[Top 4] GTA Online Best Agency Locations To Own

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Find out what Agency to get before you spend all your hard earned savings and end up on the streets

[Top 4] GTA Online Best Agency Locations To Own

Agencies are the most recently added business in GTA online. They give you access to a variety of new missions and contracts. The Agency introduced us to Franklin Clinton in the timeline of GTA online. He seems to be doing well for himself and has gotten rid of that yee yee ass haircut. Franklin, assisted by his best friend Lamar, who we have met previously on GTA online approach us for our help. The most exciting part about getting the agency is that you get to do a contract for THE Dr. Dre. It is compelling enough to have a well-known celebrity in the game, but the contract you do pays well too. You can earn up to 1 million dollars. 

Although the Agency has a lot to offer, it does not come for cheap. Due to its cost, it is vital to purchase an agency in an advantageous location, so it benefits you throughout. Make sure the place you pick is both economical and accessible via means of transportation. You also need to make sure you can complete contracts and setups easily and you don't have to travel far away from your agency to complete them. That being said, here is the list of the best locations for the Agency in GTA online.

4. Vespucci Canals


"Want to add some European glamor to your agency? It's never been easier with these two simple steps: 1. Pick a spot in Vespucci Canals. 2. Start day drinking. Eccolo!"

First up we have on the list is the Agency on Vespucci Canals. The cost of this Agency is $2,145,000 without any additional departments. If you want to experience all the things it has to offer, the agency can cost you around $4,482,500. It has a secluded garage entrance with a driveway that connects to the road. Located next to the skate park, the Agency at Vespucci Canals provides a calming view of the city, and you can even gaze at the ocean from here located at a distance. This Agency is perfect for you if you have businesses or apartments located in West Los Santos.

What's great about the Agency at Vespucci Canals:

  • Great view of the city 
  • Easy access to the building
  • Good parking space 
  • Open and spacious roof to land your helicopter


3. Little Seoul Agency


"This grade-A office comes with the delightful addition of Little Seoul ambience, a soothing mix of nightlife, gang crime, and the howling curbside breakdowns of lonely businessmen."

Next, we have the Agency in Little Seoul. This Agency is priced at $2,010,000. If you go for all the upgrades, it can cost you around $4,687,500. Located on the central part of the map, this is an ideal location to keep you connected to all the nearby businesses. The entrance to this agency is accessible through a staircase. By the corner, there is a garage with direct access to the road. The skyscrapers in Los Santos may be seen nicely from this location. This is the best option for you if you are not keen on spending too much on an agency as this is the cheapest option offered.

What's great about the Agency at Little Seoul:

  • Central location of the map gives you access to nearby businesses
  • Less travel time during setups and contracts
  • A view that makes you feel like a business tycoon
  • Open and clear roof for your helicopter to land
  • Cheapest option available


2. Rockford Hills Agency


'For many, the bad part about Rockford Hills is its population of wealthy celebrities endlessly complaining about their problems. For you, the good part about Rockford Hills is the population of wealthy celebrities endlessly complaining about their problems.'

At 2nd place, we have the Agency at Rockford Hills. Located in North Los Santos, this agency is priced at a highly noticeable price of $2,415,000. If you are a well-established player with already expensive properties, this Agency can prove to be useful as it will be close to your other businesses. Since it is in Rockford hills, it will cost you, but you'll be able to gloat about your wealth like all the other rich folks living there. If you plan on getting all the upgrades, the Agency can cost you a whopping $5,092,500. 

What is great about the agency at Rockford Hills:

  • Great view of the Rockford Hills 
  • Located near the Maze Bank West office which the majority of players own
  • Unique Garage space that is secluded from the road
  • Clean roof entrance
  • Sleek main entrance that gives the feel of a fancy office building


1. Hawick


"This luxurious office space in Galileo House offers splendid views of shameless commercialism at its finest. You know you've made it when you're side by side with Queefstat."

Leading the list at number one is the most expensive Agency in the game, and that is the agency located in Hawick. The standard Agency without any upgrades can cost you a whopping $2,830,000. What makes this Agency stand out is how spaced it is compared to the other three that are located nearby to each other. This agency connects you to the highway, which can be used to travel to your businesses located further away like MC businesses and Hangers. This Agency is located opposite the Diamond Casino, so you can gamble the extra cash that you don't need.  

What makes the Hawick Agency great:

  • Easy access through the roof and the main entrance without any obstructions
  • Great view of the city and the tall buildings
  • Easy travel to some important parts on the map
  • Across the Diamond Casino
  • Clean entrance through the garage to park your high-end cars

And that's the end of the list. This is my preference on what Agency would provide the most for you. Be mindful of the list and get the perfect Agency for you that would even impress Dr.Dre!


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