[Top 10] GTA Online Best Muscle Cars 2023

Best Muscle Cars in GTA Online
Beasts of the streets!

The perfect machines for macho men

Muscle cars in GTA Online are like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime – big, bold, and ready to take on anything. These beasts of the virtual road are the perfect blend of American muscle and video game technology. 

With their powerful engines and slick designs, muscle cars in GTA Online can make even the most seasoned player feel like a boss. And let's not forget the customization options – from flashy paint jobs to engine upgrades, you can trick out your ride to suit your style.

These are the 10 best muscle cars in GTA Online as of 2023.


10. Bravado Gantlet Hellfire

The Gauntlet Hellfire

Gauntlet Hellfire review

Price: GTA$ 745,000

The iconic Gauntlet Hellfire is one of the fastest muscle cars in GTA Online. Its bulky design and roaring engine make it the perfect choice for those who don’t lack American patriotism by any bit. Along with its bullish looks, it's also a great car for showing off your style through drifting.

It’s a great muscle car because:

  • It’s a true-to-detail replica of the Dodge Challenger.
  • It’s very fast in a straight line.
  • It has a ton of wheel spin, making it fun to drift around in.

Gauntlet Hellfire stats:

  • Speed: 83.17
  • Acceleration: 90.00
  • Braking: 30.00
  • Handling: 71.21
  • Overall: 68.59

How to get the Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire: Southern S.A. Super Autos


9. Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8

The Ruiner ZZ-8

Ruiner ZZ-8 review

Price: GTA$ 1,320,000

The Ruiner ZZ-8 is based on the classic Pontiac Firebird. It’s got the perfect design of what futuristic vehicles would’ve looked like if you were to imagine them back in the ‘90s. Nonetheless, we’re in the 2020s and this car still holds its grace in the hearts of many petrol heads.

It’s a great muscle car because:

  • It’s a classic car with a classic design.
  • It handles responsively.
  • It can be customized to look pretty damn good.

Ruiner ZZ-8 stats:

  • Speed: 81.02
  • Acceleration: 77.12
  • Braking: 27.33
  • Handling: 71.52
  • Overall: 64.25

How to get the Imponte Ruiner ZZ-8: Southern S.A. Super Autos


8. Vapid Clique

The Clique

Clique review

Price: GTA$ 909,000

The Clique is like a middle-aged dad trying to relive his glory days at the high school reunion. It's got all the classic muscle car features - a big engine, loud exhaust, and enough chrome to blind a bystander. If you want to cruise around Los Santos pretending you're in a cheesy 80s movie, while also dominating tryhards in races, the Clique is the car for you.

It’s a great muscle car because:

  • It’s got a design that’s vintage and attractive.
  • It accelerates fast.
  • It has some great customization options.

Clique stats:

  • Speed: 80.48
  • Acceleration: 75.00
  • Braking: 28.33
  • Handling: 71.21
  • Overall: 63.76

How to get the Vapid Clique: Legendary Motorsport


7. Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom

The Sabre Turbo Custom

Sabre Turbo Custom review

Price: GTA$ 490,000 (For conversion) Original Sabre Turbo’s Price: GTA$ 15,000 

The Sabre Turbo Custom in GTA Online is like a wild animal that's been tamed just enough to be street-legal. It's got a body that looks like it's been lifted straight from a '70s muscle car catalog, and an engine that sounds like it's trying to start a revolution. Just be sure to keep your hands on the wheel - this thing's got enough torque to give you whiplash if you're not careful!

It's a great muscle car because:

  • It’s a Benny’s vehicle, meaning it can be customized in great detail.
  • It’s a classic Grand Theft Auto vehicle.
  • It’s reasonably priced.

Sabre Turbo Custom stats:

  • Speed: 75.12
  • Acceleration: 70.50
  • Braking: 27.33
  • Handling: 68.48
  • Overall: 60.36

How to get the Declasse Sabre Turbo Custom: Benny’s Original Motor Works


6. Vapid Pißwasser Dominator

The Pißwasser Dominator

Pißwasser Dominator review

Price: Free!

The Pißwasser Dominator can be regarded as the custom/racing variant of the standard Dominator. It’s got the same intimidating and bulky design as the standard variant, with the differences being in performance. You might just ignore this car because of its outdated looks, but beware, as it has the potential to make your opponents sweat profusely in races.

It's a great muscle car because:

  • It costs zero dollars to purchase.
  • It’s lightning fast.
  • It’s ideal for races.

Pißwasser Dominator stats:

  • Speed: 78.87
  • Acceleration: 77.50
  • Braking: 30.00
  • Handling: 69.70
  • Overall: 64.02

How to get the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator: Southern S.A. Super Autos


5. Declasse Yosemite

The Yosemite

Yosemite review

Price: GTA$ 485,000

The Yosemite in GTA Online is not the national park we all know. Instead, it's a sturdy, vintage pickup truck that's as reliable as it is charming. This rear-wheeled beauty may not be able to take you on a hike through the great outdoors, but it can certainly take you on a joyride through the streets of Los Santos.

It's a great muscle car because:

  • It’s got some of the best customization options.
  • It’s fun to drift around in.
  • In a straight line, it’s decently fast.

Yosemite stats:

  • Speed: 73.51
  • Acceleration: 71.25
  • Braking: 25.00
  • Handling: 71.97
  • Overall: 60.43

How to get the Declasse Yosemite: Southern S.A. Super Autos/Benny’s Original Motor Works


4. Declasse Vigero ZX

The Vigero ZX

Vigero ZX review

Price: GTA$ 1,947,000

The Vigero ZX has been one of the most requested muscle cars in the game, and it was finally released as part of the Criminal Enterprises DLC. The community has rightfully drooled for its inclusion, as it’s an absolute beast on wheels, just like its real-life counterpart, the Chevrolet Camaro.

It’s a great muscle car because:

  • It’s crazy fast.
  • It’s enjoyable to drive around in.
  • It’s probably one of the best-looking modern muscle cars in the game.

Vigero ZX stats:

  • Speed: 84.75
  • Acceleration: 91.12
  • Braking: 31.67
  • Handling: 100.00
  • Overall: 76.88

How to get the Declasse Vigero ZX: Southern S.A. Super Autos


3. Vapid Dominator ASP

The Dominator ASP

Dominator ASP review

Standard Price: GTA$ 1,775,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 1,331,250 (Unlocked randomly by leveling up at LS Car Meet)

Based on the Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R, the Dominator ASP has a whopping 282 modifications and upgrade options. Performance-wise, this beast doesn’t disappoint either. However, you will most likely have to spare extra minutes just for the Dominator ASP’s customization, as loosely fitting in a few bumpers and wheels won’t do it justice. So, take your sweet time, and customize it to your heart’s content with the abundance of options that Rockstar has given.

It's a great muscle car because:

  • It’s one of the most customizable cars in the game.
  • Its performance and handling are like a sports car.
  • You’ll surely receive nods of approval from other players once you flex it on the streets.

Dominator ASP stats:

  • Speed: 80.89
  • Acceleration: 85.50
  • Braking: 30.67
  • Handling: 75.50
  • Overall: 68.14

How to get the Vapid Dominator ASP: Southern S.A. Super Autos


2. BF Weevil Custom

The Weevil Custom

Weevil Custom review

Top Speed: 221.28 km/h

Price: GTA$ 980,000 (For Conversion) Original Weevil’s Price: GTA$ 870,000

It’s a car that you would’ve least expected to be on this list. However, it's true that the fastest car in GTA Online, in terms of top speed, is the Weevil Custom. It sure is a sleeper, as its goofy looks and vehicle class don’t really help it give the impression that it’s the fastest car in the game.

It’s a great car because:

  • It outperforms every car in a straight line.
  • Its slippery handling makes it fun to drift around in.
  • The customization options on it are insane.

Weevil Custom stats:

  • Speed: 85.77
  • Acceleration: 84.38
  • Braking: 25.83
  • Handling: 63.86
  • Overall: 64.96

How to get the BF Weevil Custom: Benny’s Original Motor Works


1. Bravado Buffalo STX

The Buffalo STX

Buffalo STX review

Standard Price: GTA$ 2,150,000

Trade Price: GTA$ 1,612,500 (By buying an Agency)

The Buffalo STX in GTA Online is like a bull in a china shop, except it's more like a buffalo in a gun store. With its beefy engine and aggressive styling, it's sure to turn heads - and possibly knock them off - as you tear through the city streets. But be warned, driving this bad boy can be like trying to ride a wild buffalo. 

It’s a great muscle car because:

  • It’s a 4-door car.
  • It can be equipped with useful Imani Tech.
  • In terms of both speed and handling, it’s the best muscle car you should spend money on.

Buffalo STX stats: 

  • Speed: 85.58
  • Acceleration: 85.63
  • Braking: 31.67
  • Handling: 78.18
  • Overall: 70.26

How to get the Bravado Buffalo STX: Southern S.A. Super Autos



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