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Acceleration vs. Topspeed; the never ending debate!

Driving is an important aspect in GTA, I mean we only focus on the robbing and stuff, but if you think about it, driving plays a role in making GTA 5 fun. I remember playing other open-world games and the driving mechanics were so bad that I had no interest in continuing those games. Driving in GTA has always been amazing and GTA 5 is no exception. With great mechanics, you need an amazing car to pair it with. We all know the criteria that makes a car amazing is how fast it can go, let’s check out the top 10 cars in GTA 5 keeping acceleration under consideration.


10) Pfister 811

The first car on this list is the Pfister 811. When you opt for a car with fast acceleration, you just know that the looks are out of this world. Well this car has the looks and speed you’re looking for. We got the Pfister 811 after the More Adventures in Finance and Felony update.

Full details of Pfister 811: Here


9) Bravado Banshee 900R

Full details of Bravado Banshee 900R: Here


8) Overflod Entity XXR

The Entity is a classic GTA 5 hypercar, while other cars were introduced in DLCs and updates in GTA online. The Overflod Entity XXR came with the base game and is ready to be bought after you purchase a garage. This is one of the few cars that came with the vanilla game and performs well enough to compete with updated vehicles.

Full details of Overflod Entity XXR: Here


7) Grotti X80 Proto

No supercar GTA 5 list is complete without mentioning the Grotti X80 Proto. It is simply a beast. You will find it one of the fastest or in fact the fastest cars in the game. That raises a question, “If it’s the fastest car in the game, why is it on number 7?” The answer to that is; we based this list keeping acceleration under consideration and not top speeds. While the Grotti X80 out performs other cars below it in terms of top speed, its acceleration is a bit delayed.

Full details of Grotti X80 Proto: Here


6) Progen Emerus

You might have not heard of this vehicle since it’s not quite famous. Mainly because it resembles any race car in GTA 5. It is a beast when it comes to acceleration. The Progen Emerus has won me many races in GTA online.

Full details of Progen Emerus: Here


5) Imponte Deluxo

What happens when you attach a hypercar engine to a dad car? You get the Imponte Deluxo. Don’t fall for its boring looks, it’s an expensive car with peak performance. Although it may look like a regular sedan but it will prove its worth as soon as you press the acceleration button. Want to know the best part? The Imponte Deluxo is one of the few cars in GTA 5 that FLYS!

Full details of Imponte Deluxo: Here


4) Pegassi Toros

Pegassi is the benchmark of speed in GTA 5. The Peggasi infernus is a classic as always and if you have read other of my blog posts you’ll know that it’s a personal favorite of mine. Pegassi creates amazing cars (or Rockstar just attaches the Pegassi name and logo to any cool car they see).

Full details of Pegassi Toros: Here


3) Coil Cyclone

The Coil Cyclone looks more like a Banshee than the GTA 5 Bravado Banshee 900R. It has amazing acceleration and top speed. The looks are simplistic and it doesn’t have that glamorous hypercar design like other vehicles yet no doubt it’s in the top 3 of the fastest GTA 5 cars keeping acceleration under consideration.

Full details of Coil Cyclone: Here


2) Pegassi Tezeract

Another amazing car by Pegassi is the Pegassi Tezeract. The car’s looks are unique, and you won’t find another car that resembles Tezeract just quite. It has a transparent trunk with a tesseract like object. The car not only looks fast, it is! It can reach its top speed within seconds, and it is easily disputed with the Krieger to be the best car in terms of acceleration in GTA 5.

Full details of Pegassi Tezeract: Here


1) Benefactor Krieger

The Krieger is a pretty famous GTA 5 hypercar. It is not only the fastest, it’s easily one of the most expensive vehicles in GTA 5 too. The battle between Pegassi Tezeract and benefactor Krieger is a close one but people actually consider Krieger to be faster.

Full details of Benefactor Krieger: Here



GTA 5 has no shortage of amazing cars. With newer updates and DLCs dropping frequently, we’re getting more support from Rockstar in terms of additional vehicles which is a great thing. When GTA 5 came out in 2013, there were great vehicles, but we’ve come a long way now. GTA 5 feels like another game entirely and the cars are upgraded to the max. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

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