[Top 5] GTA Online Worst Businesses To Avoid

Worst Businesses To Avoid in GTA Online
Don't even go near 'em

When Breaking Bad Goes Bad

Ah, the glitz and glamour of Los Santos - where running a successful business is just as important as pulling off a heist. But let's be real, not all businesses are created equal. Some are just destined for failure, like a two-star restaurant in Vinewood. And if you're looking to make a quick buck in GTA Online, you might want to steer clear of these five businesses - they're guaranteed to leave you broke, defeated, and possibly with a few bullets in your back. 

So sit back, grab a snack and soda, and let's dive into the five worst businesses to own in GTA Online.


5. The Hangar

A potentially lost business

The Hangar in GTA Online, where dreams of aviation domination go to die. This business is like a broken plane, it looks good on the outside but as soon as you get inside, you're hit with a multitude of issues. 

The cost of purchasing and upgrading a Hangar is enough to make even the richest of players sweat. And once you finally get it all set up, the profits from selling goods does not equate well with the trouble you have to go through to get the supplies. You must bear lengthy missions to source and sell the goods. If you're looking for a business that's going to leave you unsatisfied, the Hangar is the one for you. 

It's a bad business to own because:

  • It takes you an ungodly amount of time to source goods and sell them to make a decent earning.
  • The missions are sometimes too boring and given that there are other much better ways to spend your time in the game, you won’t have a reasonable incentive to do them.
  • The enemy NPCs in the missions can be severely brutal at times. They definitely have the potential to make you lose your cool once they blow you up.


4. Weed Farm

Weed is bad for you anyway

The Weed Farm in GTA Online, where your green thumb turns into a brown leaf. This business is like a roller coaster, it starts off exciting but ends with you feeling sick to your stomach.

The Weed Farm in GTA Online can be a tough business to run due to a number of factors. Firstly, it requires a substantial initial investment to purchase and upgrade the farm, which can be difficult to recoup. Secondly, the profits generated from selling the harvested weed are relatively low compared to other businesses, making it less attractive to players looking to maximize their returns.

It's a bad business to own because:

  • The money you make with it is insignificant compared to other businesses, or even missions.
  • Some of the sell missions are tedious.
  • It takes a long-ass time to get a full set of product ready to be sold.


3. Downtown Cab Co.

Let the NPCs take care of this

To be fair, the Downtown Cab Co. is not a business that you need to own. It’s a walk-in cabbie service that you can become a part of without any investment funds to lose. However, what you will lose is a lot of valuable time. 

In the crime-infested world of Grand Theft Auto, becoming a cabbie is probably the most legal job you can get. But let’s be real, you’re not logging in to GTA Online to make pennies by working lame jobs. You log in to get rich as fast as possible so you can buy tons of cool vehicles and properties.

It’s a bad business to be associated with because:

  • You literally have no reason to earn money by becoming a cabbie, as the pay is exaggeratedly the lowest paying of any activity you can possibly do in the game.
  • The incentives to become a cabbie are pathetic. You’ll unlock a mere achievement and a few boring liveries for cars that aren’t even that great.
  • The pick-and-drop missions have zero thrill.


2. Arena Wars Workshop

Who even remembers the existence of Arena Wars?

The Arena Wars Workshop in GTA Online, what a joy it is to own! Except, not really. It's like buying a fancy sports car that only runs on gas made from unicorn tears and rainbow dust. Sure, it looks great, but it's not exactly practical. 

The initial investment for this business is like winning the lottery, but instead of spending it on a tropical island, you're throwing it down a bottomless pit of expenses. And the profits? You'll be lucky to make enough to buy a pack of gum, let alone retire on a private island. 

So if you're looking to have a little fun, sure, go ahead and invest in the Arena Wars. But if you're looking to make a quick buck, you might as well just light your money on fire.

It’s a bad business to own because:

  • No one ever plays the Arena Wars events consistently, even when they’re double or triple money. 
  • You can forget about the ROI, as it's going to take you months if not years to make a good fortune out of it.
  • You’ll most likely play the events just to have fun and not give a crap about the money. Guess what, you can do that without owning the business. It completely defeats the purpose of investing in it in the first place.


1. Document Forgery


Save yourself the trouble and invest in a lemonade stand or a car wash, anything is better than the Document Forgery business. It’s a scam that’s really not worth your time and effort.

Imagine spending hours resupplying and waiting for the product levels to reach capacity. You step out to sell your forged documents, tediously roam around town to deliver, and see that pennies got deposited in your account for all that driving. Yeah, you’d probably give yourself a few solid minutes to fathom why you invested in this garbage in the first place.

It’s a bad business to own because:

  • The profit margins are as fake as the documents you're producing. You'd be better off just printing money at home, at least that way you'd get to keep the paper.
  • Owning it is actually a way to waste your money, as you can literally forget about the ROI. Most players probably haven’t even reached that point and have totally forgotten about the fact they own this lousy business.
  • The fact that the sell missions are as long as any other good-paying biker business will even leave psychopaths scratching their heads.



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