[Top 5] GTA V Best Arena Cars

GTA 5 best Arena Cars
GTA V Arena Wars!

    Located at the Maze Bank arena in picturesque Los Santos is the Arena Wars. One of the fiercest, car-wrecking competitions out there! 

Players who play Grand Theft Auto Online can participate in this competition. This competition is similar to a real-world derby rally where players try to destroy the other cars around them. To be victorious you must be the final player.  

This will allow you to rank up and earn some cash. This addition to the game, that was added by Rockstar in 2018, helps you try to dominate the other online players around you and show them that you have the ultimate wrecking machine. This guide will help to give you the top 5 cars for your next Arena Wars battle! 

5. Imperator Best for New To Arena Wars Players

The Imperator is a muscle car that can pack a punch in the Arena. It can acquire ram weapons, blades and scoops to help make your Arena debut a success. This car also has excellent speed, handling, and acceleration making it a top contender for the Arena. This is a perfect car for those new to the Arena Wars circuit. 

Vehicle Stats: 

  • Speed: 80.48
  • Acceleration: 91.25
  • Braking 16.67
  • Handling: 68.18 

What Makes Imperator Awesome?

  • Great speed, handling and acceleration
  • Has decent customization 
  • Among the GTA V online community, many have seen it as a top contender 

How To Get The Imperator? 

  • Purchase through ArenaWars.tv 
  • Cost $2,284,940

4. Cerberus Best for Size 

This is a large vehicle that resembles a semi-truck. Having a large size is an advantage because it allows you to attack your targets and demolish them with ease. It helps not the fastest or shiniest car, but it’s colossal size and customization makes this car a force to be reckoned with in the Arena. 


Vehicle Stats: 

  • Speed: 65.46
  • Acceleration: 47.50
  • Braking: 8.33
  • Handling: 48.48

What Makes Cerberus Awesome?  

  • Great customization options
  • Large build so you can easily destroy the smaller vehicles
  • Move slow but with customizing it right (ex spiked on the side of the vehicle) you can tear up any opponent 


How To Get the Cerberus?

  • Purchase off of ArenaWars.tv
  • Price point at $3,870,300
  • Refer to the video above on how to purchase!

3. Sasquatch Best for Acceleration

 The Sasquatch will destroy the competition with its ramming capabilities and being able to topple over your competitors. This monster truck also has dual grenade launchers that fire near the lower portion of the car. This helps you to attack your competitors directly (especially those who are smaller than you) and cause major damage.  

Vehicle Stats 

  • Damage: 69.75
  • Acceleration:100.00
  • Braking: 21.64
  •  Handling: 68.94

What Makes Sasquatch Awesome? 

  • Being large and hefty means you can ram your competitors 
  • Incredible acceleration
  • Superior height advantage
  • Dual grenade launchers 
  • Great Handling and Damage

How To Get the Sasquatch?

  • Available through purchasing it at AreanWars.tv
  • Selling for  $1,530,875. 

 2. ZR380 Best for Speed

he ZR30 is the second-fastest car in the Arena area. This sports car comes jammed packed with dual centred machine guns on the hood. 

The customizable variety ( Apocalyptic, Future Shock and Nightmare) offers players different vicious tactics for this car. For example,  the Apocalyptic version, for example, has spinning blades at the front. 


Vehicle Stats: 

  •  Speed: 84.78
  • Acceleration: 87.50
  • Braking: 26.67
  • Handling: 75.76


What Makes ZR380 Awesome? 

  • Second fastest car in the game 
  • Customization makes this car ultra protected and can deal some hefty damage
  • Being stylish helps this car to look good on and off the Arena

How To Get ZR380?

Purchased at ArenaWars.tv

  • Cost $2,138,640
  • Refer to the video link above for more information about how to get this car!


1. Deathbike is  Best for Being The Best Among GTA V Community

The Deathbike is unanimously among the GTA V online community and is the ultimate car for the Arena. This will allow you to careen through the Arena area with ease and get away from your competitors!


Being a small target has its advantages, for example, you are harder to hit and can move quickly through the Arena. .. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that other cars have, but it could help you be the victory in your Arena Wars competition! 


Vehicle Stats: 

  • Speed: 78.87
  • Acceleration: 78.13
  • Braking: 36.67
  • Handling: 62.12 


What Makes Deathbike Awesome? 

Small target, making you harder to hit

Shield on the back for protection

Fantastic speed, acceleration, and handling

Known among GTA V player, this is the best vehicle


How To Get Deathbike? 

  • Purchase this off of ArenaWars.tv
  • Cost  $1,269,000

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