Top 12 Games Like GTA 5 (Games Better Than GTA 5 In Their Own Way)

Discover the Top 12 games like GTA 5, which are even better in their own way.
We just can't get enough of GTA 5's morally ambiguous insanity.

Top 12 Games Like GTA 5 (Games Better Than GTA 5 In Their Own Way)

Grand Theft Auto 5 gave us a chance to roam freely in an open world much like ours except with one major difference: it is absolutely freaking insane. The game’s characters’ intertwined storylines make for a remarkable gaming experience, one you just can’t beat. Or can you? Perhaps you should see for yourself; these are the top 12 games like GTA 5, which are actually – in their own way – better.

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: FULL Walkthrough No Commentary Gameplay

Saints Row: The Third Gameplay

Join the struggle of a former street gang that managed to turn itself into a pretty legitimate brand, The Saints, as a rival fraternity of outlaws will stop at nothing to make The Saints bow to their power. Driving tanks, shooting, stabbing, beating your enemies with a bat or a dildo; your experience is best described as otherworldly.

What makes Saints Row: The Third Fun

  • Unlimited Instruments Of Chaos: Take your pick from one of the game’s overwhelmingly many options from firearms, or explosives, to just everyday items used as weapons and unleash your wrath onto this vast open world.
  • Take Your Place In the Driver’s Seat: Few things are as sweet as the ability to drive various fast and/or dangerous vehicles that often have combat functions. If it’s got an engine or a couple of wheels on it, it’s a pretty safe bet you can steal it – I mean, drive it.
  • An Enjoyable Story: You know how it is with everyday responsibilities; there are targets to assassinate, vehicles to steal, gang members to recruit, the list goes on and on. Saints Row: The Third’s story sees your struggle and rewards you with a fun storyline guaranteed to give you a jolly ol’ time.  

Another One Bites The Dust: Take on multiple enemies at once as they attack again and again trying to take away your power; heavy is the head that carries the crown

When Face Met Fist: Pulling out a gun is really rude, especially when you ‘re up close and personal; teach them a lesson by punching them right in their stupid face

11. Shenmue III

Shenmue 3 - Gameplay Walkthrough

Shenmue III Gameplay

Take on the role of Ryo Hazuki, a brave and resourceful young man, who puts his martial arts training to use as he tries to avenge his father’s murder. This beautiful, meticulously designed open world, along with a compelling storyline and three-dimensional characters is promised to keep you hooked for the duration of your playthrough.

What Makes Shenmue III Fun

  • A Living, Breathing World: Gather the information you need by exploring every nook and cranny and striking up conversations with pretty much any stranger you run into. The games open world is full of opportunities just waiting for you, and there’s plenty of dialogue and interactive activities along the way.
  • Hand To Hand Combat: Enhance your effectiveness in fighting and become a power to be reckoned, by training as a true martial artist. Enjoy beating various enemies to the ground, from street thugs to powerful bosses.
  • A Story Full Of Intrigue: Watch a mystery unravel as you follow the game’s thrill-ride of a plot. Without giving too much away, it is fairly safe to say Shenmue III’s compelling storyline can and will blow you away.

Fast As Lighting: This is how you learn to fight; getting your ass kicked by the very best until you become a master martial artist

Back Off, Buddy: Take on opponents of all shapes and sizes as your skill knows no limit, and your quest is one that just won’t be put to a halt

10. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 Walkthrough Gameplay - Opening

Yakuza 0 Gameplay

Eccentric masterpiece Yakuza 0 puts you in control of Kazuma Kiryu, a gangster in the unforgiving world of 80’s Tokyo, before giving you a taste of Goro Majima’s life as a cabaret club owner. Fight your way in and out of trouble with different fighting styles of close quarter combat, and interact with various idiosyncratic and interesting characters as you discover more and more of what the game has to offer story-wise. 

What Makes Yakuza 0 Fun

  • A Plot That Keeps On Giving: Just when you think there are no more twists ahead, Yakuza 0 delivers another reason to get hooked with it. Its characters’ constant struggle for more power along with a slowly unveiled violence-filled tale of betrayal, make this game a spherical, multidimensional experience with plenty to offer.
  • Layered Gameplay: Experience every kind of gameplay, from story-driven quests to side missions and even arcade games. Interacting with the Tokyo – inspired city’s environment has a curious, satisfying feel of exploration mixed with 80’s nostalgia.
  • Bone Crushing Fights: Fight hard, fight to the end, and fight dirty. Use your surroundings as weapons, take on multiple enemies one at a time, and make sure you grab your fallen foes’ cash after violent confrontations end in your favor.

Where Did That Come From?: Let your enemies’ hearts fill with fear and minds with questions, as you are way too fast for a mere crook to see you coming

Toys Are Fun: Enjoy playing around with all kinds of cool stuff you can relentlessly beat people up with

9. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs Gameplay - Free Roam

Sleeping Dogs Gameplay

Sleeping Dogs gives you no quarter, as it places you right in the middle of Hong Kong’s blood-soaked underworld. Play as Wei Shen, an undercover law enforcer on a mission to take down one of the most powerful and merciless criminal organizations, the Triads. Prepare for a deliciously violent tale of war on injustice, sprinkled with the struggle of moral ambivalence.

What Makes Sleeping Dogs Fun

  • An Epic Tale Of Crime And Honor: Feel Wei Shen’s internal conflict as the line between right and wrong gets blurrier with time; you will find yourself torn between following a criminal code of honor and serving the law.
  • Hong Kong’s Vibrant Open World: Who said undercover cops can’t kick back a little? Gamble on cockfights, try entering some highly dangerous illegal races, or just try some karaoke. This gritty suspense thriller of a game is not without it’s fun.
  • Speed And Violence: Experience hand-to-hand combat just as much as action-packed car chases, and shootouts. A vast array of vehicles are available, along with a mix of awesome fighting styles and plenty of guns for everyone are guaranteed to give you a grand ol’ time.

8. L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire - Full Game Walkthrough in 4K

L. A. Noire Gameplay

Deceit, murder and a constant feeling of suspense await you in L.A. Noire’s strange and dark world. In a world where crime rules the streets and corruption has got its claws deep in law enforcement, you are to take on the role of L.A.P.D. detective Cole Phelps. Sniffing out murderers, arsonists and all kinds of crooks is a dangerous past time, and if you‘re not careful, a deadly one.

What Makes L.A. Noire Fun

  • Seductive Film-Noir Elements: Cops and crooks trying to find their place in the ever-changing post – World War II tapestry of Los Angeles. Acting perfectly depicted in the game with the use of motion capture technology and smart dialog make this suspense thriller an instant classic.
  • Blazing Gameplay: Your missions vary from walking a beat to being a homicide detective, but the action never stops. Shootouts will challenge your marksmanship, and car chases will put your driving skills to the ultimate test.
  • Old Fashioned Detective Work: Scouring crime scenes and interrogating witnesses is sometimes a lot tougher than exchanging fire with a street thug. Clues are easy to miss and evidence is hard to find, your only hope is your wits and powers of deduction.

Run Boy Run: Let innocent bystanders run for their lives as you risk yours for justice like a freaking hero

Elementary, Dear Watson: It’s time for you to polish those deduction skills of yours; here’s to hoping all those Sherlock episodes you watched didn’t go to waste

7. Mafia II

Mafia II Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough

Mafia II Gameplay

In Mafia II you play as Vito Scaletta, an Empire Bay gangster who starts making a name for himself as someone who can get the job done, however illegal that job may be in its nature. Work to prove yourself to the Mafia, and up the family ladder with bigger and more dangerous crimes of larger rewards and status.

Exciting Things You Can Do in Mafia II

  • Exercise Your Judgement: In Mafia II you are the one who calls the shots; as you interact with your environment you can choose between a normal kind of action and a rather violent, more gangster-like action, thus allowing you to act in whatever fashion you find to be more fitting. 
  • Master The Use Of World War II Weapons: You can have your pick from the all-time wise guy classic Thompson submachine gun and Colt 1911 to other WWII–era weapons like the MG 42 and the Beretta Model 38. When it comes to introducing new holes to your enemies’ bodies, your choices are plenty.
  • Fight Like A Gangster: Fistfights, car chases and shootouts are not unusual in the life of a wise guy; Rival outlaws and law enforcers will often come after you with the expressed purpose of using your nipples as a shooting target. Duck into cover to avoid getting iced, polish your driving skills to lose police cars, don’t be afraid to use your fists to knock some sense into your enemies.

Gangster’s Paradise: Shootouts ensue more often than you think; use your surroundings as cover when in gunfights

An Offer They Can’t Refuse: When your enemies are hiding behind a car, blowing it up can make things a lot easier

6. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Gameplay - Getting Started!

Conan Exiles Gameplay

From the barren burning hot desert to the freezing mountains of the lands of Conan the Barbarian, learn to survive with nothing but your strength and skill. Hunt for food and scavenge for loot, as you build your character into the fearless barbarian warrior you are meant to be. Stay alive, get better, conquer all.

What Makes Conan Exiles Fun

  • Unlimited Exploration: Climb to the tallest mountain top, or swim your way to an underwater ancient ruin. Meet criminals and enslave them, meet monsters and disembowel them. Find hidden treasures and uncover the lore of the Exile Islands in this one of a kind adventure.
  • Play Together: See how your skills measure up against other players’ in the game’s multiplayer mode and prove your self as a mighty barbarian. Work together with your friends in co-op mode, and fight off the various dangers of the land.
  • Blood Soaked Battles: Wield a mighty sword, a sharpened ax, a large dagger or some other kind of instrument of death, and destroy all who dare challenge you. Monsters, criminals, or other players will try to take you down, so buckle up, and show them what you‘ve got.

Kill It Before It Lays Eggs: If it’s big, and trying to kill you, Conan Exiles has got it; work as a team with your friends if you want to stand a chance

I’d Go The Whole Wide World: Explore this open world’s every nook and cranny to discover amazing treasures

5. Watch_Dogs® 2

Watch_Dogs 2 Gameplay Walkthrough - Full Game, No commentary

Watch_Dogs®2 Gameplay

You are San Francisco Bay Area resident and hacker vigilante Marcus Holloway, who is determined to fight against the oppressive surveillance state America has become alongside his vigilante hacktivist group, Dedsec. Anything goes as sneaking, hacking, shootouts and face to face confrontations seamlessly come together to give you an awesome stealth and action-based experience. 

Exciting Things You Can Do in Watch Dogs II

  • Complete Objectives Quietly; Or Don’t: Using tranquilizers, stun guns, distractions, and your hacking abilities will enable you to sneak your way through various objectives if that is your personal preference. Then again, taking a more violent approach is still possible, as the option to shoot, strangle or blow up your enemies is always there. 
  • Control of The City: Showcase your hacking abilities and take advantage of every hackable piece of technology in the city’s infrastructure. Make sure every device available works for you, and turn the whole city into your virtual playground. 
  • Up Your Game: Grow your own set of skills to better suit your style, and upgrade your hacker tools and gadgets– RC cars, Quadcopter drone, and 3D print a wide range of weapons to take your arsenal to the next level.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil: Never give your foes a chance to fight back by sending them off to meet their ancestors before they even know you’re there

No Mercy: Not a pacifist? Pick one of many explosives, gadgets, and 3d printed weapons, and go to town on your enemies

4. Rust

Rust Gameplay - Best Rush Start Ever to a New Fresh Wipe

Rust Gameplay

Your one true goal in Rust is survival. You will need to overcome various struggles like hunger, thirst and harsh weather conditions. Build a fire. Kill animals for meat. Defend your life from enemy players, and kill them for meat. Form alliances with others and build a town. Do whatever it takes to stay alive.

What Makes Rust Fun:

  • A Builder’s Paradise: Start with a rock, to end up with a trusty shelter. The level of your craftsmanship and creativity is the most important factor that will determine whether you‘ll thrive, or just strive to survive.
  • Fight For Your Right To Crafting: Scavenge the land for items and food, find blueprints to construct better tools, and keep an eye out for hostiles; killing them might just provide you with some much-needed loot.
  • It’s A Jungle Out There: Radiation zones and fields filled with potentially dangerous strangers, this is a land where one can only depend on themselves. Trust no one and show no mercy. The stakes are high, and losing a fight can mean being robbed of your oh so precious items, ending up with an empty inventory.

A View From Above: Get the higher ground to ensure at least a little safety; this is a mad open world

Tall Tales: Gather round the fire with other players to share your stories right before you all kill each other for the loot

3. Scum

Scum Multiplayer Gameplay Video - It Begins!

Scum Gameplay

You are a prisoner in a strange open world, were crafting your equipment and scavenging for loot are key points to your survival. Try to find gear, upgrade it and try not to die, because other players can and often will try to kill you, and take everything you‘ve got. Scum’s enigmatic gameplay also includes zombies, attacking you out of the blue trying to eat your brains.

What Makes Scum Fun

  • An Insane Open World: Scum features the kind of environment that you can easily get lost in. Literally. The game’s giant map includes various gorgeously designed indoors and outdoors locations, perfect for a wayfaring survivalist like you.
  • Next Level Realism: Check your pulse, deal with sicknesses and blood loss and try to manage your calorie intake. See how full your bladder and your intestines are, to make sure you won’t find yourself in a compromising situation whilst looking for loot. Also, keep in mind that there’s always the possibility of hostile strangers lurking around.
  • Seamlessly Integrated Combat: Even though scum could easily be characterized as a survival game mainly, it does include intense combat features. Build an arsenal and expect the unexpected; you never know who or what might be watching you waiting to attack.

Looking For A Heart Of Gold: Find a friend to help you navigate this unforgiving open world

Look At All My Guns: Your inventory can be as full as you want it to be, all you need to do is mercilessly murder and scavenge your victim’s bodies

2. HITMAN (2016)

Toilet Drowning in Hitman Walkthrough Gameplay - Hitman 6 2016

Hitman™ Gameplay

Play as international assassin Agent 47 in a game that can be characterized as the epitome of stealth. Watch HITMAN’s story unfold starting in a secret hitman training facility, and turning into a series of hits around the globe. But most importantly, discover hundreds of ways to maneuver in the games gigantic levels to deliver death unnoticed.

What Makes Hitman Fun

  • No Wrong Way: No matter what you do you can always get caught, so if any unorthodox way you find to complete your objectives is fine as long as it helps keep you in shadows. This is a game that will reward you for being clever and creative; mistakes are not easily forgiven.
  • Guards And Disguises: The ability to dress up as different staff members or authorities is a prominent part of the game. This useful tool is not one without its perils though, as the group of people you are disguised as can and will realize you aren’t one of them.
  • Blending In: As a bold guy who’s usually in a suit, you would be way too conspicuous for most of your missions. Thankfully, there are many mechanisms to help you become a part of your environment. Use them wisely and you might just make it as a silent murderer.
  • Do It Any Way You Want It: Wanna push them from a cliff or a balcony? Wanna drown them in a toilet or simply shoot them in the head? You could spend hours on each level, trying to find all means of assassination imaginable and you still would be able to do it.

This Won’t Hurt A Bit: If you’re good enough at your job as a paid assassin, your targets won’t even know they‘re about to part this mortal world

It’s A Mad World: Your various disguises will give you access to all kinds of places; even catwalks – if you’re up to it

1.Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 - Official 4K Gameplay Deep Dive

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Night City is a megapolis where the power exchange is a dangerous game, one that plays you. Take on the role of V, a mercenary criminal on the hunt for a special kind of cyberware implant that gives its owner immortality. Grow your skillset and develop a unique playstyle in this futuristic action-adventure.

What Makes Cyberpunk 2077 Fun

  • Determine Your Destiny: It’s time for you to wear your big boy pants and accept your responsibilities as an outlaw. Actions have consequences, and your choices will determine the course of the game; mess up a mission, and you might end up with a completely different ending.
  • Grow As A Cyber Punk: Customize your outfit, build your street cred and get all the equipment you‘ll need to slaughter those who dare betray you and gain access to amazing cyberware that‘ll make you one heck of a tough cookie.
  • Futuristic Vehicles: Fire at will from the driver’s seat, or let artificial intelligence take the wheel, and blast your foolish enemies your own damn self.  Shootouts have quite a different feel to them when the element of speedy car chases is added.


Futuristic Weaponry: Blast your enemies away with the kind of guns that can only be described as monstrous

Next Level Storytelling: The game’s immersive graphics, design, and overall feel have a transcending quality to them that just can’t be beat


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