[Top 10] GTA Online Best Nightclub Locations To Buy

Top 10 best GTA Online Nightclub locations
A typical view inside of of GTA Online's many nightclubs

GTA Online gives players many opportunities to purchase businesses and expand them to increase their wealth by ridiculous amounts (if done right). Nightclubs are still one of the best ways to grow your wealth and are used by many newer players thanks to their low cost and high return. Choosing the wrong location can drastically change how long it will take for you to start seeing a return on your investment, which is why location is everything when buying a nightclub. Lucky for you, I’ve reported all of my research on the best nightclubs below so that you don’t have to. Take a look below to see which nightclub is the most suitable for you.


10. Downtown Vinewood Nightclub

A video that showcases the Vinewood Nightlcub

One of the best nightclubs to purchase in GTA Online is the Downtown Vinewood Nightclub. According to the Youtube Channel GTA Gentleman, the location is the closest to all of the missions that you get to do with the nightclub. I believe that the price is quite hefty, but it will make all the difference when having to collect and deliver shipments, something that becomes a pain when purchasing the cheapest nightclub: the LSIA Nightclub that is located In the docks of the vast city. Here’s my top reasons why Downtown Vinewood Nightclub is the best:

  • It’s the closest to all of possible spawn points for battle goods
  • It’s very easy to get to from all points of the map
  • This nightclub has the garage entrance on the street, making delivering battle goods a breeze
  • Costs $1,670,000


9. West Vinewood Nightclub

A video that shows the purchasing and upgrading of the West Vinewood Nightclub

The West Vinewood nightclub is $30,000 more than the Downtown Vinewood nightclub, but it is ideal if you want to be located more near the top-centre of the city. If you’re a wealthy GTA player who is looking to flex on all of their friends, this nightclub is perfect for you due to it’s great scenery and high price-tag. Actually, it’s the highest priced nightclub in GTA Online! Here’s some reasons why I would suggest getting the West Vinewood nightclub:

  • It’s at the top-centre of the map, being ideally located to all possible spawn points for battle goods and missions that can be triggered with a nightclub
  • It’s the most expensive, making it great to show off to friends
  • The entrance is ideal and easy to get into
  • Costs $1,700,000


8. Elysian Island Nightclub

A video that shows off the Elysian Island Nightclub

The Elysian Island Nightclub is great for newer GTA players who are looking for the cheapest nightclub in GTA Online. The location of this nightclub is far from ideal, but delivering shipments can be made easier if players make use of the train tracks as a shortcut to taking the main roads. It’s also great if you own a submarine in GTA Online as the Elysian Island Nightclub is the closest nightclub to the vast sea. Here’s my top reasons why the Elysian Nightclub is great:

  • Close to the sea which makes access to the submarine easy
  • The cheapest and therefore most affordable nightclub
  • Good access to the highway and train tracks
  • Costs $1,080,000


7. Del Perro Nightclub

A video that shows off the Del Perro Nightclub

The Del Perro Nightclub is great for beach lovers and those looking for an affordable location on the west side of the city. Out of all the nightclubs, the Del Perro Nightclub has the best exterior of all the nightclubs and is located right next to some of the setups that you’ll get to do once you own the nightclub, saving you lots of time in travelling. Here’s a short list of my top reasons why the Del Perro Nightclub is a great location:

  • Easy access on the east side of the city
  • Close to the festival bus setup and airport
  • Looks great on the outside
  • Costs $1,645,000


6. LSIA Nightclub

A video that shows off the LSIA Nightclub

The LSIA Nightclub is perfect for either those on either a budget or those who love airports. This is because the nightclub is located right on the outskirts of the airport, and as such has a low-price tag of $1,135,000. Getting to the LSIA nightclub is straightforward and easy due to the direct routes that highways and other main roads across the city offer. Furthermore, if you own the Greenwich Parkway and Exceptionalists Way properties then I highly recommend this property as it will make car transfers amazingly simple. Below you’ll find a list of strong reasons why you should purchase the LSIA Nightclub:

  • Great access to the airport
  • Easy and fast to get to because of direct roads, despite being located on the far south side of the city
  • The third cheapest nightclub in GTA Online
  • Costs $1,135,000


5. Vespucci Canals Nightclub

A video that shows off the Vespucci Canals Nightclub

The Vespucci Canals Nightclub is another nightclub that is located near the beach on the east side of the map, but this one costs $1,320,000 and as such doesn’t look the greatest. However, it’s great for those who are looking for an affordable nightclub that is located near the centre of the city. If you own lots of planes and helicopters, this location is also good as you can spawn these types of aircraft on the beach, making travelling over to them a breeze. The highway is also fairly close, but you’ll have to be a good driver to go fast as traffic can build up around here. Overall, here’s my reasons why the Vespucci Canals Nightclub is a great location:

  • It’s cheap and has a good location
  • Less likely to be attacked by other GTA Online players around here as not too many players can be found near the beach
  • Incredibly close to personal aircraft spawn location
  • Costs $1,320,000


4. Cypress Flats Nightclub

A video that shows off the Cypress Flats Nightclub

The Cypress Flats Nightclub is both affordable and far enough from most GTA Online players to face any hassle from them. The Cypress Flats nightclub has excellent access to the sewers and highway, which makes it ideal for most missions that you can do with the nightclub. Its price is also a key benefit to newer GTA Online players who don’t want to purchase the cheapest nightclub, but can’t afford the most expensive nightclub either. Here’s a few reasons why the Cypress Flats nightclub is perfect for you:

  • Good access to the sewer system and highways
  • Located very close to the vehicle warehouse, making it ideal when you want to switch between businesses
  • Cost effective
  • Costs $1,370,000


3. La Mesa Nightclub

A video that shows off the La Mesa Nightclub

La Mesa Nightclub is located just above the Cypress Flats nightclub but offers easier access to the garage and is only a single turn away from accessing the highway. This makes doing the nightclub’s missions easy and efficient, but I would advise against purchasing this nightclub due to it costing $130,000 more than the Cypress Flats Nightclub. Below I’ve listed my top reasons to purchase this nightclub:

  • Easy access to the highway
  • Next to a Los Santos Customs
  • Thanks to the giant overpass, you’re protected from other players who use flying vehicles to attack others
  • Costs $1,500,000


2. Strawberry Nightclub

A video that shows off the Strawberry Nightclub

The Strawberry Nightclub is located right in the centre of the city, making it ideal for people who are mission focused. Despite its high price tag of $1,500,000, it’s a good choice if you plan on using the highways to get around as the Strawberry Nightclub is located right under the main highway. The price tag shouldn’t put you off though as you’ll make that money back fast by saving a lot of time when having to travel in missions related to the nightclub. Selling inventory should be a piece of cake with this nightclub. Below is a list of my top reasons why the Strawberry Nightclub is excellent:

  • The closest nightclub to the centre of the city
  • Not well known by other GTA online players, meaning you’re less likely to get attacked by one
  • Easy to get to other essential businesses that you may own from here
  • Costs $1,525,000


1. Mission Row Nightclub

A video showcasing the Mission Row Nightclub

The Mission Row Nightclub is a great alternative to the Del Perro Nightclub, thanks to it’s good garage entrance, many alleys to get around in, and excellent access to the east highway. The Mission Row Nightclub is a little more pricey than other night clubs though, costing $1,440,000. This is $360,000 more than the cheapest nightclub, the Elysian Island Nightclub, but it’s location is far superior and gives users good access to all parts of the map. If you’ve got a fast car then this would be an excellent alternative to other more expensive nightclubs. Here’s a few reasons why the Mission Row Nightclub is suitable for you:

  • Great garage entrance
  • Easy to get to and from because of the closeness of the nightclub to the east highway, as well as the main stretches of road that go right into the centre of the city
  • Somewhat affordable but will save you a lot of time in transporting goods
  • Costs $1,440,000


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