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Best bikes to leave your opponents in the dust

Bikes are an essential part of GTA online. A significant amount of players prefer to travel on bikes rather than cars. Bikes are fast, quick, agile vehicles ideal for traveling through tight spaces and congested traffic. Most players just prefer the vibe of a bike over a car, as they feel more accessible and perhaps enjoy the thrill. In this list, we will be looking at the top 5 bikes that are a must for racing. They will be judged on their lap time, ability to turn at high speeds, affordability, and overall performance.

10. Pegassi Ruffian

Starting this list at number 10 is the Pegassi Ruffian. Based on the Ducati Monster, the Ruffian has been part of GTA online since the beginning, so it is pretty impressive for this bike to make it on the list.

It has a similar design to that of the Akuma, with a similar front and body. It uses the sports speed dial that you will find on many sports bikes in the game. The Ruffian is a very quick and versatile sports bike. It has great acceleration and a decent top speed. It has impressive handling and good stability that makes it safer for the rider to drive at high speeds. The only place it lacks is the turning. This bike has a hard time turning at high speeds due to its weak agility. 

Regardless, all those features for a price of $9,000 is a pretty good deal. 

What makes Ruffian great:

  • Good acceleration and top speed
  • Versatile and Stable keeps the rider intact
  • Sporty design
  • An affordable, ideal choice for new players

Ruffian details:

  • It is powered by a 3-cylinder engine
  • Lower revving sound
  • Many modifications available 


9. Pegassi Oppressor

Next up we have the Pegassi Oppressor. Although it is not a bike used for racing, it has decent top speed and acceleration which gives it the number 9 spot on this list. It is mainly based on a modified version of the Honda XR 500. 

Despite its ability to gain air time and glide, it performs well against sports bikes due to its impressive acceleration and top speed. It can hit a top speed of 92mph without any upgrades. It also has a major advantage due to its boost. 

The only thing that puts it so low on the list is the ridiculous price tag of almost $3,500,000. Its handling is average but the bike proves itself to be a contender for races.

What makes oppressor great:

  • Good top speed and acceleration
  • Boost ability
  • Ability to gain airtime and glide
  • Decent traction

Oppressor details:

  • Parallel twin engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox
  • High revving sound
  • Many modifications available


8. Western Gargoyle

Next up we have the Western Gargoyle. This bike is based on the 1928 Indian 101 Scout and has a robust look to it. 

The design is not the greatest aspect of the bike, it is rather much simpler, but this bike has impressive traction and handling due to its larger turning radius. This bike is ideal for races that are based on sharp turns and tight spaces. 

It has decent acceleration and can hit a top speed of 91mph in stock and 125mph when fully modified, which is impressive considering it only costs $120,000.

What makes Gargoyle great:

  • Good handling and traction
  • Decent acceleration and top speed
  • Western design
  • Affordable 

Gargoyle details:

  • Large V twin engine
  • 4-speed gearbox
  • Many modifications available 


7. Western Cliffhanger

Just beating the Gargoyle in this list is the Cliffhanger. The design of this bike is inspired by the Harley Davidson XR-750. Similar to the Gargoyle, the Cliffhanger has a chopper-like appearance and is fitted with rugged off-road tires. 

The Cliffhanger has proficient handling and is a stable bike, allowing the rider to access its top speed comfortably. It is also a good competitor in races and can perform wheelies at high speed. It has a top speed of 91.7mph in the stock variant and can reach 125mph when upgraded and fully modified.

Due to its higher top speed and clean design, the Cliffhanger is priced at $225,000. 

What makes Cliffhanger great:

  • Good acceleration and top speed
  • Decent handling and stability 
  • Affordable
  • Good competitor for races

Cliffhanger details:

  • Based on Harley Davidson XR-750
  • Chopper-like appearance 
  • Thinner, more sleek design 
  • Many modifications available 


6. BF 400

Number 6 on the list we have the Nagasaki BF400. Inspired by the KTM 450 rally, this bike appears to be a modern variant of the Sanchez. It has a slim look while using the same sports bike dials as the Bati 801 and the Akuma. 

The engine bay of this bike contains a single exhaust pipe moving out of the right. The BF400 has one of the highest top speeds in the game. While the acceleration may seem slow, its ability to perform long wheelies without throwing the driver gives the bike an upper hand in races, as it can gradually accelerate and maintain its top speed. The BF400 is capable of reaching a top speed of 137.0mph, provided it has been modified. 

The BF400 is priced at $95,000. Not a bad deal for a bike that can hit 137. 

What makes BF400 great:

  • High top speed
  • Decent acceleration 
  • Long wheelie time
  • Affordable 
  • Many modifications available

BF400 details:

  • Many modifications available 
  • Powered by a single-cylinder engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox 
  • High-revving engine sound
  • Rally design


5. Bati 801 RR

Next up on the list, we have the Bati 801 RR. This bike is a complete package for a really small price, which is why it is one of my favorite vehicles in the entire game. 

Not only this bike has been part of the game for years, it still competes with the newer bikes that cost you an arm and a leg. The RR stands for ‘Race Replica’ as this bike is a more enhanced and competitive version of the original Bati.

The Bati has exceptional handling and can easily make sharp turns at high speeds. It has impressive braking and traction, allowing players to stay stable. It has a top speed of 93mph at stock, all this in a bike for just $15,000 is what puts this bike so high on the list.

What makes Bati 801 RR great:

  • Sporty design
  • High top speed
  • Good handling and traction
  • Impressive braking
  • Affordable

Bati 801 details:

  • Sporty design
  • Classy rims
  • Many modifications available 
  • Low pitch engine tone


4. Nagasaki Shinobi

This was difficult to do but at Number 4 we have the Nagasaki Shinobi. I wanted to put this bike higher on the list but for such an expensive price, this bike does not have much to offer. Primarily based on the Kawasaki Ninja 250R, this bike is classed as a sports bike.

 It has a sporty and classy design and is definitely worth the price for its looks. The Shinobi has really good acceleration but its top speed maxes out at 125.25mph when fully upgraded. For a bike that is priced at $2,480,500, I would expect it to be a fast bike that can outrun all the competitors. It has good traction due to its shape and weight and can make sharp turns at high speeds. With the modifications of course you can increase the top speed and make it a competitor for races. 

This is one of the bikes that would look classy in your garage and make you look rich, especially because it is based on the iconic Ninja 250R.

What makes Shinobi great:

  • Good acceleration 
  • Good traction
  • Beautiful design and look

Shinobi details:

  • Many modifications available 
  • Costly


3. Western Reever

Making it to the number 3 spot is the Western Reever. Based on the ARCH method 143, this bike has a really high top speed of 94mph at stock and can be increased with modifications. 

This bike possesses good acceleration and decent handling, allowing it to make sharp turns at high speeds. Its ability to perform wheelies gives it an upper hand for drag races as it provides the bike with the acceleration needed to win. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

The Reever is priced at $1,900,000. Although it has a high price, this is one of the bikes that does not disappoint and can win you many races. 

What makes Reever great:

  • High top speed
  • Great acceleration
  • Performs wheelies at high speeds
  • Unique stylish design 

Reever details:

  • Pushrod V twin engine coupled with a 5-speed gearbox
  • Low-pitched revving sound
  • Many modifications available 


2. Shotaro

Making it just below the number one spot is the Shotaro. Based on the Tron bike from the movie, This is one of the most unique bikes due to its steampunk design. It has a neon body kit that glows in the dark. 

The Shotaro possesses many features that make it worth its price tag. It gives a tough time to other high-end bikes in the game, even surpassing Hakuchou Drag with its top speed of 99.1mph. It has lightning-fast acceleration and brakes, allowing it to stop and speed up quicker than most vehicles in the game. Its high traction allows the bike to stay constantly in contact with the ground, and also helps it to climb steep spaces easily. 

The only drawback of this feature is that this bike cannot perform stunts due to having less airtime. The Shotaro has sharp handling at low speeds and can make great turns. The Shotaro comes with a heavy price tag of $2,225,000.

What makes Shotaro great:

  • High top speed
  • Unique futuristic design based on the Tron bike
  • One of the fastest bikes in the game
  • Good acceleration and handling

Shotaro details:

  • 99.11mph top speed
  • Many modifications available
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Loud revving engine


1. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag

Number 1 on this list as the Best bike for races is the Hakuchou drag. As in its name, this bike is a modified variant of the Hakuchou that is primarily made to compete in races, specifically drag races. 

The bike has a tremendous top speed of 99mph and exceptional acceleration. Although this bike does not perform wheelies, its acceleration is alone to take over its competitors. Its extended back wheel can allow it to move faster than any other bike in the game, especially once it has been modified. Recently it has also received a new upgrade that can be done at Hao’s workshop, which allows the bike to leave everyone in the dust as it zooms past them. 

The Hakuchou drag is priced at $976,000, which is not bad for the fastest bike in the game.

What makes Hakuchou Drag great:

  • Good top speed and acceleration
  • Great handling and traction
  • Unique design
  • Perfect bike for races

Hakuchou drag details:

  • Powered by an inline 4 engine
  • Coupled by a 6-speed gearbox
  • High pitch engine
  • Many modifications available

That was my list of the Top 10 bikes that are perfect for races. This list is based on my experience with these bikes and what I personally thought about them, and of course, keeping accurate facts and figures in mind. I hope this list helps you in winning all the races!


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