GTA Online Best Heavy Weapons (All Heavy Weapons Ranked Worst To Best)

Bring out the big guns, it's war!

GTA Online can sometimes throw dozens of cars and helicopters at you, so you always find yourself in need of quickly clearing an area, dealing as much destruction as possible to vehicles and players. Today, we’ll rank all the best heavy weapons you can use.

Why are Heavy Weapons important in GTA Online?

  • Great for crowd control
  • Anti-vehicles and aircraft
  • Good for area denial during missions and heists

In this list, we will rank heavy weapons from worst to best, and we’ll tell you why. Let’s get to it.


9. Firework Launcher

  First on our list is the fireworks launcher; it’s an Independence Day special weapon. Rockstar always releases it for a limited-time purchase.

It’s a rocket launcher that shoots an explosive firework that makes a special sound and lights up the night sky in Los Santos. It deals low damage and barely kills players; it sets props and players on fire.

You also can’t blow up vehicles using it, so just use it as a utility tool. It’s so much fun to light everything up with fireworks.

What the Firework Launcher excels at:

  • Visual effects: great fireworks light show
  • Exclusive: unavailable for purchase beyond Independence Day event. 
  • Fire hazard: you can set vehicles and players on fire.

How to get the Firework Launcher:

  • Reward for logging in during Independence Day event

Firework Launcher Details:

  • Description: Put the flair back in flare with this firework launcher, guaranteed to raise some oohs and aahs from the crowd. 
  • Ammo capacity: 20 rockets
  • Unlocks at Rank 1 (GTA Online)


8. Compact EMP Launcher

  Next is the Compact EMP Launcher, a handheld pistol-like grenade launcher that shoots an EMP grenade that shuts down electronics and engines.

Ever since Rockstar added this weapon with The Contract DLC, players have found very little use for it apart from certain situations. It only disables electronics for five seconds and has a one-shot reload mechanic.

It’s fun to use to troll players or stop targets from escaping.

What the Compact EMP Launcher excels at:

  • Useful against specific targets: to kick NPC targets out of vehicles
  • Compact: light and can be carried
  • Drive-by capable: can be shot from a motorcycle

How to get the Compact EMP Launcher:

  • Can be bought from the Agency Armoury for $525,000
  • Available to all players from the Gun Van 

Compact EMP Launcher details:

  • Description: Have you ever seen a confetti cannon? The Compact EMP Launcher is just like that, but instead of colourful paper and happiness, it's an electromagnetic pulse, short circuits, and shattered dreams.
  • Ammo capacity: single-shot
  • Price: $525,000


7. Compact Grenade Launcher

  Next is another handheld pistol-like grenade launcher, except this one shoots an actual grenade that bounces off or explodes on impact. It’s part of the biker update.

Unlike the compact EMP launcher, this one is actually really good to use against vehicles on your bike. It shoots a single grenade that explodes on impact or shortly after bouncing, which makes it a perfect anti-chase weapon if you’re in trouble.

What the Compact Grenade Launcher excels at:

  • Can be fired from boats and motorcycles, making them perfect for ending chases
  • Quick reload: even faster than the marksman pistol
  • Alternative to other grenade launchers: if you’re underleveled

How to get the Compact Grenade Launcher:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation

Compact Grenade Launcher details:

  • Description: Traditionally, the problem with high-grade explosives is that you need to have your feet firmly planted on the ground. Well, problem solved. Lobbing grenades from a motorcycle has never felt so finely balanced.
  • Ammo capacity: 1 grenade
  • Price: $45,000


6. Widowmaker

  Part of the Arena War update, the Widowmaker is a futuristic version of the minigun that shoots red plasma rounds. It’s always a fun little light show when you’re using it.

The Widowmaker is identical to the Minigun; it shoots at the same rate and does the exact damage points, so the difference between the two is purely cosmetic. It’s an excellent anti-vehicle weapon that can destroy most vehicles in a few seconds due to its high fire rate and precision.

The only downside to it is the price, but it should be worth it considering you need Rank 120 for the cheaper Minigun.

What the Widowmaker excels at:

  • DPS: shoots an insane 3000 rounds per minute with minimal recoil
  • Anti-vehicle: perfect for helicopters and cars
  • 9999 rounds: you can shoot all rounds without reloading

How to get the Widowmaker:

  • Can be bought from Agency Armoury for $499,000
  • Can also be bought from the Gun Van

Widowmaker Details:

  • Description: Republican Space Ranger Special "OKAY, SAY I am PAYING FOR SOMETHING."
  • Ammo capacity: 9,999 rounds
  • Price: $13,500
  • Unlocks at GTA Rank (50) 


5. Railgun

Next is the Railgun, a prototype weapon that was added for purchase (it used to be an exclusive for GTA V) to GTA Online with the Santos Drug Wars Update.

The railgun is a weapon that fires a metallic round at a supersonic speed, which basically means you’re firing a rocket at 750 m/s. Anything that this gun hits is guaranteed to be destroyed.

It’s an excellent weapon to use against vehicles; all you need is accuracy. Due to the small blast radius, I highly suggest you use it against bigger (or static) vehicles.

What the Railgun excels at:

  • Quick destruction: hits your target instantly
  • Satisfying: futuristic model and firing sound
  • Brutal: blows up anything you hit at 225 damage.

How to get Railgun:

  • Buy from the Gun Van

Railgun details: 

  • Description: All you need to know is that magnets do horrible things to the things they're pointed at.
  • Price: $730,000
  • Capacity: 20 rounds


4. Rocket Launcher

Next is the Rocket Launcher, based on the famous RPG-7. It’s a common weapon in and out of Grand Theft Auto games.

The Rocket Launcher fires a rapidly propelled grenade that can blow up in a five-metre radius and travel up to 300 metres. This thing can destroy cars, players, and helicopters if you’re accurate enough with your movement anticipation.

It’s an excellent choice for destruction; the only downside to it is the rank required to unlock it (100) and its low accuracy, meaning you’d have much better choices when you’re that far into GTA Online.

What the Rocket Launcher excels at:

  • Vehicle: excellent for helicopters and cars
  • Fast and good range: you can hit anything if you’re accurate enough
  • Reload: good reload speed and can carry 20 rockets.

How to get the Rocket Launcher:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation

Rocket Launcher Details:

  • Description: A portable, shoulder-launched anti-tank weapon that fires explosive warheads Very effective for taking down vehicles or large groups of assailants.
  • Unlocked at rank 100
  • Purchased for $36,500 at Ammu-Nation.


3. Grenade Launcher

The Grenade Launcher is based on the real-life MGL; it launches grenades that explode on impact or seconds after landing. It’s a base-game weapon.

This one is an excellent purchase for both new and veteran players. The Grenade Launcher fires 10 rounds before reloading and can blow up vehicles on impact. There’s also no need to aim up because it compensates for gravity when firing, so you’re getting good accuracy, good damage, and good performance overall.

It’s a simple yet effective weapon; you can’t go wrong with it.

What the Grenade Launcher excels at:

  • Ammo capacity: fires 10 explosive rounds before having to reload
  • Impact: 40mm rounds that explode on impact
  • Versatile: good for both PVP and PVE

How to get the Grenade Launcher:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation
  • Found during Survival missions

Grenade Launcher Details:

  • Description: A compact, lightweight grenade launcher with semi-automatic functionality Holds up to 10 rounds.
  • Ammo capacity: 10 rounds
  • Price: $32,400


2. Minigun

  Next is the Minigun, a gatling-style rotating barrel machine gun that shoots 3000 rounds per second. It’s been in various GTA games, so it’s a signature weapon at this point.

The Minigun can shoot all 9,999 rounds continuously at an insane rate of fire, making it a perfect weapon against all sorts of vehicles, especially unarmed ones. You can take out a helicopter faster than a Rocket Launcher.

Even though it limits your movements and you can’t use it behind cover, this one is definitely a must-have.

What the Minigun excels at:

  • DPS: very high fire rate combined with good damage
  • Anti-vehicle: you can destroy a helicopter in seconds
  • Capacity: 9,999, all ready to use without reloading

How to get the Minigun:

  • Bought from Ammu-Nation
  • Can be found in various activities like gang wars and survival.

Minigun details: 

  • Description: A devastating 6-barrel machine gun that features Gatling-style rotating barrels Very high rate of fire (2000 to 6000 rounds per minute).
  • Ammo capacity: 9,999
  • Price: $50,000.
  • Unlocks at rank 120


1. Homing Launcher

The best heavy weapon in GTA Online is the Homing Launcher. The lock-on feature completely changes how GTA Online is played, both PVE and PVP.

The Homing Launcher is a lock-on missile launcher that fires 400 KPH missiles at targets up to 300 metres away; it can follow the targets for up to 1000 metres. This is very problematic for everyone because it’s the perfect formula for an anti-aircraft weapon; you can effortlessly take down jets and helicopters with it.

Ground vehicles also can’t escape the missiles easily; after the two-second lock-on, you’re almost guaranteed to hit your target even if they’re moving away fast.

The Homing Launcher is available for purchase right as you start GTA Online, and it’s very affordable, so it’s a mistake not to use it.

What the Homing Launcher excels at:

  • Lock-on: follows a locked-on vehicle until it’s destroyed
  • Damage: blows up unarmed vehicles with one missile
  • Versatile: can be used against cars, planes, fighter jets, anything.
  • Accessible: unlocked at rank 1

How to get Homing Launcher:

  • Buy at Ammu-Nation
  • Found in your yacht or hangar.

Homing Launcher Details:

  • Description: An ex-Military infrared-guided missile launcher Is it strictly approved for civilian use? No. But will anyone be able to drive away fast enough to report you? Now you’re asking the right questions. 
  • Price: $75.000
  • Capacity: 10 rounds


That’s it for our list; we hope you enjoyed reading it!

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