[Top 5] GTA Online Best Rocket Boosted Vehicles

Best Rocket Boosted Vehicles in GTA Online
Rocket Power!

Blast Off!

Rocket-boosted vehicles in GTA Online offer a unique and thrilling experience for players. Whether you're racing through the city streets, performing aerial acrobatics, or simply looking to make a dramatic entrance, these vehicles are sure to deliver. 

With their souped-up engines and eye-catching designs, they're the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and show off your virtual driving skills. But, as with any high-powered machine, these vehicles can be challenging to handle, so be prepared for some intense, heart-pumping action as you put the pedal to the metal.

This article lists the 5 best rocket-boosted vehicles in GTA Online.


5. Pegassi Oppressor

The Oppressor

Oppressor review

Price: GTA$ 3,524,500

Trade Price: GTA$ 2,650,000 (By completing the MOC mission: Work Dispute)

This mean machine is the equivalent of a flying hog, making bikers everywhere green with envy. The Oppressor is a high-octane thrill ride that's sure to make you feel like the king of the road, and you don’t have many reasons not to have fun around in one. 

It’s a great rocket-boosted vehicle because:

  • It's got more horsepower than a dragon's sneeze, meaning you'll be blasting off into the sunset in no time.
  • It has the option to equip missiles.
  • The built-in rocket boost will have you soaring through the air like a superhero.

Oppressor stats: 

  • Speed: 79.41
  • Acceleration: 100.00
  • Braking: 40.00
  • Handling: 64.39
  • Overall: 70.95

How to get the Pegassi Oppressor: Warstock Cache & Carry


4. Grotti Vigilante

The Vigilante

Vigilante review

Price: GTA$ 3,750,000

The Vigilante is like a batmobile on steroids, leaving all the other vehicles in its dust. The Vigilante comes with a Machine Gun and an option to equip Homing Missiles. The Homing Missiles are definitely something you should opt for, as their range and accuracy are stellar. 

It’s a great rocket-boosted vehicle because:

  • Its speed and handling are a delight.
  • With enough speed, you can ram traffic and clear your path without losing much control.
  • The rocket boost is going to benefit you a lot in reaching your destination fast, especially on long stretches of road.

Vigilante stats: 

  • Speed: 72.43
  • Acceleration: 65.00
  • Braking: 20.00
  • Handling: 63.64
  • Overall: 55.27

How to get the Grotti Vigilante: Warstock Cache & Carry


3. Declasse Scramjet

The Scramjet

Scramjet review

  • Standard Price: GTA$ 4,628,400
  • Trade Price: GTA$ 3,480,000 (By winning 1 round of Hunting Pack Remix)

Suppose you are logging in to GTA Online for the sake of roaming around with convenience, taking out enemies in meme-worthy tactics, and overall, just having fun. In that case, you should seriously look into the Scramjet.

It’s a great rocket-boosted vehicle because:

  • It handles really well and is decently fast even without the boost.
  • A single hop coupled with the boost can teleport you across the map. 
  • The missiles on the Scramjet are severely destructive and can take out enemies with pinpoint precision.

Scramjet stats: 

  • Speed: 85.85
  • Acceleration: 100.00
  • Braking: 31.67
  • Handling: 81.82
  • Overall: 74.83

How to get the Declasse Scramjet: Warstock Cache & Carry


2. Pegassi Oppressor Mk II

The Oppressor Mk II

Oppressor Mk II review

Standard Price: GTA$ 3,890,250

Trade Price: GTA$ 2,925,000 (By completing 5 Terrorbyte client jobs)

Love it or hate it, the Oppressor Mk II single-handedly twisted the dynamics of going about your day in GTA Online, in a good way for some, and in a bad way for many. An iteration of the hoverbike from the movie Looper, the Oppressor Mk II is the most popular choice among griefers and tryhards. Nonetheless, if used with a pinch of sense and wisdom, it’s actually one of the best vehicles for getting around the map.

It’s a great rocket-boosted vehicle because:

  • It is extremely convenient to use the Oppressor Mk II for completing setup missions for heists and grinding for money.
  • Once registered as an MC President, it can be spawned right next to you. 
  • It takes out enemies, especially NPCs, without much effort. 

Oppressor Mk II stats: 

  • Speed: 79.41
  • Acceleration: 95.00
  • Braking: 40.00
  • Handling: 63.64
  • Overall: 69.51

How to get the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II: Warstock Cache & Carry


1. Pegassi Toreador

The Toreador

Toreador review

Price: GTA$ 3,660,000

The Toreador is an excellent choice for those trying to get around the map with speed, lethality, sufficient resistance to attacks, and the ability to dive off the shores of Los Santos like a seasoned surfer. The Toreador is definitely a must-have vehicle because of its outstanding controls and abilities. 

It’s a great rocket-boosted vehicle because:

  • It’s remarkably fast and agile.
  • It can carry 4 people.
  • It can be used as a submarine with an included sonar. 
  • The rocket boost has a recharge time of just a second. This ability alone allows the Toreador to escape hostiles without having to struggle.

Toreador stats: 

  • Speed: 80.48
  • Acceleration: 75.00
  • Braking: 33.33
  • Handling: 74.24
  • Overall: 65.76

How to get the Pegassi Toreador: Warstock Cache & Carry




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