[Guide] GTA Online Best Ways To Get RP (Top 10 Ways)

Best ways to get RP in GTA Online
Ranking up is important!

Reputation Matters!

To reach the ranks of an established Kingpin in Los Santos, you will need to acquire a lot of RP. In GTA Online, RP is basically the points needed to rank up your character, and your progression in the game is directly tied to it. By ranking up, you unlock plenty of new weapons, vehicle modifications, and missions. Additionally, every time you rank up, the RP required to reach the successive rank will be more than the previous one.

Almost every activity in the game will earn you some RP, but if you’re keen on ranking up fast, then you’ll have to filter down the activities that get you the most RP. Some earn you more RP than others, and there’s really no reason why you should be wasting your time on doing stuff that won’t even benefit you.

This article lists the 10 best ways to earn RP and rank up fast in GTA Online.


10. Evading the cops

Running away from the Po Po

The last thing you want while going about your day in GTA Online is getting chased endlessly by the cops. As much of a nuisance as the cops are in the game, taking your escape from them as a challenge is going to earn you a decent amount of RP. It’s not much, but for fun’s sake, you can spend hours wreaking havoc across the map while the cops try to hunt you down.

Evading 1 star wanted level will get you 100 RP. Similarly, evading 2, 3, 4, and 5 stars will get you 200, 300, 400, and 500 RP, respectively.

To earn RP by evading the cops:

  • Start causing a massacre on the streets; blow up cars, shoot civilians, etc.
  • Wait until you get a wanted level, indicated by stars on the top right.
  • Once the cops arrive, fight them back to get more wanted-level stars.
  • As soon as you get an entire platoon chasing you, keep fighting them and survive as long as you can.
  • By the time you get tired, try evading them by getting out of their sight. Fly around or hide in alleys. The most efficient way to lose wanted levels is by hiding in the sewer system beneath the city.
  • Once you get rid of them, you’ll earn yourself a chunky bit of RP.


9. Racing


Driving skillfully in GTA Online is an art you should start practicing when you log in. The cars in the game aren’t just for running errands or escaping the LSPD. You can use them for races and make a boatload of RP by winning. 

There are various markers for races spread across the entire map. You can either go to one of the markers and start a race, or you can simply access the jobs menu and select the race you want to play. The RP you earn from races varies between 100 – 500. 

To start a race:

  • Go to Rockstar Created Jobs through the pause menu.
  • Select one of the many categories of races from there.
  • Adjust the race settings and wait for people to join.
  • Choose a fast and controllable car.
  • Once the race starts, try to get a boost by hitting the gas at “GO”.
  • Keep an eye out for Bonus Weeks in the game, as sometimes Races will have boosted payouts and RP.


8. Survivals

Death is not an option

A great way to enjoy GTA Online is to survive endless waves of enemies trying to pin you down. These missions are referred to as Survivals in the game, and they’re a fun and challenging way to earn RP. You will get RP for killing every enemy that’s looking for you, and you’ll have a whole lot of enemies to eliminate. 

By the time you complete the 10th round, you can expect to earn around GTA$ 30,000 cash and 3000 RP.

To play Survivals:

  • Go to Rockstar Created Jobs from the pause menu.
  • Scroll down to Survivals.
  • Select a survival of your choice.
  • Start the survival and invite your friends for more fun and teamwork.
  • Keep an eye out for Bonus Weeks in the game, as sometimes Survivals will have boosted payouts and RP.
  • Enjoy!


7. Adversary Modes

Fun form of entertainment

If you get tired of playing freeroam missions in GTA Online, you can always live true to your combative spirit by playing Adversary Modes. The types of game modes you have at your disposal are just amazing. From team deathmatches to fighting in a sumo-style setting in your car, you just don’t run out of what you can possibly do. 

Jump on these jobs and begin scourging your rivals with full force, while also earning tons of RP on the side. You can expect to make 1000 – 5000 RP through Adversary Modes.

To play Adversary Modes:

  • Go to Rockstar Created Jobs from the pause menu.
  • Scroll down to Adversary Modes.
  • Select a mission of your choice.
  • Start the mission and invite your friends for more fun and teamwork.
  • Keep an eye out for Bonus Weeks in the game, as sometimes Adversary Modes will have boosted payouts and RP.
  • Enjoy!


6. Become a Bodyguard/Associate/MC Member

All about teamwork

Working as a Bodyguard/Associate/MC Member in GTA Online is a fun way for you to boost your RP as a beginner. You work for a VIP/CEO/MC President and complete jobs and challenges with them. Moreover, you must protect your boss and make sure they don’t die. 

The way you earn RP is by sticking close to your boss and riding around with them. You earn RP periodically. By being in close proximity to your boss, you earn 200 RP. Riding in the same vehicle as your boss earns you 400 RP, and you get 600 RP by driving a vehicle in which your boss is seated as a passenger.

Becoming a Bodyguard/Associate/MC Member is one of those fun activities in the game that also somewhat boosts your sense of comradery with other players. You can make good friends in the game this way.

To become a Bodyguard/Associate/MC Member:

  • Open your interaction menu.
  • For becoming a Bodyguard/Associate, scroll down and select SecuroServ.
  • Then set the “Looking for Work” option to “On”.
  • You’ll receive an invite on your phone from VIPs or CEOs in the lobby who want to hire. 
  • To become an MC Member, just wait for an invite from an MC President in the session. You’ll receive a notification, and you can join through your phone.
  • Keep an eye out for Bonus Weeks in the game, as sometimes Bodyguards/Associates/MC Members will have boosted payouts and RP.


5. Collectibles

A great hobby

The map of GTA Online is huge by many metrics and scattered around the huge map are collectible items. Of course, collectibles being an umbrella term for media sticks, movie props, action figures, etc., and destroying signal jammers. You’ll be notified about most of them through in-game notifications. 

You might say it’s a tedious task, but the best part is that all the locations and guides for these collectibles are available online. By collecting them, you’ll earn cash and RP.

The list of collectibles in the game are:

  • Playing Cards (54 in total) map.
  • Impotent Rage Action Figures (100 in total) map.
  • Signal Jammers (50 in total) map.
  • Movie Props (10 in total) map.
  • Media Sticks (8 in total) map.
  • Peyote Plants (76 in total) Seasonal map.
  • Weapon Components (5 in total) map.
  • LD Organics Product (100 in total) map.

Each collectible will earn you a minimum of 1000 RP. Aside from the above listed, there are also daily collectibles in the game.


4. Daily Objectives

Objectives on a daily basis

Once you log in to GTA Online every day, you will have three daily objectives to complete. By completing these objectives you will get cash and RP. The objectives are random and quite easy to complete. 

If you complete all three objectives, you will earn GTA$ 30,000 and 5000 RP. Completing them for seven days straight will get you GTA$ 150,000 and 20,000 RP. If you decide to complete them consecutively for 28 days, you will get GTA$ 750,000 and an astounding 50,000 RP.

To complete Daily Objectives:

  • Log in to GTA Online.
  • Open your Interaction Menu.
  • Scroll down and select Objectives.
  • Complete the given objectives.


3. Heists

The core of GTA Online

Getting your gear ready and maxing out on snacks and ammo, all for carrying out a heist with your close buddies, is probably one of the best feelings you can have in GTA Online. The story-driven heists in the game allure you to keep progressing so you can keep up with the events taking place across the city as a continuation of GTA V’s storyline.

What’s best about heists is that their payouts are one of the best, if not the best, in the game, and you can rank up at a good pace as well. By completing heists, you can expect to earn anywhere between 1000 – 15,000 RP.

To perform heists in GTA Online:

  • Buy the respective property for the heist you want to carry out. (High-end apartment for the OG Heists, Underground Facility for The Doomsday Heist, an Arcade for The Diamond Casino Heist, and the Kosatka submarine for The Cayo Perico Heist).
  • Complete all the heist setup missions and collect any extra equipment if necessary.
  • Perform the heist with trustworthy crew members.
  • Successfully execute the heist and enjoy your earnings and RP!


2. Contact Missions

Great objective-based missions

In GTA Online, Contact Missions are basically missions you do for various characters from the story mode, and a few new characters exclusive to GTA Online, in exchange for healthy sums of money. This is Rockstar’s way of keeping the story mode characters somewhat relevant in GTA Online.

For beginners, it’s a praiseworthy way of making a decent income and keeping up with the shenanigans of the person you do the missions for. As you rank up, you’ll unlock more missions. 

The RP you get from these missions has multiple variables. You can expect to earn 1000 – 4000 RP on average if the missions are completed within a set timeframe. A general rule of thumb is: the longer you spend time doing the mission, the more RP you will get.

To do a Contact Mission:

  • You can either phone the relevant NPC to request a job, wait for their text message for a mission, go to the initial letter of their name marked on the map, or simply start one of the missions in the missions list through the pause menu.
  • Once you start the mission, make sure to set the difficulty to “Hard” in order to receive maximum payouts and RP.
  • Follow whatever instructions are given and complete the mission successfully. 
  • Keep an eye out for Bonus Weeks in the game, as sometimes Contact Missions will have boosted payouts and RP.


1. Weekly bonus RP events and missions

The best way to earn RP

Every week in GTA Online, there are selected events, races, missions, etc. that give you double or triple the normal amount of cash and RP. Getting tied up in doing these missions and activities is not only a lucrative way of experiencing the game, but they will also help you rank up quite fast. 

The best part is that most of these events are fun to play, and once you start playing these, you just get sucked into it. By the time you get tired, you’ll realize your account balance is loaded and your player’s rank has increased dramatically too.

To play events and activities with boosted payouts:

  • Hop on to Rockstar Newswire and find out which events are giving 2x and 3x cash and RP.
  • Log in to GTA Online and start playing those events.
  • Continue playing them back-to-back.
  • Make sure you don’t just play them for RP but also to have fun as well. 



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