GTA 5 Best Ways To Make Money Fast [Top 10 Ways]

GTA 5 Best Ways To Make Money Fast
Methods of making money in GTA 5 have come a long way since rooftop rumble, haha.

Inflation in GTA Online over the past ten years has been crazy to witness, right? The prices have been skyrocketing while the methods of decent money-making have not. Fear not, there are still ways of making millions without resorting to glitches and all they take is some grinding. Let’s dive in!


10) Take Advantage Of Double Money Events

This guide will give you an idea on which game modes are often on double money, but make sure you keep updated as they change frequently.

Rockstar frequently put adversary modes, races, missions, and featured series on double/triple money. These can be really fun, so the amount of grinding you’ll have to do goes down and the amount of enjoyment you’ll have will go up.

If you’d prefer to stay in freemode, CEO/MC businesses are often put on double money too. It’s not worth buying a whole new business just because it’s on double money for a short period of time, but if you’ve already got a business that’s been selected then it’s definitely profitable.

How it works - head into the menu and look for game modes that are on double money/RP, then rinse and repeat them. When in freemode, check what businesses you have that could be on double money and repeat them.


9) Time Trials

Again, this is an example of a how to efficiently complete a time trial, but keep updated as they change weekly.

Time Trials are tricky, but absolutely worth it if you’re confident in your skills. You’ll get a mighty $101,000 if you beat the par time, but be warned, they are very difficult to beat if you don’t know exactly where you’re going.

A lot of the time a particular vehicle will be required to beat the par time (A dirt bike for going up mountains for example). So make sure to do your research before heading in!

How it works - check where the current time trial is on the map (it’s the purple icon of a timer), head over and have a go.


8) Diamond Casino Heist

This video details the insane amount of money you can get with diamonds and four players.

You’ll need to grab some buddies for this one, but it’s worth it if you can land the profitable targets. Diamonds or gold are great - if you get cash it might be best to reset the setup mission and try again for a better target.

How it works - buy an arcade and set up the diamond casino heist.


7) Special Cargo

Filling up the warehouse can take time, but the sale when full makes it worth the grind.

I know what you’re thinking - special cargo is very outdated in current GTA Online. You’d be right, but there is still a lot of money that can be made from special cargo if you ever get bored of other methods and want a change.

A full, large special cargo warehouse can sell for up to 2.2 million. Obviously it would take a lot of grinding to get the crates that high, but think of the payout if you ever get fed up.

How it works - head to your office and purchase a warehouse to begin stocking your special cargo.


6) Acid Lab

Acid labs can get you upwards of 300k every four hours.

With the lab fully upgraded, a full batch of acid will fetch you around $335,000. As with the bunker and other businesses, buying the supplies is an option, but to make the most money your best bet is stealing them.

Once you have the supplies, it’ll only take three hours for acid to reach maximum capacity with the boost activated. You can then sell for $335,000 for only four hours or so of work. Not bad huh?

How it works - purchase a Brickade 6x6 from Warstock ($1,450,000) and then pay the $750,000 to turn it into an acid lab. You’ll need to complete ten fooligan missions to unlock the equipment upgrade, which speeds up the manufacturing process.


5) Bunker

You can still make over a million from your bunker business pretty easily.

You can make 1.1 million from a bunker business pretty easily. First, stock the bunker with supplies by doing the steal supplies missions (this should take you around an hour and a half). 

Once the stock is full, Choose to sell them further away for a 1.5x bonus and you’ll be rewarded with 1.1 million upon completion. The bunker definitely requires a lot of maintenance, but if you think it’s worth it then by all means give it a go.

How it works - selling from your bunker business will give you up to $1.1 million per sale.


4) Payphone Hits

Payphone hits can be activated by calling Franklin and requesting one. The base payment is often really low at just $15,000 but if you complete the assassination bonus you’ll get a big amount of extra cash.

The assassination bonus will have you kill the target in a specific way like setting his car on fire or getting a headshot. Doing this will land you with an extra $70,000, bringing the total up to $85,000 for a simple assassination.

How it works - call Franklin and ask him for a payphone hit. Be sure to complete the assassination bonus to make the payout worth it.


3) Nightclubs

Nightclubs are a great way to make a passive income. $50,000 will be accrued in the safe without you even having to do anything, giving you time to focus on your nightclub stock.

Resupply missions don’t take all that long, and selling stock is very straightforward too. Combining this with the money from the safe makes the nightclub a highly profitable business.

You can also use your nightclub to manage your MC business through the warehouse management tool. As long as your MC businesses aren’t marked as “shut down” you can manage supplies etc. through the nightclub, which is super helpful.

How it works - buy a nightclub, do resupply missions, then sell the stock.


2) Vehicle Cargo

Vehicle cargo is still great fun in 2023

Vehicle cargo is for sure one of the more fun options when choosing a business. You’ll get $100,000 per sale of a top range vehicle, but first you’ll have to source the vehicle and then sell it.

It gets a little annoying when you keep getting standard range vehicles on the source missions, but with some perseverance and luck you’ll end up landing top range cars.

How it works - the cheapest vehicle warehouse is $1.5 million, buy it and begin sourcing cars.


1) Cayo Perico Heist

There's many ways to go about the Cayo Perico heist, this video shows you the stealth method.

Cayo Perico is still the uncontested king of making quick money in GTA Online. If you get lucky with the primary target and get a few paintings/gold in accessible locations, you can make up to $1.5 million playing this heist solo. 

With friends, the score will go up even more as you will be able to access areas with the keycards and collect more secondary targets. Of course you’ll then have to split the cut, so I advise running it solo if you want maximum profit for yourself. Setups included, this heist should only take you around two hours from start to finish.

How it works - you’ll need to purchase a Kostatka submarine to set up the heist, once you have one you can begin.


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