[Top 10] GTA Online Best Rifles That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

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Top 10 Assault rifles to dominate your opponents

Weapons are an essential part of survival when it comes to GTA Online. Since the number of players keeps on expanding, it is advisable to be stocked with the best weapons to survive lobbies full of players. We are going to look at some of the best rifles in the game that will make players and trolls think twice before messing with you.  

10. Assault Rifle 

At number 10 we have the classic, the assault rifle. Based on the AK 47, this weapon has been a part of the grand theft auto series since grand theft auto III. The assault rifle is a classic because it has always been the least expensive and most widely used form of AR in Grand Theft Auto games.

Stats for the Assault rifle: 

  • This rifle packs a powerful punch, or in this case a bullet, but compared to other rifles in the game, it stands on the lower end of the spectrum. Especially at the early stage of the game, the  Assault Rifle can prove to be a useful asset, giving the players the start that they want. 
  • The weapon by default has a 30-round magazine, which can be replaced with a 100-round magazine drum. You can also unlock a  variety of tints for this weapon, giving it style according to your preference. 
  •  The Assault Rifle has 30 damage, 60 fire rate, 45 accuracy, and 45  range, giving it an overall rating of 44. The Assault Rifle is highly customizable with an improved Grip, adding a flashlight, installing a  better scope, and even putting on a suppressor. 

Where can you find the Assault Rifle: 

This is the perfect weapon for new players who are just starting GTA  online as it only costs $8,550 and you can unlock it on Rank 24. You can  also pick this weapon from multiple locations around Los Santos. 

Assault Rifle full details:



9. Military Rifle

At number 9 we have the Military Rifle. This weapon was added to the game as part of the Cayo Perico heist update. This Rifle appears to take inspiration from Steyr Aug A3 with its design. The Military Rifle falls short on the list. It has high recoil and low accuracy compared to its competitors, but it compensates for the high damage profile.  

Stats for the Military rifle: 

  •  If you are looking for an Assault rifle that deals some serious damage, this might be it for you. With a sleek design and a  dominating look, the Military rifle packs a total damage of 38. 
  • However, this rifle lacks in a few aspects which is why it's 9th on this list. It has a lower fire rate of 55, 45 accuracy, and 45 range,  giving it an overall rating of 44.60. Additionally, this weapon has a  lower clip size. The default clip contains 30 rounds and even with  the extended clip attachment, you will only receive 45 rounds in a 
  • single magazine so do expect to reload a lot when using this weapon.  
  •  This weapon is an ideal Assault Rifle for close-range combat. With a damage profile that high, you can expect to take out your opponents with a few body shots in close range. The next time you get in a shootout with your friend, surprise them with this rifle as they rush you, they will regret their decision.  

Where can you find the Military Rifle: 

The military rifle can be purchased from the Ammu nation store for a whopping price of $397,500. This weapon can also be found during the Cayo Perico heist, as it is used by the guards, so try not to get caught. 

Military Rifle full details:



8. Bullpup Rifle 

Next up we have the bullpup rifle on the list. This used to be a personal favorite of mine, and in fact, is my most used weapon on GTA online to this day. This rifle is primarily based on the QBZ-95-1.  

Stats for the Bullpup rifle:

  •  This rifle comes in with a banging fire rate of 70.0, with a default clip of 30 rounds, and 60 rounds with the extended clip. This is one of the older rifles in the game as it was added in the High Life update back in 2014. 
  •  I am a fan of the design of this weapon. It's one of the few rifles that stand out from the crowd. With the same accuracy and range as the previous weapons (45 and 45 respectively), this weapon proves to be efficient with both short and mid-range combat. 
  • The only place where this weapon falls short is its damage, as it provides only 32.0 damage, but the fire rate compensates for it.  The overall rating for this weapon stands to be 46.40. You can get a variety of customizations for this rifle including an improved  scope, grip for better recoil, and a suppressor to maintain stealth. 

Where can you find the Bullpup Rifle: 

You can get your hands on this piece for only $14,500. With a low price and some decent stats, this weapon deserves a spot in your collection. 

Bullpup Rifle full details:



7. Special Carbine MK II 

The special Carbine MK II was added to the game during the doomsday scenario update, as an upgrade to the original Special Carbine that has  been part of the game for a while. The special carbine is an extremely efficient gun, but the upgrade kicks it up. This weapon highly resembles the G36K Assault Rifle.  

Stats for the Special Carbine MK II: 

  •  The MK II version increases the damage of the Special Carbine from  32.0 to 32.5. This gun has the 2nd highest damage per second. If you think the special carbine was effective, try this for a change, you might just piss off some people and cause them to rage quit. 
  •  This weapon has stellar accuracy and controllable recoil, which can be further minimized using attachments. This weapon has reduced 
  • bullet spread which makes it ideal for long-range combat. With some skill, you can headshot players from a distance and make  them think it was a sniper shot. 
  •  This weapon can contain special rounds which are exclusive to a  few weapons only. These rounds include Tracer rounds, which add an aesthetic effect to your bullets and make them look pretty before they pierce into someone's skull. They're also the  Incendiary rounds which have a moderate chance to set your  enemies on fire. It also has armor-piercing rounds that have a  better effect on your enemies equipped with armor and last but not least, the Full Metal Jacket rounds which can penetrate through cars and their bulletproof windows. Although useful, keep in mind that one magazine can only hold 20 rounds of these. 

 The Special Carbine MK II has 32.5 damage, 65.0 fire rate, 55.0 accuracy, and 40.0 range, making it a must-have weapon with an overall rating of 46.80 

Where can you find the Special Carbine MK II: 

The base version of the Special Carbine can be bought for $14,750. To upgrade it to MK II, an additional $135,000 has to be paid. The weapon can be upgraded from a weapon workshop located in the MOC, the  Avenger, and a few other properties where you can install them.  

Special Carbine MK II full details: 



6. Carbine Rifle 

The Carbine Rifle is one of the most popular and most used assault rifles throughout the GTA series. This weapon has always been based on the  M16 and the AR-15. While the Assault Rifle (AK-47) is mostly used by  street thugs, the Carbine Rifle is showcased as a high-end weapon used by law enforcement, military officials, and big-time criminals. It has long been established that the Carbine Rifle is more potent than the Assault Rifle.

Stats for the Carbine Rifle: 

  • The Carbine Rifle is a weapon you can get relatively early on in the game, and it still proves to be more powerful and efficient than most weapons added on later. It deals 32.0 damage which is higher than the assault rifle. It has an impressive fire rate of 65.0 and  55.0 accuracy, making it superior to the Assault Rifle, considering 
  • the fact that both weapons have been part of the game since the beginning.  
  •  The Carbine Rifle is pretty much a submachine that can dominate in long-range combat, I mean what else can you ask for? The attachments make it easier to control the recoil and reduce the  bullet spread, making this weapon unstoppable. An extended clip of 100 rounds can be added so you won't have to reload much.  The grip increases the accuracy significantly, and of course, the  Carbine Rifle comes with a variety of tints to choose from, so you  can dominate with style. 
  •  The overall rating of the Carbine Rifle stands to be 47.40, making it the perfect weapon for you if you are a new player and a  contender to the more recent weapons in the game. 

Where can you find the Carbine Rifle: 

The Carbon Rifle can be purchased for $13,000 from the Ammu Nation store near you. A weapon this low in price and number 6 on the list,  should be a part of your loadout. 

Carbon Rifle full details:



5. Heavy Sniper 

Now we get into the big top 5, and to kick it off, we have our first Sniper, the Heavy Sniper. I was torn between the Heavy Sniper and the Sniper Rifle when creating the list, and it all comes down to personal preference with these 2 weapons. I lean more towards the Heavy Sniper. Based on the Barrett M82 Sniper rifle, this weapon is guaranteed to either force enemies into passive mode or make them rage quit. (Speaking from personal experience) 

Stats for the Heavy Sniper:

  • The heavy sniper has damage of 98.0, allowing you to one-shot enemies with a chest shot. Securing a headshot might require some skill, but once you get the hang of it, You will see why this is the superior sniper rifle. The heavy sniper has the second highest damage of any bullet weapon, just below the marksman pistol.
  • Another benefit of this sniper is that it can damage vehicles. It can destroy the tail rotor of a helicopter with just two shots. However, landing the shots on a moving helicopter is something you will have to learn.
  • The Heavy Sniper has an accuracy of 90.0, a fire rate of 20.0, and a 100.0 range, giving it an overall rating of 62.60. The heavy sniper can be equipped with an extended magazine with 12 rounds, an advanced scope for increased zoom, and it comes with a variety of tints. Unfortunately, you cannot equip a suppressor on this sniper, so it cant be used as a stealth weapon, which makes sense because they had to nerf the weapon somehow.

Where can you find the Heavy Sniper: 

The heavy sniper can be purchased from the Ammu Nation for $38,150. This weapon is unlocked at rank 90. This weapon can also be picked up from a yacht, that is if you decide to get a yacht.

Heavy Sniper full details:



4. Bullpup MK II Rifle

Just outside the Top 3, we have the bullpup MK II Rifle. Technically this is just an upgraded version of the Bullpup Rifle, but since it's classified as a different weapon, it has made it to our list. The weapon like the original is based on the QBZ-95-1, but it also takes inspiration from the FAMAS G2. 

Stats for the Bullpup MK II Rifle:

  • This Rifle has the highest damage per second, giving it the upper hand over the other rifles. This weapon will not take long to obliterate your enemy, especially in close to mid-range combat.
  • The MK II Bullpup has impressive damage of 35.0, fire rate of 72.0, accuracy, and range of 45.0, giving it an overall rating of 47.40. These are remarkable figures for an Assault Rifle, which is why it made its way to 4th on the list.
  • Like the Special Carbine MK II mentioned earlier in the list, the Bullpup MK II comes with different types of rounds. These rounds are special and only available with the MK II variant. Other than the rounds, this weapon comes with regular upgrades and attachments, making the weapon more efficient and fun to use.

Where can you find the Bullpup Rifle MK II:

The regular bullpup rifle can be upgraded from a weapons workshop for the price of $105,750. With these amazing stats, I think this rifle is worth the price.

Bullpup Rifle MK II full details:



3. Marksman Rifle

Carving its spot in the 3rd place is the Marksman Rifle, our second sniper on the list. Based on the M39 EMR, this rifle is classified as a sniper but is the size of an Assualt Rifle, making it easier to carry and allowing you to move freely. The Marksman rifle is a weapon with unique aspects that makes it stand out from the other weapons. 

Stats for the Marksman Rifle:

  • The Marksman Rifle has relatively low damage of 65.0 per shot, however, it has a high fire rate of 200 RPM. You can aim and empty a magazine, possibly eliminating the enemy with a few chest shots, without having to reload after every shot. The weapon can deal up to 217 damage per second, slightly more than the Heavy Sniper's damage per shot, making it useful to attack and deal damage to multiple enemies in a short amount of time.
  • One exciting perk of this rifle is that you can move while you aim down the scope. This allows you to stay mobile during fights, and not lose sight of the enemy. The only drawback of this perk is that you cannot upgrade the scope for this weapon, but the stock scope has a decent enough zoom to snipe the enemy from a distance.
  • The Low magnification scope makes the Marksman rifle an ideal weapon for medium-range combat, and even short-range if you can manage to hip fire. Compared to the other two snipers, this weapon has less recoil, which makes it simpler to control your bullets and eliminate opponents in style.
  • The Marksman Rifle has a fire rate of 40.0, an accuracy of 80.0, and a range of 90.0, giving it an overall rating of 58.00.

Where can you find the Marksman Rifle:

The Marksman rifle can be purchased from the Ammu nation for the price of $15,750. You can purchase it rank 1 only, making it an efficient weapon throughout your GTA online journey.

Marksman Rifle full details:



2. Carbine Rifle MK II

Down to the last two, it was not easy to choose between these two weapons. After reviewing with close inspection, and personal experience, I concluded to put the Carbine Rifle MK II at a close 2nd. Based on the real-life Sig MCX, This is the upgraded variant of the Carbon rifle that we already looked at. 

Stats for the Carbine MK II Rifle:

  • The MK II version of the carbine rifle has increased damage, which allows you to neutralize high-level opponents with a few body shots. Overall, the Carbine Rifle Mk II gains a noticeable improvement in terms of accuracy and reduced spread, even during fully automatic fire. When equipped with attachments such as a scope, the Carbine Rifle Mk II can put down extremely accurate fire on target with barely any deviation from the spread.
  • Like all the other MK II weapons, this rifle has a variety of different rounds at its disposal, ranging from incendiary rounds to heavy metal jacket rounds to inflict damage to vehicles. 
  • This weapon possesses 36.0 damage, 65.0 fire rate, 55.0 accuracy, and 45.0 range, giving this weapon an overall rating of 48.20. This rifle is ideal in long-range combat due to its high accuracy and fast fire rate. These stats push this weapon to an admirable 2nd position

Where can you find the Carbon MK II rifle:

The Carbon Rifle can be upgraded to its MK II version for a price of $107,500. With these outstanding stats, I think this weapon is worth its price and a must-have for all players. 

Carbon MK II rifle full details:



1. Advanced Rifle

There can only be one. Some of you might have guessed it, and some might disagree, but for me, the Advanced Rifle is the number one rifle in GTA online. The Advanced Rifle is a bullpup assault rifle based on the CTAR-21. Its sleek and modern design makes you look good carrying this weapon even if you're a noob. Whether it's a heist mission or you have to break into humane labs or maybe piss off some Merryweather soldiers for no reason, this rifle will not disappoint. 

Stats for the Advance Rifle:

  • The Advanced Rifle has one of the highest damage per shot in its class, sharing it with the Compact Rifle and Heavy Rifle at 34 damage per shot, and shares the same rate of fire as the Bullpup Rifle at 500 rounds per minute, making it the most efficient rifle to use in all range combats. 
  • The advanced rifle is a well-balanced death machine, able to take out opponents in a quick fashion and with pinpoint accuracy. The advanced rifle feels different, almost futuristic when you use it. 
  • The Advanced rifle has damage of 34.0, a fire rate of 70.0, 50.0 accuracy, and 45.0 range, giving it an overall rating of 47.80. Although it has a lower rating than the Carbon MK II, this weapon has a better feel to it, leaving you satisfied with its performance. 
  • The Advanced rifle can be equipped with many attachments, including an extended magazine of 60 rounds, a suppressor to maintain stealth, a flashlight, a grip to reduce recoil and improve control, and of course the tints to make it look good. 

Where can you find the Advanced rifle:

The Advanced rifle is unlocked at level 70 and can be purchased for $14,250. Not a bad deal for such an elite weapon.

Advanced rife full details:


So, in conclusion, these are the must-have 10 Rifles that all players should have in their loadout to compete with the players. Although this list is based on my opinion, all the facts and figures are true and tested. I hope this list helps you get an insight, especially the new players, to understand and experience these weapons as they are supposed to be. 





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