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Making money is an essential part of GTA Online. With so many different ways to earn, it is difficult to narrow down a few options worth your time and effort. Worry no more as this list will tell you all there is to know about the Top 5 Starter businesses that are essential for money-making. 

5. Cocaine Lockup

Kicking off this list is the Cocaine lockup. This is one of the, if not the best MC business in the game. 

To start this business, you have to buy a Motorcycle Club first and register as its president. Unlike the other businesses, the Motorcycle Club does not cost much, and location is not of the utmost importance so even the cheapest MC would do. 

One of the best reasons for it to be a good starter business is that you don't need many players to keep it running, as you can do supply and sell missions pretty much on your known. The Cocaine lockup pretty much runs itself in the background while you are playing the game.

What is great about the Cocaine Lockup:

  • Doesnt cost a lot
  • Can be done solo
  • Runs itself in the background

How much can you earn with the Cocaine Lockup:

  • $30,000 per hour without upgrades
  • $74,000 per hour with upgrades
  • The best location with max upgrades will cost you $2,300,000, which you can make back in 27 hours
  • Maximum output worth with all upgrades is $420,000

How to start a Cocaine Lockup:

  • Buy a Motorcycle Clubhouse
  • Register as president
  • Buy a Cocaine lockup and set it up


4. Acid Lab

At number 4 is the latest business added to the game, the Acid Lab. The Acid lab is a mobile property that the players can use to run their acid business. You can buy this business for a relatively cheap amount of $750,000. 

After completing 10 jobs you can unlock an upgrade for $250,000. You can have complete supplies for a price of just $60,000. The rate of production can be boosted daily and the shortest amount of time for production is 3 hours after the upgrades. With the upgrades, the products can sell for a price of $335,200. It has simple delivery missions that require only one vehicle. 

Much like the MC businesses the player has to make sure to keep up the stock for production to take place, however, one huge advantage is that the Acid Lab does not get raided so you don't have to worry about losing your products. Another advantage is that the Acid lab can be restocked over the phone, so you don't have to visit the business site every time. 

What is great about the Acid lab:

  • Mobile property that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Relatively cheap price
  • Production can be boosted
  • Doesn’t get raided
  • Can be restocked from your phone

How much can you earn with the Acid lab:

  • $237,500 without upgrades
  • $335,200 with upgrades

How to start an Acid Lab:

  • Complete 6 “First Dose” missions
  • Pay $750,000 to set up the truck


3. Bunker

The bunker is a high-paying business, but you have to be patient and put in the effort. You can either buy or steal supplies that would be manufactured into useful products for you to sell. Make sure you purchase the bunker in the most ideal position so it is convenient for you to sell your products throughout the city. 

You can also use the supplies in Research and development to unlock weapon and vehicle modifications. The supplies take time to be manufactured, so go order some supplies and do something else while the Bunker does its job. Getting the upgrade makes the work more efficient and increases the pace.

What is great about the Bunker:

  • A high-end profit that will leave you wanting for more
  • Efficient upgrades that increase the profit and the workflow
  • You can unlock weapon and vehicle modifications to get the upper hand on your enemies

How much can you earn with the Bunker:

  • With all the upgrades, you can earn more than 1 million dollars with the full product capacity, so make sure you have 4 people to help you sell your products
  • Without upgrades, you can still earn more than $400,000 

How to start a Bunker:

  • Buy a bunker
  • Register as CEO and complete the setup


2. Vehicle Warehouse

This business is a must-have for all car enthusiasts. You will have to source High-end cars and sell them at a low price (since they are stolen) to interested buyers. I have earned a lot through this business selling high-end cars. But here's the catch, when you source a vehicle, there is no guarantee you will get a high-end expensive car. If you're lucky you can get two or three of them in a row, if not, you might get cars that are low in value and a waste of time and space in your warehouse. 

Another thing that might frustrate you, when delivering the car to the warehouse or the buyer, you have to be careful not to damage the car too much, as that decreases the value of the car and minimizes your profit, and since this is GTA, enemies will chase you and damage your car, so you will have to pull some fast and the furious stuff if you are to survive and escape with less damage.

What is great about the Vehicle Warehouse:

  • Despite the flaws, this business can be profitable, especially if you are a new player
  • The Source missions are mostly really easy and don't take much of your time
  • You can store cars and sell them anytime you feel like, but try to sell them with the help of your friends, because the more cars you deliver, the higher the profit you earn
  • One thing I enjoy about this business is the different cars you get to drive and experience, most of them expensive in-game
  • There are a few collections of cars that can be sold together as a bonus to the profit

How much can you earn with the Vehicle Warehouse:

  • You can make up to $80,000 by selling a single high-end car to a specialist dealer, now imagine you sell 4 cars with the help of your friends, you can end up earning around $320,000 in about an hour or so if you source the vehicles then too
  • For the lower class of cars that are not high-end, the profit is less, so only focus on selling the high-end cars

How to start a Vehicle Warehouse:

  • Register as a CEO
  • Buy a vehicle warehouse to store your vehicles


1. Special Cargo warehouse

In my opinion, this is the best business for a solo grind. It's straightforward and for all, new players and experienced ones. If you are new, you can purchase a small warehouse for a relatively low amount that can store a few crates. 

These will earn you a limited profit but keep grinding till you are capable to buy the large warehouse. The large one can store more than a hundred crates which in turn sell for a large amount. All you have to do is put on some music and do supply missions now and then to store them in your warehouse. Be patient and sell them all together for a valuable profit. The missions are simple and don't require too much effort. 

Yes, you have to $18,000 to source crates, but the profit overweighs the investment and you are never in a loss.

What is great about the special cargo warehouse:

  • Easy supply missions
  • Easy and simple solo missions
  • Can be done solo and doesn't take much time
  • A generous profit
  • Warehouses available located in multiple locations
  • Usually, the first business players tend to purchase

How much can you earn:

  • $148,000 - $208,000 profit on small warehouses
  • $483,000 - $651,000 profit on medium warehouses
  • 1.5 million - 2 million profit on large warehouses

How you can start:

  • Buy a warehouse
  • Become a CEO

This was the Top 5 list of the Best starter businesses in GTA Online. Keep in mind this list consists of businesses that would be the most beneficial for starters, and later on expand to the other businesses available in the game. 


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