[Top 7] GTA Online Best Armored Vehicles

A variant of the Insurgent causing chaos
A variant of the Insurgent causing chaos

GTA Online’s public lobbies are dangerous nowadays, generally this is caused by insanely high-leveled players who are bored from not having anything else to do, so instead go about murdering other players for amusement.

The best way to defend against these players is to either fight back, which quite frankly is like playing Dark Souls, or by escaping in a heavily armored vehicle. If you chose escaping, then you’re in luck as Rockstar have released a good variety of different armored vehicles to suit every type of player.

The best part is that they’re fairly well priced, so you won’t be breaking the bank! So, what are you waiting for? Have a look below to see the 7 best armored vehicles.


7. Insurgent

The Insurgent is one of the most commonly used armored vehicles in GTA Online because of it’s low price, size, power, and armor. Being able to withstand 6-7 sticky bombs, or 3 tank shells from a Rhino Tank, it’s a great choice for people who are trying to transport their friends around GTA’s hectic online sessions. Sadly though, the Insurgent isn’t great for customization and will therefore look very similar to other people’s Insurgents. Another downside to the Insurgent is it’s large windshield, which makes it easy for other players to kill the driver if face-to-face.

Other than that, the Insurgent is one of the best armored vehicles! If you like the Insurgent but need a heavy gun attached, check out the Insurgent Pick Up or Insurgent Pick Up Custom. Here’s my reasons why the Insurgent is a great armored vehicle:

  • Affordable at $897,750
  • Great for transporting friends
  • All-terrain vehicle
  • Great armour against explosives


6. Nightshark

The Nightshark is very similar to the Insurgent, but can take up to 27 homing missiles when fully upgraded. Again, like the Insurgent, the non-bulletproof windows are the only downside to this vehicle, as otherwise it would be one of the best armored vehicles. The Nightshark also comes with four front-facing machine guns, and while these can’t be aimed easily, they have decent firepower and can easily kill players when used properly. Players can also tow an Anti-Aircraft Trailer if they need to defend from above, and this easily puts the Nightshark as one of the best armored vehicles in the game.

Also, the Nightshark is able to easily go off-road, thanks and it looks like a futuristic military vehicle so you’ll be impressing a lot of players when driving this. However, the price tag of $1,245,000 is likely enough to put players off of buying this vehicle, but the customization and added armor that you get with it make it a beast of a vehicle. I’ve made a summary of what makes this vehicle great:

  • Outstanding armor
  • Comes with an anti-aircraft trailer
  • Has machine four machine guns on the front
  • Drives more like a sports car than an armored car


5. Duke O’Death

The Duke O’Death is one of the cooler armored vehicles on this list, mainly because it looks like something out of a Mad Max movie. Having fairly standard armor ratings, the Duke O’Death can only withstand 4 homing launchers and 1 sticky bomb. Thankfully, the car’s speed and protection from bullets makes this car great if you’re trying to quickly get from point A to B without being killed a zillion times.

The Duke O’Death is also a great vehicle for ramming other vehicles, which makes it ideal when chasing other players.  Because the Duke O’Death doesn’t have much other than armor, it’s incredibly affordable at only $665,000. For returning GTA Online players, it’ll either be $279,000 or even free! This makes it a great car for people who like to play the game solo or with one other friend. Below is a list of why the Duke O’Death is great:

  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Good protection against explosives and bullets
  • Does wheelies


4. The Barrage

The Barrage is one of the pricier armored vehicles on GTA online, and will set players back $2,121,350. However, it’s an ideal vehicle for fighting against rocket launchers as it can take up to 12 missiles! The vehicle is also suited well for offroad, but it’s lightness means that any explosives will throw the car around a bit. The Barrage is most suited for players with at least two friends since it comes with two mounted machine guns - one on the front and one on the rear.

These machine guns can be upgraded to either a minigun or grenade launcher. The vehicle's one downside however is it’s lack of protection against the driver, wherein there’s literally no windshield. The Barrage does however make up for this by being easily maneuverable and fast, and for that reason it’s on this list. I’ve summarised what makes the Barrage great below:

  • Two mounted guns that can be upgraded or swapped for more powerful guns
  • Light and fast
  • Excellent off-roader
  • Great armor protection against rocket launchers


3. The armored Kuruma

The armored Kuruma is a great alternative for players who want a sports car that has 4 seats and great protection against bullets. The armored Kuruma is suited for the streets and the highway, trading armor for speed.

This makes the armored Kuruma very vulnerable to explosives, and alright against any high-calibre bullets. This vehicle is more suited towards newer players who can’t afford other armored vehicles, and at a price of $698,250, the armored Kuruma is great for heists and other high-stake missions. Below is a list of why the armored Kuruma is an excellent armored vehicle:

  • Affordable for new players
  • Fast on roads
  • Offers excellent protection against bullets
  • Holds up to four players


2. Paragon R (Armored)

Costing players $905,000, the Paragon R (armored) is an excellent armored vehicle for both it’s looks, speed and style. Similar to the armored Kuruma, the Paragon R is simply a better version of it. This is clear when you see that the Paragon R (armored) comes with two machine guns on the front of the vehicle, and armor to protect the player from one direct explosive hit, and bullet-resistant glass that can withstand up to 15 standard rounds before breaking. The Paragon R (armored) is also a stylish and modern sports car, and it has a lot of customization so players can make theirs unique. Below is a list of what makes the Paragon R (armored) an excellent armored car:

  • Low cost
  • Machine guns on the front
  • Bullet-resistant glass
  • Houses a lot of power and speed for an armored vehicle


1. Toreador

The Toreador is one of the more interesting armored vehicles on this list, and has some of the coolest features out of any other vehicle mentioned above. The Toreador comes with dual machine guns, a missile launcher, and a torpedo launcher! Did I say torpedoes? That’s right, this vehicle can also change into a submarine with the click of a button. The Toreador also has a booster to allow the car to quickly accelerate and get out of messy situations quickly.

The defence on the vehicle is fairly good, as it can take six rockets, but players can easily kill the driver thanks to the large glass windshield and doors.The Toreador has a good list of customization options, but it’s main feature is its ability to hide from enemies by going underwater. Sadly though, the Toreador is only available to multi-millionaire players, costing them $3,660,000. But, if you want an awesome armored vehicle then this is the one to get. I’ve created a short list of why the Toreador is the best armored vehicle in GTA Online:

  • Ability to go underwater
  • Has dual machine guns, a missile launcher, and a torpedo launcher
  • Holds up to four players
  • Has similar speed and handling to the Paragon R (armored)


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