5 Real Life GTA Videos That You must Watch

When you want to take your gamer lifestyle to the next level.
These adaptations are the highest form of flattery.

Searching For Some "GTA in Real Life" Action? We have shortlisted the 5 best videos for you.

It’s quite often that we see games imitating life, but not too often do we see videos of life imitating games. The Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, series has inspired loads of videos of people acting out the games.

From Vice City to the latest GTA V, people are out there and showing off their impression skills. And although there are many that just poke fun at the game, here are a select few that really capture a unique aspect of the game or really point out the things that all players do.

1. Real Life GTA   

He even does a selfie

This video falls into the category of videos I had expected to see several of while compiling this list - people imitating the game with the in-game map, weapon and health icon included somewhere in the video.

What I wasn’t expecting was the use of L.A locations used in the game to be shown in the video. Mostly with these types of videos, the filming is done right around wherever the cast lives. This video used many of the locations you would see in the game. It used so many similar locations, I began to question how much of L.A was used in GTA V. (I'll return to that thought at the end of this article) Watching the video, I knew it was real, but something in my head almost wanted to register it as watching actual gameplay. 

This video was not only a great "GTA In Real Life" video. I'd argue that it's a great "Video Game Adaptation" video.

If you enjoy well-done parodies, this is the video for you.

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