Is GTA Online Worth it?

GTA Online has players living a second life

If you’re looking to buy Grand Theft Auto Online but you’re unsure whether it’s a good investment or if the game’s dead, then we’ve made you a list of reasons why the game is worth it. Decide for yourself!

What is GTA Online?

  • It’s the multiplayer game mode for Grand Theft Auto V.
  • You start from scratch as a rookie criminal, and you try to climb your way up.
  • You get a large set of activities in a massive world full of opportunities and other players.

Some players don’t even acknowledge what GTA Online is, and today we’ll fully introduce you to it so you can decide if it’s worth your time. Read on. 


10. Playable with friends

First and foremost, GTA Online is excellent when it comes to playing with friends and spending time together. You can invite your friends to your lobby and do things like:

  • Do missions together (up to 4).
  • Hang out in your apartment or yacht and have drinks.
  • Plays darts or golf
  • Free roam and hunt other players or NPCs.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

While it isn’t the most important feature of GTAO, almost every activity can be done with your friends, and not many games excel at that. It’s the perfect game for chilling with friends.


9. Vast open world

In GTA Online, you play in the city of Los Santos, a beautiful land full of mysteries, secrets, and opportunities. GTA Online has one of the largest maps ever featured in a video game, and you have so much to explore, like:

  • City area with accessible stores that sell items from groceries to assault rifles
  • Desert area with tons of secrets like arms trade bunkers and serial killer crime scenes
  • Underwater exploration is where you can find crashed planes and even a drowned UFO!

Is it worth it based on this reason?

Yes, GTA Online is so successful because of its world; driving or even flying through Los Santos never gets old, even after thousands of hours.


8. Vehicle/Character customization

Have you ever dreamed of creating a virtual version of yourself that can do things you can’t do in real life? GTA Online offers exactly that.

You can create a character (male or female) and customise them into whoever you want. You get to pick things like:

  • Facial features
  • Hair and Body
  • Hundreds of accessories and clothes to match your fashion taste
  • A wide range of tattoos
  • Added to that is that you can customise your vehicle however you like, from paint to performance, through LS Customs or Benny’s.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

Totally, GTA Online allows you to play the game however you like, down to the finest details like riding a motorcycle with a helmet visor on or off. Rockstar pays good attention to detail.


7. Criminal activity

In GTA Online, you start as a level-0 gangster trying to climb his way to riches and power. You have to form a strategy to find the best way to get to that end goal.

You can achieve that goal in so many ways that it’s impossible for the game to get repetitive. These methods include:

  • Buying and selling cargo and vehicles
  • Stealing cars
  • Robberies that go from small stores to major banks
  • Drug and arms dealing
  • Gambling

These methods and so much more make GTA Online the perfect game for living a crime fantasy. You can build an empire out of nothing.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

100%, crime is what made GTA Online so successful. Rockstar has mastered the art of crime games, and the GTA series has been a top seller for the past 20 years.


6. Constant updates

GTA Online came out in 2013, and you might think that it’s history now and that it’s probably a dead game. Sorry to break the news, but GTA isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Rockstar constantly updates GTA Online every few months with new content; they add things like:

  • New vehicles
  • New events and exclusive game modes
  • New missions with old or new characters
  • Updates for bug fixes and glitches

All these updates keep the game alive; it’s constantly changing, and there’s always new content to explore.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

Not necessarily, but if you think it’s a dry game and the content is outdated, it isn’t. You can play GTA Online at any time.


5. Active community

Most online games die or lose 80% of their player base within five years; not GTA Online, though. As you’re reading this, there are 160 thousand players playing it worldwide.

Rockstar made GTA Online very easy for players to connect; you have features like:

  • Voice chat in lobbies and during missions
  • Text chat is available.
  • Facebook, Reddit, and other social media official groups are still active.
  • GTA Crews, which you can join through Rockstar’s social club

All these features make for an active game; there’s always somebody out there doing a heist or a car meet; you have tons of people to connect with.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

Yes, an active game is a relevant game, and a relevant game is a fun game.


4. Missions

Missions in GTA Online are like story missions, but you can do them with your character. You meet a contact, and they assign you work to do for them for a reward.

Contacts give you objectives to accomplish, ranging from stealing a briefcase to hijacking planes. There are dozens of missions with different themes, so you’ll find yourself making friends and money along the way.

It’s certainly not Destiny 2 level of detail, but considering how much content there is in GTA Online, missions are definitely well made.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

Certainly, you’re never doing the same mission in GTA Online; the game always takes you somewhere new. If you’re more into the narrative side of the game, you’re in for a treat.


3. Races

Most Twitch streamers are still doing races in GTA Online, and they get thousands of views. Why? They’re so much fun!

Races made GTA Online so popular; you can race up to 16 players through air, land, and sea on carefully designed tracks by the community or Rockstar. They never get old, and racing friends in GTA Online is different from games like Need for Speed.

While driving mechanics aren’t better than Forza, for example, you still can’t throw a Molotov cocktail out of the window in FH5! What also makes it good is the variety; you can race on a bike, plane, car, bicycle, blimp, jet ski, you name it.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

Yes, this reason alone is worth investing in GTA Online; it’s not the best at it, but it’s unique at what it does.


2. Heists

Heists in GTA Online are a unique type of mission that is only available in GTA.

They are carefully planned robberies or jobs that require preparation, from collecting the required equipment (or buying it), scouting the target, and coordinating roles and responsibilities with your team. It’s a four-man job.

Heists are hard and require coordination; you’re required to do challenging tasks that need both individual and team coordination to succeed. So, you’ll be working with friends or random players.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

Yes, GTA Online turns into an action movie when you start a heist. The thrill and fear of failure you get while doing a heist is a special feeling you don’t get from an average game.


1. Gameplay diversity 

Have you ever wondered what GTA Online players have been doing for ten entire years? They’ve been doing a lot more than just shooting guns and racing. GTA Online is excellent when it comes to diversity; you rarely get bored because there’s always something to do.

Here’s what you can do in GTA Online:

  • Buy and drive hundreds of land, sea, and air vehicles.
  • Buy clothes and tattoos, and get a haircut.
  • Buy weapons, snacks, and cigarettes.
  • Race players on hundreds of race tracks
  • Do dozens of missions and five major heists.
  • Purchase a house, office, clubhouse, bunker, nightclub, arcade, or facility.
  • Play darts, tennis, golf, or arms wrestling.
  • Swim and scuba dive, cycle, and parachute.
  • Watch TV, then go save the world from nuclear missiles.
  • Explore 76 square kilometres with accessible interiors.

Is it worth it based on this reason?

All these features and so much more make GTA Online worth every penny. You’re essentially buying a story game, a sports game, a racing game, a shooting game, a strategy game, and a life simulator all at once!

This list will stay unbiased, but think about this: would you rather buy 15 hours of repetitive content or at least two thousand hours of content for the same price?

Thank you so much for reading. I hope this list was useful for you to decide if GTA Online is worth your time and money or not.


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