the beachside bars of Vespucci, there's no shortage of hotspots to dance the night away.

While the nightclub patrons stay busy indulging in all sorts of vices around the club, you can covertly run your illicit trades in the nightclub’s basement and stack up huge profits in return. 

However, doing that efficiently would require you to center your nightclub around the best parts of town. Easy access to highways is crucial for this.

Here are the 10 best locations you can look into for running your Nightclub business.


10. Elysian Island

Price: GTA$ 1,080,000

The Elysian Island Nightclub is the perfect spot for getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoying your after-hours dancing to pumping beats in peace. It’s at the docks and isolated from all sorts of griefers and tryhards.

Facts about the Elysian Island Nightclub:

  • It’s the southernmost nightclub on the map, right next to the sea.
  • It’s the cheapest nightclub in the game.
  • It has a great open area right in front of it to land your helicopter.
  • Its surroundings are very peaceful.



Start at 2:59

Price: GTA$ 1,135,000

If your flight leaves in a few hours and you have some spare time to enjoy, then head on over to the LSIA Nightclub and bust out some mile-high moves before you board the plane.

Facts about the LSIA Nightclub:

  • It’s right next to the airport. You can leave half drunk in your jet rather than in your sports car.
  • It’s in close vicinity to the La Puerta Freeway.
  • Both the garage and nightclub access are fairly open.
  • It’s located in a relatively less crowded area.


8. Cypress Flats

Start at 6:52

Price: GTA$ 1,370,000

Another great nightclub location to please the night owls of the city is Cypress Flats. It’s in an area that’s beyond the interests of people who want to annoy you. Plus, there are some great amenities surrounding it too.

Facts about the Cypress Flats Nightclub:

  • It’s located right on El Rancho Blvd. with the garage opening right on the road.
  • There’s a large Ammu-Nation at walking distance from it.
  • You can also run some of your other businesses in this area.
  • You can access the Elysian Fields Freeway at a short distance from it. 


7. Mission Row

Start at 9:22

Price: GTA$ 1,440,000

Nestled within the commercial center of Downtown Los Santos is the Mission Row Nightclub. It’s one for those who work overtime and don’t have the luxury of going back home to freshen up before hitting the dance floor.

Facts about the Mission Row Nightclub:

  • It’s located well within the city.
  • There’s an Ammu-Nation not too far from here.
  • The Olympic Freeway is right across from it.
  • It’s located inside an alley, making it well covered from all sorts of aggressors.


6. West Vinewood

Start at 25:42

Price: GTA$ 1,700,000

If you want to live your criminal life like a true posh brat, then you should own the West Vinewood Nightclub without even thinking twice. It’s the flashiest one in the game and is in the most exclusive part of Vinewood.

Facts about the West Vinewood Nightclub:

  • It’s the most expensive nightclub in the game.
  • It’s fairly within reach of the main roads.
  • An Arcade and a high-end apartment can be owned close to it.
  • You can flex your wealthy kingpin status with it.


5. Vespucci Canals

Start at 4:53

Price: GTA$ 1,320,000

If you’re an avid beachgoer, then you should definitely invest your hard-earned money in the Vespucci Canals Nightclub. It’s reasonably priced and is ideal for those who want the best mix of low price and decent locality.

Facts about the Vespucci Canals Nightclub:

  • It’s in close proximity to a lot of other businesses.
  • It’s the cheapest one that’s not too far off from the city center.
  • The main roads are a stone’s throw away from it.
  • The traffic around the area is generally quite limited.


4. La Mesa

Start at 12:53

Price: GTA$ 1,500,000

If you really don’t care about what’s going on in the city center, then it’s best you set up your nightclub business in La Mesa. The La Mesa Nightclub is the perfect choice for those who want to party beyond the premises of Downtown yet still enjoy all the amenities the city has to offer.

Facts about the La Mesa Nightclub:

  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • It’s got a ton of great possible business locations around it that you can own.
  • Ammu-Nation and LS Customs are just beside it.
  • It’s right below the Olympic Freeway interchange, meaning that you can get great access to the best roads for sell missions.


3. Del Perro

Start at 20:15

Price: GTA$ 1,645,000

The Del Perro Nightclub has everything right going for it. It’s got the iconic Del Perro Pier within its vicinity, and a lot of stores and shops are at a fair distance from it.  Plus, it looks like an actual nightclub from the outside and not an old run-down warehouse.

Facts about the Del Perro Nightclub:

  • The Del Perro Freeway is literally right next to it. Selling Nightclub goods from here is going to be a breeze for you.
  • It has an easy approach to the Great Ocean Highway as well.
  • Most other properties in the game can be bought around it.
  • A helicopter can be landed at the open space close to the garage entrance.


2. Strawberry

Start at 16:29

Price: GTA$ 1,525,000

The Strawberry Nightclub is located in the heart of the city. Right around the corner from Benny’s, this nightclub is definitely for those who don’t want to miss out on whatever action that might be happening in the city. Nonetheless, if you get tired of dancing here, you can always walk over to the strip club a block away from it.

Facts about the Strawberry Nightclub:

  • It’s centrally located.
  • It’s got great access to the Olympic Freeway.
  • An Ammu-Nation and a bunch of stores and shops are around it.
  • You can buy a CEO office not too far from here.


1. Downtown Vinewood

Start at 23:11

Price: GTA$ 1,670,000

The best nightclub to buy for maximizing your profits from selling nightclub goods is the Downtown Vinewood Nightclub. It’s got the perfect position on the map for the optimal delivery route for your nightclub sell vehicles and doesn’t pose many obstacles or hurdles on the way that you’d have to otherwise face.

Facts about the Downtown Vinewood Nightclub:

  • It’s neatly located next to Vinewood Blvd. with not much traffic flow in front of it.
  • It’s at a prime location for an easy drive to Blaine County through the hills.
  • Not too far from it, towards the east, is the Los Santos Freeway.
  • Its garage entrance is right on Power Street, and there’s plenty of room next to it for landing a helicopter.



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