[Top 15] GTA Online Best Things To Buy From Early To Late Game

GTA Online Best Things To Buy From Early To Late Game
In the city of Los Santos, cash is king.

In the GTA Online world, it’s very important to buy the right things. With how expensive many things are, a single purchase could cost you days of grinding missions.

Some vehicles are more useful than others. For example, an attack helicopter worth a few million dollars is a better investment than the Luxor Deluxe, a golden private jet with a $10M price tag. Likewise, some businesses make more profit than others.

In this list, we’ve compiled some of the best purchases you can make in GTA Online from early to late game.


1. High-end Apartment

Home sweet home


First up on this list is a high-end apartment. Players have lots of properties to choose from, with the cheapest option only costing $200k.

At such a low price tag compared to other items, this should be one of the first things you buy. The heists are also a fun way to make money in the very early game.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Gives you access to OG heists, you also get first-time bonuses for playing them
  • Completing the heists gives you trade prices for multiple iconic vehicles, such as the next item in this list
  • Comes with a 10-car garage
  • Serves as a safehouse and spawn location


2. Armored Kuruma

The one and only bulletproof car you'll need


Now that you can do heists, you’ll need a solid armored vehicle to protect you during missions. Have no fear, the armored Kuruma is here.

Even though it’s not explosive-resistant, this bulletproof car will make most early-game missions easier. Plus, you unlock its trade price of $525k by completing the first heist in the game (The Fleeca Job).

What makes it worth buying:

  • The armor shields you from most gunfire, there’s only a few tiny angles where you can get shot from
  • You can use this car in missions and heists
  • Has 4 seats and is fast, making it the perfect getaway vehicle for your heist crew
  • Can shoot guns while inside (not all armored vehicles allow this)


3. Office

The beginning of your criminal empire awaits -- Buy an office space today!


One of the most important purchases in the early game is an executive office.

Other than being a safehouse, an office offers multiple abilities and perks. 

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Lets you register as a CEO – many businesses require you to be one to operate them
  • Perks include the ability to bribe cops, Ghost Organization (off-radar for you and your associates), CEO vehicle spawns (see #4 in this list), free snacks, and more
  • Able to hire up to 3 associates at once
  • Can be a spawn location if you buy the personal accommodation upgrade
  • Unlocks VIP work (easy freemode missions for quick money)


4. Buzzard Attack Chopper

The best way to get around Los Santos in the early game


The Buzzard is a weaponized helicopter and arguably one of the all-around best vehicles in the game (especially for beginners).

While there are better helicopters out there (stick around for #7), the Buzzard is wonderful for getting around Los Santos in the early game.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • You can spawn it in front of you as a CEO, making it great for missions
  • Can hold up to 4 players
  • Is decently fast, and has homing missiles
  • Very durable – you can land it hard without it exploding


5. Vehicle Warehouse

The perfect business if you love ill-gotten gains and cars...


Ever wanted to steal supercars, customize them to your liking, and then sell them to elite clients? If so, the vehicle warehouse is your next dream opportunity.

With the cheapest warehouse at only $1.5M and up to $80k of profit for each top-range car sold, this is one way to make good money early on. 

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Vehicle cargo is fun to do, easy to grind, and can be done solo
  • If you never sell standard and mid-range vehicles, you’ll eventually get missions where you only ever steal top-range vehicles (which make you the most money)
  • Though not necessary, a Cargobob will make export missions easier and faster
  • Can do these missions while you wait for cooldowns of better money-making methods to expire


6. Kosatka

Who knew a nuclear submarine would be one of the best investments you could make?


Next up on this list is the Kosatka, a nuclear-powered submarine.

Though it has a minimum cost of $2.2M, acquiring this enormous vessel should be a top priority for any player starting out. Why? Four words: The Cayo Perico heist.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • You get to play the Cayo Perico heist, rated one of the best ways to make money in GTA Online, especially for solo players
  • If done alone, heist payout is usually $1M to $1.2M for ~1 hour of work, and has a cooldown of about 2.5 hours
  • Can equip the submarine with guided missiles (fun to play around with)
  • Allows you to “teleport” around the map with the fast travel feature
  • You’re off the radar any time your Kosatka is submerged


7. Sparrow

Ever thought about slapping missiles on a miniature helicopter? Now you can!


If you’re going to get the Kosatka, you need to get the Sparrow.

This quick helicopter, starting at about $1.8M, will make your life a lot easier when doing the Cayo Perico heist.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Can store it in your Kosatka and use it for quick transportation to and from the submarine, making the Cayo Perico heist quicker
  • One of the fastest helicopters in the game
  • Can upgrade it with homing missiles


8. Agency

Introducing one of the best updates for making money solo


Introduced in the Contract DLC, the agency is a business that you can co-own with Franklin Clinton. In this business, you’ll do random jobs for rich clients (security contracts), as well as assassination missions (payphone hits).

Other than making money with the security contracts and payphone hits (which are usually easy missions), you’ll also get to work for Dr. Dre in the VIP Contract.

Since you can do the agency missions solo, it’s a great business to invest in after grinding the Cayo Perico heist a few times.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • One of the best businesses for making money, especially for solo players
  • VIP Contract pays out $1M for about 90 minutes of work
  • Security contracts earn you $30k-$70k for about 10 minutes of work and have a 5-minute cooldown
  • Payphone hits earn you up to $45k for about 5 minutes of work and have a 10-minute cooldown
  • Comes with a free helicopter, and you can get missile lock-on jammers and armor plate mods on some cars if you get the vehicle workshop


9. Acid Lab

Your drug empire on wheels


Calling all Breaking Bad fans! If you ever wanted to run a mobile drug lab, you’re in luck. However, you’ll be producing acid instead of blue meth.

To start your drug operation, just complete the First Dose missions and then pay $750k to convert a stolen Brickade 6x6 into a functioning acid lab.

Once you do 10 Fooligan Jobs (available after completing one First Dose mission), you can upgrade the acid lab’s equipment for $250k, improving the lab’s output.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Once upgraded, this is one of the best partially passive income sources in the game – just buy supplies and once the lab is full, sell the acid
  • Pays for itself quickly, you can make around $500k each time you sell in a full lobby
  • Only takes about 4 hours to produce a full lab (if upgraded)
  • This is a very low maintenance business if you buy supplies, you’ll just have to do sell missions


10. Nightclub

Your one-stop-shop for partially passive income in GTA Online


It’s time to party with this next investment! Added in the After Hours update, the nightclub is yet another business available for purchase.

This trendy business venture allows you to profit off of club operations and existing businesses you may own (special cargo, bunker, motorcycle club businesses, etc.).

Even if you don’t already have all of the other businesses, it’s worth investing in the nightclub now. You can grind the VIP Contract and Cayo Perico heist to save up for the other businesses.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • One of the best partially passive income businesses in the game after all upgrades and once the most profitable businesses are bought
  • Can earn around $50k/hr in your wall safe if your popularity is maxed out, and source almost $50k worth of product each hour if you have 5 technicians assigned to the most profitable goods
  • You need a nightclub to store a Terrorbyte (see #11), which allows you to upgrade one of the best vehicles in the game (see #12)


11. Terrorbyte

Take your criminal empire on the road with the Terrorbyte


The Terrorbyte is essentially a command center on wheels. It lets you run your criminal empire on the go.

I’ll admit it, I rarely use the Terrorbyte. Other than doing Client Jobs to get the Oppressor Mk II’s trade price, I only used it to upgrade the Oppressor with homing missiles. I’d probably find more use out of it if I still grinded missions.

Even if you never touch the Terrorbyte again after adding missiles to your Oppressor, it’s worth buying it for this single reason. Plus, you should have enough ways to make money at this point to justify spending the cash.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • You can start missions for your existing businesses inside the Terrorbyte
  • Gain access to Client Jobs – most are missions you can do solo
  • Very resistant to explosives (can tank up to 34 rockets)
  • The optional specialized workshop allows you to store and modify the Oppressor Mk II (see #12) – it’s the only way to add homing missiles to the hoverbike
  • Other optional upgrades include a weapons workshop, missile turret, and a drone system


12. Oppressor Mk II

A griefer's dream vehicle


You already know we had to include this one. Used by nearly every griefer in the game, the Oppressor Mk II is popular (and hated) for many reasons.

Even with an increased price tag of $8M ($6M trade price), this is one of the best vehicle investments in the game.

This hoverbike will serve you well no matter what rank you are – it’s that good.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • You can use it in most missions and spawn it next to you
  • Can equip it with homing missiles (one of the reasons why griefers love it)
  • It’s the perfect vehicle to get around and grind missions – it’s fast, can fly, and you can land it almost anywhere


13. Up-n-Atomizer

This gun is out of this world


When it comes to your gun loadout, don’t forget the Up-n-Atomizer.

This alien raygun is periodically sold by the Gun Van for $399k. While not the most urgent purchase, it’s worth getting whenever it’s in stock and you have cash to spend.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Sends NPCs and other players flying upon impact, making it fun to play with
  • Can “unstuck” your car, getting you out of annoying situations
  • Unlimited ammo, just wait a couple of seconds for it to recharge


14. Arcade

We're going retro with this one


Yet another business on this list, the arcade gives you access to the Diamond Casino heist.

If you enjoy grinding heists and you play with at least one friend, the arcade is worth considering. You can cycle between this and the Cayo Perico heist to avoid burnout.

The main reason why this is later in the list is because the Diamond Casino heist can’t be done alone and the Cayo Perico heist usually pays better for less time.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • The Diamond Casino heist is a simple way to make decent money if you like doing heists and have at least one other person to do the finale with
  • Heist payout depends on multiple things, but you can usually make $1M to $1.2M in about 1.5 hours of work
  • The master control terminal upgrade lets you manage your existing businesses, all in one place
  • Generates some passive income depending on how many arcade games you have (can earn up to $5k every 48 minutes)


15. Hangar

Assemble your personal air fleet


Last but not least, players should consider getting a hangar. 

Once you have the extra money to buy different helicopters and planes (especially in the late game), the hangar is a great investment for a few reasons.

Why it’s worth buying:

  • Can store and customize different aircraft, making them your personal vehicles
  • Since they’re your personal vehicles, you can spawn them in more convenient places than you would through Pegasus
  • If you get a Fort Zancudo hangar, you won’t get shot down when flying over the base


While these are our top 15 recommendations, there are many other vehicles we wanted to include here (but couldn’t)!

Do you agree with our list? Let us know what you think by commenting below!


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