[Top 5] GTA Online Best Underwater Vehicles

Best Underwater Vehicles in GTA Online

Rule the Underworld!

Much of the GTA Online gameplay is structured to be carried out on land. There’s a fair bit of gameplay that takes place in the air as well. What most players don’t really experience is the depth of the open sea in the game. 

The underwater world in GTA Online is full of magnificent vegetation and deep mysteries. To explore all the shipwrecks and beautiful marine foliage, you’re going to need a reliable vehicle that can take you below sea level with reliable tools.

This article shines a light on the 5 best vehicles for taking a deep dive beneath the shores of Los Santos.


5. RUNE Kosatka

The Kosatka

Kosatka review

Price: GTA$ 2,200,000 – GTA$ 9,085,000

The Kosatka is your go-to option once you decide that you want to live your life underwater and diet on red caviar and navy wine. Well, that’s what the on-board engineer, Pavel, keeps mentioning all the time – he’s a great Chad by the way.

The Kosatka is a giant submarine, and it can be equipped with lock-on missiles, torpedoes, and tracking missiles. All of them are quite deadly.

The best part of the Kosatka is that it’s also the launch platform for the Cayo Perico Heist; the most lucrative method for earning money, as of now. Plus, it can also store your Sparrow and Toreador; two of the best vehicles in GTA Online. The downside is that it’s really slow to maneuver. 

It’s a great underwater vehicle because:

  • It has the option to let you fast-travel to the opposite end of the map.
  • You can choose it as your spawn location.
  • It has a sonar station.

Kosatka stats: 

  • Speed: 46.30
  • Acceleration: 30.88
  • Handling: 0.00
  • Overall: 25.73

RUNE Kosatka full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Kosatka


4. Kraken Submersibles Kraken

The Kraken

Kraken review

Price: GTA$ 1,325,000

The Kraken is one of the OG submersibles that was released as part of the enhanced version of GTA Online. It’s a cool-looking mini-submarine that’s easy to roam around underwater and explore the various mysteries the game has to offer.

It’s a great underwater vehicle because:

  • It’s faster than the other submersibles.
  • It has an intimidating design.
  • It’s fun to explore stuff while in first-person view inside it.

Kraken stats:

  • Speed: 46.30
  • Acceleration: 58.82
  • Handling: 0.00
  • Overall: 35.04

Kraken Submersibles Kraken full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Kraken


3. Kraken Submersibles Avisa

The Avisa

Avisa review

Price: GTA$ 1,545,000

The Avisa is a submersible that can be bought only through the purchase of the Kosatka submarine, as it’s a moonpool vehicle of the Kosatka. It’s based on the U-Boat Worx NEMO. 

It’s a great underwater vehicle because:

  • It can carry 4 people on board.
  • It has a sleek design.
  • If your Kosatka is equipped with a sonar station, your Avisa will get sonar as well.

Avisa stats:

  • Speed: 46.30
  • Acceleration: 61.76
  • Handling: 0.00
  • Overall: 36.02

Kraken Submersibles Avisa full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Avisa


2. Ocelot Stromberg

The Stromberg

Stromberg review

Standard Price: GTA$ 3,185,350

Trade Price: 2,395,000 (By completing the Submarine Recon setup mission in The Doomsday Heist as heist leader)

The Stromberg is a fantastic amphibious vehicle that was released as part of The Doomsday Heist DLC. At the time, it was one of a kind vehicle that gave you complete mobility to cruise underwater. Once you get tired of swimming around in it, you can always float up back on shore and start driving around town impeccably. 

It’s a great underwater vehicle because:

  • You can steer it around without much hassle.
  • It has lock-on torpedoes. 
  • It’s great for escaping enemies chasing you on land.

Stromberg stats:

  • Speed: 80.48
  • Acceleration: 72.50
  • Braking: 33.33
  • Handling: 75.76
  • Overall: 65.52

Ocelot Stromberg full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Stromberg_(car)


1. Pegassi Toreador

The Toreador

Toreador review

Price: GTA$ 3,660,000

Hands down, the best underwater vehicle in the entire game is the Toreador. It’s fast, agile, and maneuvers tremendously well both on land and in water. Not only is it the best car underwater, but it’s also one of the best cars on the road.

It’s a great underwater vehicle because:

  • Its boost helps swimming around really well.
  • It has an included sonar.
  • It’s got lock-on torpedoes.

Toreador stats:

  • Speed: 80.48
  • Acceleration: 75.00
  • Braking: 33.33
  • Handling: 74.24
  • Overall: 65.76

Pegassi Toreador full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Toreador


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