[Top 5] GTA Online Best Fighter Jets That Are Powerful

Best fighter jets in GTA Online
Chase down annoying griefers with air superiority!

Teach tryhards a lesson from the sky

Every chauvinist’s dream is to get a chance to fly a fighter jet after watching Top Gun on repeat. Well, they can now envision their calling by jumping on GTA Online and flying some of the finest fighter jets the game has to offer. 

With a plethora of fighter jets, it can be overwhelming at times to decide which one is going to be worth your hard-earned cash in the game. 

In GTA Online, utilizing fighter jets is probably one of the fastest, lethal, and fun ways to roam around Los Santos and Blaine County. However, the fun part quickly fades away when it’s the aggravating griefer that’s got their hands on a jet and not you.

Whether it’s dogfighting against players to assert bragging rights or deciding which jet fits your budget after you painstakingly ran heists with randoms, this article aims to shine light on the top 5 best fighter jets in GTA Online that are going to provide you the complete package.


5. V-65 Molotok

The V-65 Molotok

Standard Price: GTA$ 4,788,000        

Trade Price: GTA$ 3,600,000 (By completing 18 Air Freight Cargo source missions)

The narrowed-out wings of the V-65 Molotok military fighter jet feature a hybrid design of MiG-15/MiG-17 and F-86 Sabre. Its general dimensions are reminiscent of a fighter jet from the ‘50s.  

The plane is equipped with a standard Machine Gun, and the option of Homing Missiles is there as well. Both weapons have pretty average effectiveness. 

The countermeasures include: the Chaff, Flare, and Smoke, with the rest of the modification options being quite general.

The plane’s handling is a beginner’s delight and is on par with that of the other modern fighter jets in the game; fast, agile, and with decent acceleration. 

The jet can be proven a worthwhile purchase because:

  • Its comparatively smaller size makes it fun to fly.
  • The strong air brakes allow it to land in narrow roadways and unforgiving terrains, giving it the upper hand in select situations.
  • The cool looking, yet simple, design language will excite aviation enthusiasts. 

V-65 Molotok full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/V-65_Molotok


4. Rogue


The Rogue

Standard Price: GTA$ 1,596,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 1,200,000 (By completing 6 Air Freight Cargo source missions)

At first glance, the rogue can be easily mistaken for a simple stunt plane because of its single propeller and a narrow fuselage. However, that is a mistake one shouldn’t make, as the plane possesses amazing dogfighting potential. 

The design of the plane combines elements from the T-6 Texan II and the EMB 312 Tucano. Plus, it has space for a co-pilot as well in case you don’t want to leave your bestie behind. 

By default, the plane has no weaponry, but once you explore the options for modifications, you’ll be greeted with a surprise. The Rogue can be fitted with a Machine Gun, Explosive MG (the preferred option), Homing Missiles, and get this: Bombs!!

It has standard countermeasures: Chaff, Flare, and Smoke. 

Though the Rogue is not a fast fighter plane by any means, with practice and dedication, it can certainly outshine enemies once you get the hang of it.

The Rogue is a worthy option to consider because:

  • It has a relatively affordable price tag.
  • It’s easy to fly and maneuver.
  • Has tons of weaponry options.
  • Its high fire rate Explosive MG makes it a strong dogfighter. 

Rogue full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Rogue_(plane)


3. B-11 Strikeforce


The B-11 Strikeforce

Price: GTA$ 3,800,000

It is hard to ignore the detailed resemblance of the B-11 Strikeforce to the A-10 Thunderbolt II Warthog; a plane that holds a high status among aviation geeks. 

In terms of performance, the in-game version is no different than its real-life counterpart. It’s fast, agile, and equipped with an abundance of lethal weaponry. 

The plane comes with Explosive MG, Homing Missiles, a Bombing Bay - you name it. On top of all that, it has the option to be equipped with every ground target’s worst nightmare: Barrage Missiles! 

The countermeasures are pretty standard. The B-11 Strikeforce comes with the usual Chaff, Flare, and Smoke. 

While the B-11 Strikeforce’s Explosive MG has a slightly lower fire rate compared to the Rogue, what makes it standout in this list is:

  • Its profusion of weapon options to annihilate enemies.
  • The strongest armor of any fighter jet in the game. It can withstand: 5 Homing Missiles, 5 conventional explosives, and 1 shot from an RPG.
  • An eye-catching design that’ll surely force other players to appreciate your purchase.
  • The most balanced fighter jet, in general. 

B-11 Strikeforce full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/B-11_Strikeforce


2. P-996 Lazer


The P-996 Lazer

Price: GTA$ 6,500,000

The sharp nose and the long canopy design of the P-996 Lazer unmistakably resembles that of the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The Lazer’s overall design is probably the most accurate of what you would think of a modern fighter jet.  

The Lazer is equipped with Cannons and Homing Missiles by default with no option for countermeasures, and that’s about it. 

The Lazer is, hands down, the most popular choice of griefers for raining down hell on innocent players - and rightfully so. Its insane acceleration, destructive Cannons, and fast maneuverability allows anyone to finesse its target. 

The Lazer can be your preferred fighter jet because:

  • Its Cannons can cause devastation on the ground and easily take down other jets once you properly align your aim.
  • Its short take-off speed and ability to climb altitude with no resistance can allow you to escape hostility. 
  • Once gotten the hang of its controls, the Lazer becomes borderline God-like.

P-996 Lazer full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/P-996_LAZER


Honorable Mention
LF-22 Starling


The LF-22 Starling

Standard Price: GTA$ 3,657,500

Trade Price: GTA$ 2,750,000 (By completing 15 Air Freight Cargo source missions)

It is unfair to not bring up the LF-22 Starling while talking about the most powerful jets in GTA Online. Its puny size and unthreatening looks are ever so deceiving to say the least, but the potential the Starling holds is beyond anyone’s first guess.

Its design language is based on the Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, a Word War-II fighter plane, and its flight dynamics can be considered quite unusual when compared to every other plane in the game. 

The Starling comes with a standard Machine gun, and it can be further equipped with Homing Missiles and Bombs. The usual countermeasures can also be fitted.   

The combination of Starling’s extremely slow speed and the option to equip a Rocket Boost, added with the plane’s outmaneuvering capabilities, just makes it an outright dogfighter. 

Here’s why:

  • The Starling’s compact and slow (somewhat gliding) speed makes it extremely easy to land anywhere on the map. 
  • Its slow speed also gifts the plane the agility to cut tight corners and escape enemy’s line of sight with ease while flying.
  • The Rocket Boost thrusts the plane’s acceleration tremendously and allows it to outperform its rivals once you get used to the control mechanics.

LF-22 Starling full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/LF-22_Starling


1. Hydra


The Hydra

Standard Price: GTA$ 3,990,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 3,000,000 (By completing Humane Labs Raid – EMP)

The Hydra is the most powerful fighter jet in GTA Online, and it’s also the most advanced fighter jet in the game. It’s suggestively based on the British Aerospace Harrier II.  

It’s fitted with the same weaponry as the Lazer: Cannons and Homing Missiles. There are no options for countermeasures here as well.

Although its speed and vertical climb is not as fast as the Lazer’s, what it lacks against the Lazer gets easily overshadowed by its ability to VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing). Yes, you heard that right, the Hydra can take-off and land like a helicopter anywhere on the map.  

What makes the Hydra the best fighter jet in the game? Well:

  • Its VTOL function allows it to take-off and land without the need for a runway. Plus, it also lets the Hydra hover anywhere, making it extremely advantageous to stop mid-air without the need to land. 
  • The Cannons and Missiles on the Hydra are as deadly as the Lazer’s.
  • The agility and controls of the Hydra are extremely brisk and simple and are on par with the Lazer’s.
  • Its price tag is comparatively affordable. 

Hydra full details: https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Hydra


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